So I decided to rewrite my story into a completely orignial Lucy leaves story

Sorry to all of you who loved the original, but I've deleted it

I'd like people to send in their OCs
(You cannot, under any circumstances use Dragon Slayers!)

So here we go

Lucy POV


"GUYS," I yelled as I entered the Fairy Tail guild hall.

"Hi Lucy," Mirajane greeted and I waved.

"Why hello Lucy, what's the problem," Erza asked as she ate her strawberry cake.

"Well I'm running out of jewels," I said, blushing in embarrassment, "I was wondering if we could go on another mission?"

"I'd love to go," she said, "Don't know about the other two though."

She looked at Natsu and Gray who were butting heads again.

"What's the matter dragon breath, scared of some ice," Gray said to Natsu.

"Nah ice queen, just thought you could use some heat," he said and they glared at each other before Erza coughed.

They immediately put their arms around each other and started pretending to be friends.

"That's more like it," she said and continued to eat her strawberry cake.

I just stared at them for a moment before holding up a job offering.

"So anyway, this job wants us to clear a town of some evil monsters," I said and they looked at each other.

"Sure," they said.

1 Week Later

"Ow," I said as I got out of the hospital bed. It had taken us one whole week to finish the quest and I had gotten beat up, hard. I managed to make it out of the hospital and by then the pain had subsided. I walked all the way back to my apartment at Fairy Hills and got cleaned up.

"Wonder what everyone else is doing," I thought as I walked towards the guild hall.

Soon I was standing at the gate to the new Fairy Tail guild hall since the old one was demolished by the Phantom Lords' attack. I stepped through the large gate and opened the door to see everyone inside.

"Hi Lucy," Lisanna greeted and I waved to her.

I kept walking towards the Team Natsu table, but stopped when I heard them talking.

"Man, Lucy was kinda a third wheel on that mission," Natsu said and I felt my heart crack.

"Natsu there are three of us, she'd be the fourth wheel," Gray said, "But he's right, she was kinda an extra weight."

I listened in disbelief, they can't be talking about me like that, can they?

"I don't know, I like her, but she seems to be dragging us down a bit," Erza said as she ate her cake, not giving d*** about me and I felt my heart break.

That's when Happy noticed me.

"LUCY," he yelled and landed on my shoulder, "Lucy, what's wrong, why're you crying?"

"Hey Lucy, we were just talking about you," Natsu said.

"Yeah, I heard," I stated as tears continued to slide down my face, "Do you really think I'm worthless?"

"Yeah, kinda, actually yeah," Gray said, "You've been dragging us down for a while now."

"I thought we were a team," I said and he shrugged.

"We were actually thinking on asking Lisanna to join, she is an S-Class wizard after all," Erza said and fate probably hated me because Lisanna came over.

"You guys talking about me," she asked with a smile.

"Yeah, we were wondering if you wanted to join Team Natsu," Erza asked.

"That'd be great," she said, "I'd get to go with all of you on job!"

"Not all of us," I muttered, but she heard me.

"What do you mean, Lucy," she asked.

"We're going to replace her with you," Natsu said, happily but Lisanna had a look of horror on her face.

"What, but Natsu she's your friend," she said.

"Yeah, but she's weak and she's been dragging us down for a while now," he said and more tears poured out of my eyes, "So do you want to join us on our next job, we're going to go take an S-Class job!"

"No," Lisanna said, "I can't replace a friend."

She walked away and I felt some happiness in my heart, but then I saw everyone else's expression. They were angry, furious.

"Lucy, you should leave," Erza said.

"What," I asked.

"You just made Lisanna leave," Natsu said, "Just because she's not replacing you doesn't mean we can't kick you out."

I turned around, tears flowing like waterfalls and walked towards Master Makarov's office, then opened the door to see him looking at a magazine with a female wizard on it. He didn't notice me until I coughed and he yelped as he saw me.

"I wasn't doing what ever you saw," he said with a forced smile.

"Master," I said with a cracked voice and he looked at me confused.

"What's wrong Lucy," he asked.

"The others, they called me weak and worthless," I said and his jaw dropped slightly.

"Now, I'm sure you misheard them," he said.

"No, I asked them myself for their opinions and they all agreed, I'm weak to them," I stated and started crying.

"Lucy, stop crying," he said, "Your a strong woman, don't let them tell you otherwise."

"Yes, Master," I said and started thinking, "Master, I was wondering if I could leave for a while, to train."

"If it will clear your head," he said and I nodded at him before leaving, but then I stopped.


"Yes Lucy?"

"Could you remove my guild mark, please?"

"WHAT," he shouted in disbelief and fell off of his desk, "Why would you ever want such a thing done!?"

"I just don't want any reminders right now," I said and he tearfully nodded.

He chanted several magic words and a magic circle appeared over the Fairy Tail symbol on my right hand. It faded until finally the guild mark was gone completely. Master Makarov had turned into a crying mess after chanting, holding his legs to his chest in sadness.

"Don't worry Master," I assured him, "I'll come back, I promise."

He looked at me and nodded, then took out a mug of beer and started drowning his sorrows in alcohol. I left and began my new journey to fine my strength.

"Why would they do this to me," I thought as I walked towards my apartment.

I packed my things and told the landlord that I'd be gone for a while so when I get back if I could pay the whole debt off then. He agreed and I left Magnolia, wandering into the open world.

Several Days Later

Currently, I was on a train as I rode to a nearby town. I had heard that they made the best noodles for pretty fair prices so I was going there now. For the past several days I had wandered around Fiore, looking for guidance from old mages and training to get better. Soon the train arrived at the town and I unboarded, then headed to the restaurant.

Soon enough I was in front of a large building with crowds of people flooding in.

"Oh no," I said in despair as I saw the line stretched all the way down the street.

I sighed in defeat and despair before walking out of town. I was walking down an old dirt road from town that headed to some grassy plains. I an hour later I was still walking and collapsed out of hunger.

"Great, now I'm stuck out here and starving," I muttered as my stomach growled.

Suddenly, I heard the noise of hooves clopping on the road and looked up to see a man on a cart, holding the reins to some horses. He wore a large, black leather trench coat and a steel gray hoodie under it with a white shirt and blue worn jeans.

"The road goes ever on and on. Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead, the road has gone. And I must follow if I can," he sung. (He He He, Lord of the Rings reference)

"Hello," I weakly said and he noticed me on the side of the road, sitting on my back.

"Why hello there, are you lost?"

"No, well I kinda am," I stuttered, "I just need some food and I'll be fine."

"Sorry," he said, "I don't have any food, but I can take you to somewhere where there is food."


An Hour Later


We were in front of the restaurant again, the cart parked nearby.

"Don't worry, we don't have to wait in line," he said and walked up to the man taking reservations at the entrance.

"Um, please move to the back of the line," the man said, not looking up from the piece of paper he was writing on.

"Excuse me," he said and the man looked up, then his eyes went wide.

"I am truly sorry sir," he apologized over and over again.

"Just let me and my friend in," he said and gestured to me.

The man nodded and scooted the line away for us to enter. When we got inside it was stuffed, the right was full of customers and the left had a separate section. There was a wall with windows making it a separate room from the restaurant where several people sat, eating their noodles.

"Come on," he beckoned, walking towards the separate room.

We walked in through a door and all eyes turned to us. There were a lot of people in here, but there were four that stood out.

There was a girl with light blonde hair that had multiple colored highlights making a rainbow through her hair. Her eyes were light blue like burning blue embers. She wore a long sleeve crimson shirt and a light blue skirt with red and blue stockings up to her mid thigh.

On the otherside of the table was another blonde haired girl, but her hair was golden. She wore a white longsleeve shirt and skinny jeans. She had blue eyes like crystals, gleaming in the light.

At another table was a guy with jet black hair and emerald green eyes. He wore a blue shirt with a red shield on it and blue jeans.

Sitting across from him was a guy with jet black hair and a white striped going through it. His eyes were a dark shade of blue like deep water and there was small stuble on his chin. He wore a black shirt and a silver shield on his chest along with black jeans. Heavy armor covered most of him and a pole was on his back.

"YOUR BACK," the rainbow girl shouted in joy and everyone else either smiled or just grunted.

"Yeah, yeah," he said and walked through them, "Okay, I got good news and that's just it."

"So did they accept the paperwork," the black shirted guy demanded to know, slamming a mug of beer onto the table.

"They did," he answered and everyone cheered.

"Paperwork," I said, but apparently they heard me.

"Who's she," the red shirted guy asked.

"I don't know, I just brought her to get some food."

"Here," the white shirted girl said and pulled out a chair next to her.

I walked over and sat down while she ordered some noodles for me.

Several Minutes and 3 Bowls of Noodles Later

"That was good," I said and put a hand on my stomach.

"So who are you," the rainbow haired girl asked.

"I'm Lucy," I introduced and most of the people gasped.

"Fairy Tail's celestial wizard?"


"What're you doing all the way out here?"

"Just wandering and training," I said.

"The abscense of a Fairy Tail guild mark on your hand says otherwise," the black shirted guy said.

"Well," I said, blushing in embarrassment, "I was kicked off of my team by my teammates."

"Why," the rainbow haired girl said and sadness suddenly struck me.

"Lily," the other girl said and jabbed her elbow into her side.

"Ow," she squealed and crossed her arms, then huffed in anger.

"So you were kicked off," the man that saved me said, "Do you wish to join our guild."

"Your guild?"

"Yes," the black shirted man said, "The paperwork he just arrived with is the authorization for us to form our guild."

"What's it called," I asked and they all looked at each other.

"We didn't think that far," they all chorused.

"Okay, so who are all of you," I asked.

"I'm Lily Smaug," the rainbow girl said.

"Naomi Sharps," the other girl introduced.

"Ajax Elent," the red shirted guy said.

"Throran Kruxus," the black haired man stated.

"Revan Flame," the guy who saved me said.

"Why do you wear a hood," I asked and he seemed to tense up.

"It is a personal issue," he answered and lowered it more.

"Okay," I said, "So what do you want to call yourselves?"

"Dragon Fire," Lily shouted.

"Super Guild," Ajax stated.

"Krypto Titans," Throran grunted.

"Meh," Naomi simply said, not really caring.

"Revan," I said and looked at him.

"I want it to mean something," he stated, "Something that inspires and spurs."

"Like stars," I said, "They shine bright and inspire people to be good."

"That could work," he said, "The Star Legion."

"I like it," everyone murmured.

"So are we going to go set up our guild hall or what," Lily demanded.

"I say we go," he stated, "First five people on the back of my cart can ride there."

Everyone immediately got up and charged at the exit, and me. I found myself pushed and shoved around until I looked at glaring eyes. I was sitting on the wooden bench that was the passenger seat for the front of the cart. Lily, Naomi, Ajax, and Throran were piled in the back. Revan got up and sat in the driver's seat, then snapped the reins making the horses rear and start to gallop.

The rest of the Star Legion guild followed as we made out way out of the town and into the grassy plains.

Several Days Later

For days we journeyed through Fiore, over grassy plains and large hills, through forests and over snow covered fields. We camped together, a large area full of campfires everytime we did. Then, finally we arrived at our destination.

"Are we there yet," Lily asked for the thousandth time.

"We get there, when we get there," Revan growled and she cowered behind Naomi who seemed unfazed.

"So where are we headed," I asked.

"To an old kingdom was ruled by a mighty king."

"What was his name?"

"King Flame," he stated and my eyes widened.

"Was he-?"

"My ancestor, yes but years passed and a great darkness consumed him," he stated, "My father and his wife, my mother dethroned him, but by then our family name was tarnished."

"Is that why you're not sitting as a prince eating a feast?"

"Yes," he said, "But through hard work and great training I have finally restored honor to my family, now we travel to the old kingdom to transform it from a tyrranical fortress into a guild hall of great honor."

"Are we there yet?"

"I told you Lily, we get there, when we get there," he shouted again in anger, but then his mood uplifted, "Actually, yeah we are."

Everyone perked up and looked over us, laying their eyes upon a large city. It was beautiful, it was intricatelly built like Magnolia. Several small canals ran through it and eventually came to a small lake on one side of it while the other had an ocean. Directly behind it from where we stood was a giant mountain. From the city there was a road guarded with towers and light poles that lit the road at night. It winded a short distance from the city to a giant fortress built into the mountain. (Think Erebor from The Hobbit)

"Behold, Destin, once the greatest city in the fallen kingdom of Flame," he proclaimed and drove us into town.

We rode through the streets, the rest of the guild marching behind us.

"Where is everyone," I asked.

"I don't know," he said, "Go knock on some doors."

I jumped off the cart and walked up to a door. I knocked, but there was no answer. I continued down the street, knocking on every door until I reached the end.

"Hello," I said as I knock, "Please, we just want to talk."

"Go away," a voice whispered.


"Go away," it said louder, but still whispering.

"Please, we are here to help," Revan said as he jumped off of his cart.

"You cannot help us."


"A dark guild has taken up arms within the mountain fortress," the voice said, "We cannot fight back or they will annhilate us."

"Then I will purge this place of them," Revan proudly stated.

"Who are you to say such a thing?"

"I am Revan Flame, ruler of these lands."

"Flame, as in the tyrant king?"

"No, Flame, as in the son of Thomas Flame and Carol Flame."

The door opened and an old man walked out. He was black and had whitish gray hair with a small moustache and short beard.

"You are the ruler of these lands," he said and bowed, "I will fight with you."

"Do not act as if I were a god," he ordered and helped the man up, "I am Revan Flame, leader of Star Legion guild and I have come to reclaim my homeland."

He nodded and more of the doors opened as people came out, having eavesdropped on our conversation.

"Who else will take up arms with me!?"

People cheered and Revan started walking to the mountain. We left the town behind us, guild members and townspeople taking up arms. Soon we were in front of the fortress. Purple banners hung from the top of the wall where guards looked down at us.

"Who are you," one demanded to know, pulling back a bow.

"I am Revan Flame and you are standing in my home."

They started laughing and Revan smirked.

"I demand you leave now or we will be forced to end you all."

"You and whose army?"

"My army," he said and everyone cheered, but they laughed even harder.

"Your choice," he said and stepped back as Lily stepped forward, "You turn Lily."

She took in a deep breath and I felt a flashback go through my mind. As I stared at her breath in air, I saw Natsu do the same.

"Wait, she's a-," I was cut off as she shouted.

"God Dragon Roar!"

She shot an inferno of luminous blue flames. The gates were blown open and so was a sizeable chunk of the stone wall around it. People cheered and charged forward, rushing the dark mages within. They were caught off guard, all of them. I myself dodged attacks and eventually came to a balcony like place. I looked down and my eyes widened as I saw that the fortress was enormous.

The main area was where the doors were, or once were. It had almost the same layout as the Fairy Tail guild hall, but the stage was on the right and there was no upstairs S-Class area. A stone staircase went up to the wall where the guards had been. The place where the stage had been was now where I was. The balcony overlooked a large staircase winding down to a giant area full of gold and treasure. A second floor was placed where the wall was and there was a catwalk on it that led to a large throne.

"Whoa," I murmured.

"LUCY," I heard and turned around in time to dodge an attack from a dark mage.

I ducked under another attack and kicked him before whipping out my whip. It wrapped around him and I yanked it, making it untwirl and sending him spinning into a group of more dark mages. I looked around and saw everyone else fighting with everything they had.

I saw Ajax fighting several dark mages. He grabbed one and flew up into the air before throwing him back down. Flying around he grabbed dark mages and threw them around or beat them every time he swooped for an attack.

Lily was fighting like, well a dragon slayer. Her hands were on fire, blue flames licking her fists as she punched and jabbed. Sometimes she would use a dragon roar if there were a lot of dark mages around her.

Naomi was ducking under swings and side stepping charges before she put her hand on the dark mages, right where their neck and shoulder met. Somehow she hit pressure points in those areas and made them faint.

Throran had taken the pole off his back and used a magic circle on it. It transformed into a large gun, firing barrages of magic bullets from three barrels that winded around like a chain gun.

Finally, there was Revan who fought like a demon. He ducked under swings from mages and punched them over and over again. He would block attacks before countering and punching them back. Nothing could stop him.

Suddenly, another dark mage attacked me. I panicked and ran, then circled around a pillar as he chased me. Pulling out a golden key at random I summoned a spirit.

"Open, gate of the maiden," I shouted as Virgo's gate opened.

The pink haired spirit drilled out of the ground and bowed to me.

"Punishment Princess?"

"Yeah, on them," I said and pointed at the dark mages.

She nodded and drilled into the ground. Suddenly, holes apppeared beneath them and they fell in before she resurfaced.

The rest of the guild fought like hell, tearing apart the dark guild until a few were left. They ran away, right out of the fortress' main gates, or what was left of them anyways.

"That's right you sons of b****es," Throran shouted, "You mess with Star Legion, then you get your butts whooped!"

Everyone cheered and people crowded around Revan.

"The fortress is ours," he proclaimed and everyone cheered, even me, "Alright, now let's start cleaning up, starting with the gate."

Everyone got to work, but I just stood there, unsure of what to do. A hand clasped my shoulder and I saw Revan standing there behind me.

"What are you doing standing around?"

"I'm not a member of the Star Legion so I'm not sure if I should help."

"Sure you can help, besides we could use some Celestial Spirit help."

I nodded and started summoning.

"Open, gate of the lion!"

Suddenly, Loke appeared in front of me.

"Hey Lucy, what's going on?"

"I need your help to rebuild this place," I said and he looked around.

"I'm no builder, but I could still lift some of this stuff."

He walked over and lifted a huge piece of the gate and put it back in place where Lily used her God Dragon Breath to melt the stone back into place. I turned around to see Revan's reaction, but he was gone. I looked around and spotted the end of his trench coat on the second floor. Walking up the stairs I saw him walk across the stone catwalk to the throne.


"Yes," he asked, not taking his eyes off of the throne.

I started looking it over from a closer distance. It was made of white marble and had wooden arms that were carved into an intricate design. Gold covered parts of it like armor and at the top of it was a ruby shaped into a flame.

"It's beautiful," I murmured.

"It is isn't it," he said and sat in it, "I could get use to this."

"Hey, I want a turn," we heard and saw Lily standing behind us.

"Sorry, descendants of Flame only," Revan said while smirking and she pouted.

"She's just like Natsu," I said and chuckled, but then the memory of that day caused me to stop and lower my head.

"Hey guys," we heard and saw Naomi, "You need to come and see this."

"What," we all asked and she waved for us to follow.

She led us down the stone steps to the bottom of the fortress where the sea of gold was. We stepped onto it and the gold shingled and shimmered in the light. There were guild members down here who were throwing gold into the air in joy and amusement, but they stopped when they saw us. Naomi led us across the sea of gold to where it ended.

There, on the stone floor were row after row of weapons. Powerful, magical war machines capable of bringing kingdoms to their knees.

"What is this," I asked as we started looking over the weapons of war.

"These are weapons of war, created by my ancestor to subdue Fiore to his will," Revan spat in disgust.

"Revan," we heard and saw Throran nearby, "These weapons, we could bring down every dark guild in Fiore with this."

We all smiled at the thought, but then Revan shouted.


"What," we all asked.

"These weapons were meant to opress, to destroy."

"Then what do you want us to do with them," Ajax asked.

"Destroy it, all of it," he coldly stated and they got to work.

It was mostly Lily who used her powers to burn the entire area into cinders. Soon we were back up top at the main place. It was really spacious now that the battle was over. It was big as the Fairy Tail guild hall, maybe even bigger. Instead of wood there was stone and there were marble tables unlike my old guild hall.

"Hey guys," we heard and saw Lily outside the almost rebuilt gate, "Have we decided on our guild mark yet?"

"No," we all answered and walked out to her.

"I think it should be a dragon," she stated and everyone groaned.

"You always want something to be a dragon, let's try a... yeah I got nothing," Ajax replied.

"Guys," I said, "You're the Star Legion, right? So how about a star?"

They all looked at each other and shrugged.

"But a plain star seems... plain," Throran said.

"Then we make a custom star," Revan stated as he walked out with Naomi, "Let me show you how it's done."

He looked up at the rocky moutain face above the new Star Legion guild hall. A purple glow came from his shadowed face until two beams of purple energy shot and carved the mountain into a symbol. When he was done there was a star on the moutain face, but it had swords inside of it, making the points that came out.

"This is the guild hall of the Star Legion, let none threaten us without punishment," he stated.

Everyone cheered and soon settled down, and that's when I started asking questions.

"So Lily," I said and the rainbow highlighted blonde haired girl looked at me, "You're a dragon slayer?"

"Yeah," she said and brought up her hand where a small luminous blue flame flickered, "I'm the God Dragon Slayer."

"God Dragon Slayer?"

"Yeah, I was raised by Draco, the Dragon God," she stated, "He taught me most of what I know."

"She also got her crazy attitude from him," Throran stated and she pouted.

"What about you," I asked him and he started explaining.

"I'm a metal weapons mage, with this base," he said and took out the pole, "I can create almost any kind of weapon."

"And you," I said and looked at Ajax.

"I practice gravity magic, allows me to defy gravity so I can fly," he stated and floated up about a foot off of the ground to demonstrate.

"And last, but not least you two," I said and looked at Naomi and Revan, "What do you guys do?"

"I'm an energy mage," Revan stated, "I am able to absorb energy and fire it out, Naomi here is my apprentice."

"I'm learning under his guidance," she said and I mouthed an "O".

"So what do we do now," Lily asked.

"Now we settle in and get the job requests coming in."

"Alright," they all cheered and I started to sneak off when Revan noticed me leaving.

"Where are you going?"

"Back to Fairy Tail," I answered, "I've definitely grown stronger while traveling with you guys."

"Come visit," Lily shouted.

"See ya later," Ajax said and Throran nodded at me in approval.

"I hope we meet again," Revan stated and grabbed my hand, then put his other on my shoulder, "You are always welcome within the Star Legion guild hall."

"Thanks," I said and left.

One Month Later

"Here we go," I murmured and opened the Fairy Tail guild hall doors.

Everything got silent as everyone stared at me in shock and awe. The first too break out of the spell was Wendy.

"LUCY," she shouted in happiness and jumped up, then hugged me.

"Hey Wendy," I said and she smiled at me.

"LUCY," more people shouted and Levy ran up to me followed by more members of the guild.

"So bunny girl came back," Gajeel said and I cracked a small smile.

"Hello love rival," Juvia greeted and I sighed at her comment.

"Where's Master?"

"He's at a meeting for the guild masters," Mirajane explained.

"What're you doing back here," Natsu rudely demanded to know.

"Well I'm back from training," I retorted.

"Well we don't need you."

"Who said I wanted to rejoin your team."

"Did you just call us weak?"

"Maybe I did," I snapped.

"AH," he shouted as he lit on fire, "I'M FIRED UP NOW!"

"Hey," Gajeel said and stepped in front of me, "Watch it Salamander, she's still one of us."

"She doesn't have our guild mark," Grey stated and they looked at my hand.

"That doesn't matter," Levy argued, "A guild mark doesn't mean she isn't still a Fairy Tail member."

"It most certainly does," he yelled.

"Natsu, Grey how could you say such a thing," Wendy said.

"Grey," Juvia said, teary eyed, "She's still your nakama and Salamander's too."

"She's no friend of ours," they said and attacked.

Our eyes widened and Gajeel stepped in the way, using his Iron Dragon Scales. He absorbed the blast and was pushed back several feet.

"Have you gone mad," Mirajane shouted from behind the counter, "Lucy please leave or the guild hall will be decimated."

I looked at her and then at everyone else who were hiding behind anything around them.

"Fine," I said, "Tell Master I'm not coming back."

I started to leave when a hand grabbed my shoulder.

"We won't let you leave," Levy said, gripping my shoulder.

"I'm sorry guys, but if I stay then the guild hall is destroyed."

"Then we're coming with," Gajeel stated, "We're Fairy Tail."

"Well it seems like Fairy Tail isn't working out for us," I said, glaring at Natsu and Grey, "but I know a place that will."

One More Month Later

"Here we are," I said as we stood in front of the Star Legion guild hall.

"So this is the guild you helped make," Levy asked and I nodded, then knocked on the front door.

"Who approaches," a familiar God Dragon slayer voice rang out. (Wizard of Oz reference)

"Lily, it's me!"

"Lucy," she said and her rainbow highlighted blonde haired head popped out from over the wall, "LUCY!"

She disappeared and a minute later the new wooden gate was opened as Lily ran out. She jumped up and hugged me, hanging onto me and I fell over.

"Hey Lily," I laughed and she giggled, then got off of me.

"Guys, this is Lily," I introduced, "Lily, these our my friends, Wendy, Levy, Gajeel, and Juvia."

"Hi," she greeted and led us inside where everyone else was drinking, eating, joking, and overall being a guild.

"LUCY," everyone who recognized me shouted in joy.

"Hi everybody," I greeted.

"So the Celestial Mage returns," a familiar voice proclaimed and we looked up to see Revan.

His arms were resting on the railing for the second floor and he stared at us with a mischievous grin, the shadow of his hood just barely covering the bridge of his nose.

"Hello Lucy."

"Hi Revan," I greeted, "Guys, that's Revan."

"So you're the energy mage," Levy asked and he nodded.

He jumped over the railing and suddenly, magic circles appeared under his combat boot clad legs and on his back where the shoulder blades where. They shout out bursts of flame that he used like booster rockets to slow his descent. He landed on the floor with a soft thud and walked up to us.

"I guess you're wanting to join now?"

"Yeah," I said and he smiled.

"And of the rest of you?"

"We're joining too," they said, "No man left behind."

"Very well then," he said and he gripped my hand without warning.

I yelped in surprise and he muttered in an ancient magic language. There came a glow on my hand and he let go to show the Star Legion symbol now on the back of my hand.

"Anyone else?"

Everyone nodded and soon they had their guild marks.

"Okay, now I'd advise you go find purchase a home in Destin," he said and flew back up to his throne on the second floor.

We left and started towards our new life.


So I hope you liked this remake of my original version

I'm deeply sorry if you loved the original over this

So I'm just going to go now

Lord Revan Flame, out