Here's another moment in their lives that was funny. I've had this one on the brain for a while hope you enjoy it. This story is brought to you by a twenty-two year old Christian.

Ch. 2 A 'Blue Harvest Moment'

"Okay weariest thing you've done since coming to Popstar." Tuff said wanting to know what they thought was weird to them.

"I have to say the time that we had to help Kawasaki in the kitchen." Nappa said remembering when they helped in the 'Flame War'.

"I'd say when we saw that talking tree, Whispy." Vegeta said remembering the time Bardock dragged him into the forest to get some apples from said tree.

"I say trying to get used to not having that thing control me, it's a weird transition." Turles said.

"Not having a beer at all on this planet. I can't believe how long I've been sober on this planet!" Onin complained, "That and dealing with him everyday." he said about Turles.

"Onin, not now. I'd say it was that 'Blue Harvest' moment when we were sneaking around the factory, remember Kirby?"

"Yeah, I remembur!" Kirby shouted with glee.

Cue Cutaway:

"Just follow my lead and act real cool." Bardock said to Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, and Meta Knight. They then began to sneak towards the door that they weren't allowed to go through in the most interesting way. While everyone was still working, saxophone music began to play as they sneak to the door and stopping every time the brass instrument stops playing for a short time. And they quickly sneak themselves through the door as the music ended. (AN: If you don't know what I'm talking about then go on Youtube, and look up Wtf Family Guy Star Wars Moments at 2:34.)

End Cutaway:

They laughed at that moment as Meta Knight walked in.

"You're laughing at that 'Blue Harvest' moment aren't you?" Meta Knight asked getting a nod in response and his eyes turned pink at the memory. It was moments like that that made life more humorous.

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