A/N : Hi ! It's been a while since I wrote anything and actually finished it, but I thought I'd give it a try ) It's my first Doctor Who fanfiction : I love the series but never found any inspiration. I chose to make a JE fix-it, because I hate it that they got rid of Donna, she was my favourite character p I must confess that when I first watched the series, I got so mad at RTD for making Donna leave WITHOUT her memories, I stopped watching Doctor Who for a while ^^' Soooo, here goes my fix-it, I don't think it's original but I thought I owed it to Donna and the ship )

BTW, I thought I'd mention that English IS NOT my mother tongue. I'll do my best to make as little mistakes as possible but if you see some I've forgotten, just tell me and I'll try not to make them again )

Fandom : Doctor Who

Rating : T

Disclaimer : I don't own anything of Doctor Who ! If I did, Rose Tyler would never get to travel on the TARDIS and Donna Noble and the Ten would live happily ever after in the TARDIS ) And I inform all readers that, in this chapter, the words in italic are taken from Doctor Who's 4th season (13th episode : Journey's End).

Summary : When the Tenth Doctor tries to block all of Donna's memories with him, it backfires… JE fix-it )

E cineribus sicut Phoenix renascentur


« I was gonna be with you for ever »

Donna Noble was going to die, she knew it

« I know »

As did he. Except he wouldn't let her.

« The rest of my life… travelling… in the TARDIS, the Doctor-Donna. Oh ! Oh my god. I-I can't get back. Don't make me go back. Don't… Please, don't make me go back ! »

She knew he wouldn't, even if that meant to rob her of her memories of him, of the experiences she cherished the most. But SHE wanted to remain hole, to die hole, if there was no other way. She just couldn't go back to before she knew him.

« Donna. Oh, Donna Noble, I am so sorry. But we had the best of times. The best. Good bye »

The 'best of times' that was all he could say. He couldn't let her die, even if that meant he lost her : better to lose her by removing her memories than to lose her to death.

« No-No ! No, please ! Please, no ! No ! No ! »

She was begging him, tears rowling down her face. Her eyes had never been so enchanting as she kept pleading with him, hoping against hope that this pig-headed Time Lord would just let her keep it all. A fire rose within her, born of her despair. She closed her eyes as his mind touched her psychic shields, brushing her walls, trying to get through…


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