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This is Chapter 2! Koriana is 18 yrs old in high school she's a senior; oh and the whole gang is there too!

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Chapter 2

"Ughh" Koriana woke up to the blaring of her alarm clock, while her head was still under her blankets; she reached her hand over looking for the snooze button but either hitting the nightstand or knocking something over. Finally she found the button and slamming her hand on top of it. Lifting her head off the pillow to look at the time, "Oh my gosh! 7:07am what how did I oversleep?!" Jumping out of bed she ran to the bathroom taking a quick shower. Then leaping out dripping wet with a towel around herself, she quickly dried herself and threw on a black t-shirt, dark blue skinny jeans and black and white converses. She ran to the bathroom drying her long auburn red hair and leaving it naturally curly; then applying some lip-gloss and grabbed her books.

"Koriana hurry up, you cannot be late to school!" her father called out.

"I'm done!" she said while jumping down two steps at a time. She walked to the kitchen, grabbed a slice of French toast and walked by her father gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked to the garage. "Be safe Koriana." Koriana gave him a smile, "Don't worry dad I will." She said while rummaging through her bag for her car keys. Getting inside her red Porsche, she started her car and drove out; she stopped at a red light then remembered she had to go pick up Rachel. "Crap, Rachel's going to kill me." She groaned. She took a right a pulled up to Rachel's house and honked the horn, Rachel walked out her house looking as mad as ever. "What took you so long?" Rachel growled while putting on her seatbelt; Kori looked scared for a minute then put on a calm front. "Well Rachel if you must know I was waiting out here the whole time while repeatedly calling your-." Rachel shoved her phone in her face indicating that she had no miss calls from her. "Repeatedly huh?" Rachel said with a raised brow and arms crossed, Kori chuckled nervously

"Umm…yeah about that I… gosh Rachel you're my best friend you know me to well." Kori laughed

Rachel grumbled "you got that right, now let's go before we're late." Kori nodded then drove off. They pulled up to the school and walked up to they're other three friends. "What's up lil lady, what's up Rachel?" Vic called out. Kori gave him a hug while Rachel just grunted in response and focused on the book in her hands. "Hey girl." A girl with two puff balls at the side of her head said. "Hey Karen" both Rachel and Kori said. Kori looked around "Hey where's Gar?" Kori said sitting on the bench with the others, "RIGHT HERE!" Gar said jumping out of the bushes while scaring them except for Rachel who still had her full attention on her book. Rachel sighed and closed her book and hit it on Gar's head.

"Ow" Gar cried out rubbing the newly formed lump on his head

"That's for being stupid." Rachel told him bluntly then returning back to her book, while Vic was laughing hysterically and both Kori and Karen were trying to contain their giggles.

"Dude so not funny!" Gar's face was flushed red from the embarrassment. "Oh yes it was ya grass stain." said Vic wiping away tear with his finger. "Dude stop calling me a grass stain, just because I have blond hair and dyed the tips green means nothing!"

"Sorry Gar but you did have it coming." Kori told him.

"Man not you too Kori" Gar whined

"Well Gar you…" Kori was interrupted by the ringing of the bell. "Well alright y'all let's head in." Vic said putting an arm around Karen's waist. Then as a group walked into the school.

"Can you guys believe that were almost done with high school just one and a half more months!" Gar said happily. "Oh my gosh I know I can't wait to go to college!" Karen answered excitedly. Kori smiled at their happiness then frowned, "But we won't be going to the same colleges." Kori stopped walking and looked at the ground. "Kori we'll still be together we're best friends girl, we'll have our get together's." Karen hugged kori trying to make her feel better.

"Yea, okay" kori smiled and began walking again when she was pushed into the lockers. "Watch where you're going Anders!" a high pitched voice called out. Kori turned to the owner of the voice, well turns out a pink crayon grew legs, blond hair and wears way too much make-up, oh wait that's just Katherine or it prefers to be called kitten. Kori growled "Look I get that you're trying to look cute or whatever, but how about you stop wearing those damn heels and maybe you won't be tumbling your way into people." Kori said crossing her arms, laughter filled the hallway.

"You better watch your mouth Anders" Kitten growled lowly stepping up in her personal space,

"Or what kitten." Kori replied challenging her to do something. By this everyone crowed around them chanting 'Fight, fight' over and over again. "Alright break it up!" a loud booming voice echoed, Kori turned to see the principle walking towards them arms crossed. Kori gulped 'this does not look good.' She thought. Kori felt a hand upon her shoulder and saw that her friends were going to stick with her hundred percent. "Get to class everyone of you!" He yelled out to all the bystanders in the hall; then turned to the four people who still stood, "I said everyone." He said trying to intimidate Kori's friends "Uh-uh we ain't leaving without Kori." Karen said with an attitude. Principle Wilson held the bridge of his nose "Fine, but if this happens again you'll both be in serious trouble." He warned Kori and Kitten "Now get to class."

Kitten gave Kori one last glare and Kori gladly returned it, before she strutting off to her class,

"Thanks you guys." Kori hugged them "Can we just go to class now" Rachel said annoyed that she was being hugged. "We got you're back lil lady." Vic patted her on the head. (Brother and sister relationship so cute!) So they went different ways Karen, Kori and Rachel to English, and Gar and Vic to Foundation Tech.

{End of the Day}

"Hey, you guys coming to my house today?" Kori asked walking up to all of them near the lockers.

"Yea, but can we order some pizza first I'm starving!" Gar's stomach rumbled, "Same here man" Vic agreed "You two just ate two hours ago." Karen pointed out. Gar leaned one hand on the lockers "We're growing boys we need our food." Vic smirked "Correction you're a growing boy, I'm a man but still need my food. Besides all you eat is that blob that you call food what was it…tono? toco? Shit?" Vic mumbled on trying to remember what it was called.

"It's called tofu and it's better than killing innocent animals for your fill!" Gar started arguing with Vic "That's not even food it's just soy beans, that's not protein! You need protein to get these guns!" Vic started flexing his muscles.

Gar rolled up his sleeves "I have muscles too, they just been sleeping you know tired and…stuff." Gar quietly said the last part. "Vic raised an eyebrow "Whatever man I'm hungry let's go!"

As they were walking through the hallways they walked past kittens groupies "Ewww do you see her she is like so ugly." One girl whispered to the other. "I know right, I heard that her mother thought that she was so ugly that she died during birth." They laughed. That's when kori had had enough; she stopped completely and turned around slowly. "Excuse me bitch did you say something about my mother?" it wasn't even a question. "Kori calm down don't do anything drastic" Vic said scared she would do something crazy and get into trouble. "No Vic, I wouldn't do anything drastic." Vic blew out a breath relieved and so were the others. "But once you say something bad about my family or friends oh you can bet that I'll be doing something over the top."

"Now who said it?" Kori slowly made her way up to them like a tiger about to pounce on it's pray and repeated herself "Who said it?" Kori growled

"I did." Kori turned from the scared girls in the corner to see kitten hanging onto a guy with jet black hair, and shades. To kori he was the most handsome guy she's ever seen, but all that didn't even matter; right now her attention was on the walking STD. "I dare you to say it again and see if you don't get your nose broken." Kori threatened.

"Oh all I said was that your mother died from your ugliness and that…" Before kitten could finish her sentence she was on the ground being punched repeatedly in the face. Kori and kitten rolled around on the floor for a good two minutes before they both got up with a fistful of hair in both their hands. Kori twisted around and took kittens head and slammed it one, two, three times into the locker until they heard a chilling *crack* "Damn!" the crowed in the hallway yelled. Kori was pulled off of kitten by Vic pulling her back trying to get as much space as possible between the two girls, Kori did not go quietly though but after her friends calmed her down she stopped.

"I can't believe It, that bitch broke my nose!" Kitten whaled Kori smirked (Yea I know Kori seems a little evil in this one.) "How's that face feel Kitten, I guess you'll have to get another nose job!" Kori yelled out tauntingly. Everyone started laughing while kitten ran out the school and her group running after her. Kori was tapped on the shoulder; she spun around to meet the same guy kitten was hanging onto before. "Listen I'm sorry about what kitten said to you and I just wanna say that was pretty cool, my names Dick." Dick said with a smile. "Oh uh my names Kori" kori replied shyly Vic walked in between the two and looked down angrily upon Dick "Ain't kitten you're girlfriend?" For some reason Kori felt sadden that he had a girlfriend, maybe because it was kitten, of all people her though really! Dick rubbed his neck 'oh sweet mother of God, he is so hot' kori thought.

"Yea but I don't like her I'm…it's complicated." He confessed Vic felt bad for the guy not only because he had kitten to deal with but because he was kind of being harsh on him, but he is keeping an eye out for his little sister.

"Koriana Anders and Katherine Moth to the principal's office immediately!" The speakers announced. Kori sighed "I guess we can't come over your house today kori." Rachel said "Yea, sorry you guys." Kori said looking at the ground. "No problem girl you did what you had to do." Karen tried to comfort kori. "Yea I guess well I'm sure I'll be grounded for some time, I'll maybe see you guys around."

Kori made her way to the Principal's office scared for what her punishment would be. Kori finally made it into the office and sat down seats away from kitten; Kittens face was swollen on most of her right side of her face and her nose was red and purple and tilted to the side and had an ice bag on it. Kori smirked "Miss. Anders so nice of you to join us." Kori jumped a little from the surprise of not seeing him before.

"So I heard that you two had gotten into a physical fight, even when I warned you two." Principal Wilson folded his hands in front of him. "And by the evidence…" he said nodding towards kittens battered face, kitten folded her arms and rolled her eyes or eye (Ha ha Cyclops, her other eye is swollen shut!). "I'd say she took more blows than what she gave you." Kori only had a cut lip and a scratch near her eye that was bleeding.

"Principal Wilson, I won't lie I did deliver the first punch but It was only because she was talking about my mother." Principal Wilson raised a brow "And may I ask what happened to your mother?" he said trying to be careful with the delicate topic. "She…She passed away when I was born…"

Principal Wilson's face softened "I'm very sorry about your mother Koriana, but that does not mean you have a reason to fight; now on the camera's it shows that you threw the first punch so you will be suspended for three days tops." Kori nodded "I understand Principal Wilson and completely agree that my actions should not go unpunished, but I do believe that what I did was what I thought was right at that moment and I'm sorry but I mean no disrespect towards you." Kori stated with confidence that what she did was right.

Principal Wilson sighed then turned towards kitten with his eyes narrowed "As for you, you will be serving lunch detention for two days." He wrote down a detention slip and gave it to kitten "You may go now." Kitten snatched the detention slip and walked away mumbling something about kori. "You want to make it three detention days?" Principal Wilson warned, Kitten shook her head "No sir." Then scurried off. Principal Wilson sighed and folded his hands "Koriana I'm going to have to call your father and tell him the situation that had occurred today." Kori nodded "I understand."

Principal Wilson went into the other room to call her father after maybe five minutes he came out. "Koriana your father wants to speak with you."

"Alright." She responded. She took the cord attached phone then nervously spoke "Hello." then waited for the lecture she was about to receive. "Koriana I'm am very disappointed in you." Her father spoke disappointedly, at that moment Koriana felt like crying. She swallowed the lumped in her throat "I'm sorry father…"she didn't know what to say, she felt disappointed in herself for disappointing her father then remembered it was for her mother. She heard her father sigh "We'll speak about this when you get home, alright?" he asked Kori shook her head "Okay dad" Then hung up.

Kori walked out the school then over to her car, she got into the car and started it instead of the car starting, all she heard was an annoying pinging sound. "Come on…why won't you start?" turning the key to the side and when nothing happened Kori finally gave up and held onto the steering wheel with her head on top, soon tiny droplets dripped onto her lap. Kori found herself crying but she needed to let it out, the pain from her mother and the torture from kitten throughout the years was unbearable. Kori shook her head, she had to be strong this won't last forever, besides after the beat down she gave kitten she'll lay off of her.

Kori got out of the car and sat on the hood "How am I supposed to get out of here?" she said with her head in her hands. "Do you need some help?" Kori's squinted she had heard that voice before, she twisted around to see Dick. Kori smiled "yeah my stupid car won't start and I don't have a ride." Dick scratched his head, "well I don't know all that much on fixing cars." Then smirked "but I could give you a ride home if you want." Kori though about this I mean she thought hard, on one side she really wanted to ride with him and had to get home right away before she's even I more trouble. Then on the other side she just met him hours ago and didn't know anything about him "No its okay I don't want to bother you, but thank you for your offer."

She stated kindly Dick shook his head "please you won't be bothering me, I won't be getting home until later I like to ride my motorcycle around for a bit." Kori's mouth hung open, "Are you for real, you have a motorcycle! Oh I always wanted to ride one!" Richard smiled "So is that a yes?" Kori nodded

"Yea." She softly replied. For some reason Dick heart nearly jumped out of his chest when she said that. Dick and Kori walked to his motorcycle. "Wow its beautiful" Dick was looking at Kori "yea you are…" he sounded like he was in a daze. "What?" she turned to Dick, both their faces went red "Umm…nothing, uh let's get you home." Dick said in an embarrassed manner "Oh…okay" kori felt a little disappointed she heard him loud and clearly but didn't want to make him uncomfortable. 'Damn, I'm so stupid why would I say that. She wouldn't like me anyways…' he thought to himself.

"Umm…Dick? You've been staring at your bike for a while, are you okay?" she touched his shoulder. Dick looked up and smiled with a lop-sided grin then rubbed his neck "yeah I'm okay sorry I was just thinking…"Kori smiled "It's alright I just wanted to know if you were ok." Dick smiled and took Kori's hand in his and walked to his bike he sat on and then helped Kori on.

"Are you sure this is safe." Kori asked kind of scared like, Dick chuckled "I know its safe Kori." Dick said handing her his helmet, Kori looked down at the only helmet. "But you don't have a helmet Dick."Kori handed the helmet back to him but Dick pushed it back into her hands. "It's alright Kori; I want to make sure your safe throughout the ride home. I don't want you getting hurt."

"Dick, that's really sweet of you." Kori told him softly, Dick blushed "Thanks Kori, let's get you home its getting dark out." Kori sat on the bike then in-circled her arms around his waist area, and then he drove off. The world passing you by so quickly the rush from having so much excitement, Kori held on tighter around Dick's waist giggling madly. Dick smiled he loved having her with him 'Why can't it be like this?' he questioned, her grip tightened and Dick's breathing quickened 'God why can't we be together, I can't ignore these growing feelings every time I see her.' He heard Kori say 'take a right', he turned right on a street near a house then stop near the curve.

Kori got off the bike kind of wobbling back looking as if she was about to fall until Dick caught her hand and pulled her forward, but I guess he pulled to hard and they ended up nose to nose. Kori blushed then smiled "Thanks for the ride Dick, it was fun." Kori pulled back a little but not too far with their hands still connected, "Thanks for accepting, I didn't know I could have this much fun with anybody." Kori smiled then started playing with a strand of hair nervously.

"Umm…Dick I was sort of wondering, when I get back to school if we could hang out…I mean if you don't want too I totally understand cause-."

"I would like too if it means I get to be with you." He interrupted; Kori looked up eyes wide then blushed "Ye-yea it'd be nice to see you again also."

Kori looked at her front door and took a deep breath, "Well looks like I have to get going before my dad gets even angrier." She turned her head to her front door and then back to Dick, she smiled shyly turning a shade of pink "I'll see you around then…" Dick squeezed her hand "Um how about we ex-change numbers so we can keep in touch?" Dick suggested. Kori smiled then nodded "yea ill text you then." They gave each other their phone numbers; Kori started walking to her front door then turned around "Bye Dick." She said while waving then opened her door "Bye Kori." Dick responded. Kori finally step in her house quietly closing the door, she heard Dick start his bike and drive off.

Kori tip toed trying not to make a single noise but that didn't matter because her father was on the chair waiting for her. "Where have you been I've been worried sick about you!" He yelled Kori flinched at his tone of voice. "I'm sorry my car broke down and I got a ride from a friend." Kori stated. Myan dismissed the subject, "And what are you doing getting in a fight!" he roared. Kori couldn't take it anymore she lashed out, "Dad she was talking about mom, and she's been making my life at school a living hell everyday!" Myan looked taken aback but reacted "I don't care what she said you're not supposed to get in fights, you could have been seriously hurt!"

"Well I'm not hurt! If you wanna see someone seriously hurt you wanna look at her face?!" Kori threw her hands up in the air. "And dad she was talking about mom I know for sure you wouldn't take that sitting down!"

Myan pinched the bridge of his nose "I… your right I would do something about it." Kori calmed down a little bit. "But that doesn't change the fact that you're grounded until further notice." Kori's eyes went wide.

"But dad!" Myan looked up "End of discussion Kori, go to your room now!" Kori looked hurt then gave her father one last sad look then walked past him.

When alone, Myan looked up "I am I doing the right thing?"

Kori lay on her purple round bed with her arm over her eyes, "I can't believe he didn't support me…" she breathed. Kori took out her phone wanting for someone to talk too; she scrolled down her contacts list then came the only 'D' in the list of name's…Dick.

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