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Chapter II :

The medical exam was over. All Martha had been able to find out was that the children were both healthy eight year old Time Lords. She had given them Time Lord medicine for their headaches and they seemed to feel better. The TARDIS had provided her with a DNA scanner and the results were clear : the boy had indeed the same DNA as the Doctor's and the girl, the same as Donna's.

"Jack, they're the Doctor and Donna, but it seems their bodies have turned back to what they were at the age of eight"

"And they don't know us now, because their brains and memories have turned back with the rest of their body, right ?"

"Yes, I think so"

"Then how do they know each other ? They can't have met back then, can they ?"

"I don't know. Maybe they know each other because of the way they were changed"

"Well, I'll guess we'll have to find that out later" he said as the children were beginning to get hungry and restless.

"Hey, guys, what do you say about getting out of the TARDIS so she can rest and we can go eat lunch and take a walk around here ?"

The children looked at each other, smiling : lunch ? YUM ! The medication for their headaches had worked and they were now famished. Exploring ? Fantastic !

"Brilliant !" they cried together.

"But first, let's get you some clothes" muttered Martha.

Jack grinned like a maniac at the unknowing children. Shopping for an eight year old Doctor !

He was soooo going to have fun!

As they strode out of the TARDIS, Jack made the introductions and they went shopping after he gave the Doctor the first name of his alias, John, so as to not raise suspicion in town. The boy whined and whined about his new name but particularly about shopping for clothes until Donna told him off, much to the team's amusement :

"Stop whining, idiot ! Or it's pears we're going to buy for you, not clothes!'

Scowling at her, he spent the rest of the time before lunch brooding and grumbling.

It was after they'd eaten dessert and were all back to Torchwood that Donna dropped her very own special time bomb on Jack :

"When is Mum coming for me ?"


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