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Chapter 1: Opened Doors.

"Father? There is something I would like to ask of you," I drawl, lounging in my upholstered leather chair in front of my Father's throne.

"Yes, Kiddison?" he asks in a deep, malicious tone. That tone that has always been there to scowl upon the every move I make, no matter how meticulous and precise.

I open my mouth to speak to the harsh, brown-bearded face, but am interrupted by the abissmal presence of my brother, Arthur. He smirks and stands next to me. Ugh, how impu-!


I feel myself fall onto the harsh stone floor, a throbbing sensation running through my head. I clutch it in agony, the pain rushing through me. I grit my teeth and shut my eyes in order to not cry out, which is a tough order to follow.

"KIDDISON! What did I tell you about sitting in your brother's chair?! Go to your room! NOW!" commands Father. I feel his spit on my face as he says that.

"Yessir," I mumble after staggering to a standing position, the pain from my brother's kick still resonating in my head.

"What was that?!"

"Yes Sir!" I shout, which increases my headache. I salute him and bow, before turning and hobbling out the main door.

When the large, metallic doors swing shut behind me, I let out a sigh. The pain is still there, but not as great as the pain of disappointing Father. If I can make it to my room…

If I can even call it a room.

I shuffle down the stone stairs, to my "room", which consists of a heavy, barred door, a single torch, a bed-side table, and a squeaky bed in need of a new mattress. Fortunately, there is a small bathroom closed off from the rest of the room, which is also accompanied by a mirror above the sink. This mirror is my prized possession, since it helps me with my, er, problem.

I take off my plumed helm that shields obsidian-black hair. I brush it aside from my eyes, trying to make it a bit more presentable. Not that I need presenting. My appearance is quite dull. Normal black hair, normal brown eyes, normal sun-deprived skin, normal weight, normal, normal, normal, normal! If something was different! And that is the problem. I don't feel normal. I feel like something is inside me, trying its hardest to break out. If I could just unlock that door… that crude cell that keeps it locked inside.

But, no. What am I thinking? Being normal is good. Being normal is nice and symmetrical. There is nothing wrong with being a boring prince. I sigh and lay down on the center of the bed, arms crossed lightly over my chest. A light ringing sound lulls me into a fitful state of dreaming.

My pale flesh exposes itself to darkness, giving off a faint glow. I try floating around to gain some bearings, but it seems that I cannot move yet. Which is odd. Well, the fact that I am glowing, floating, and naked in complete darkness is odd, too. I can usually control myself in my dreams, though...

A mirror appears in front of me, showing my pale body to myself and the darkness around me. I feel exposed and flawed. My left eye twitches. A hair is out of place! I quickly go nearer to the mirror and brush it to the side. There, upon coming closer to the mirror, I notice more flaws. A red dot on the left side of my face, a cowlick that sticks up from my head that I cannot seem to flatten... They must be destroyed, eradicated! The love of symmetry in which I posses inside of me must prevail!

Just as I am about to annihilate those flaws, the mirror disappears. Again, I am surrounded by the darkest darkness. And quite suddenly, I feel a strange sensation behind my eyes. It feels like my eyes are being tickled in their sockets. I rub them vigorously, but the tickling turns into a burning... a stabbing...!

I scream out in pain, not able to open my eyes one bit. There's no relief, no break; just constant pain! I clutch my face in agony, feeling my body contort in pain as well. Everything burns, everything stings, everything tickles...

Everything's the same.

The mirror appears in front of me one more, and I see me... except I'm NOT me. My irises are a sparkling gold, not my normal, dull brown, and my hair...

I gasp, pulling at it in terror. It had three pure white horizontal lines going halfway around my head... the symmetry that I had normally held within me is now gone! What ever has happened to me?!

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