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I will love you 'til the end of time

I would wait a million years

Promise you'll remember that you're mine


As soon as I touched the ground, I quickly rolled over and frantically scrambled to the boy near me.

"Henry!" He pulled himself up and nearly jumped at me.

"Lily!" I quickly grabbed Henry, yanking him into my arms as Greg and Tamara steadied themselves on the ground, dusting their clothes as I glanced down at Henry and nodded at him.

Just as he began to run away into the dense foliage, Greg's hand shot out and hooked onto the boy's coat.

"Slow down, pal." I nearly growled as he almost threw Henry to the ground in front of me and pulled Henry back in to my arms again as I glared warily at our two kidnappers. "You've got nowhere to go."

"How about home?" I supplied sarcastically, malice dripping as I felt my magic swirl dangerously inside me, clearly happy to finally have a reason to be unleashed after so long. Whatever these two 'crusaders' thought about magic, they were going to find out just how dangerous it could be if they didn't keep their damn hands off of Henry. Gritting my teeth, I tensed inwardly even as Henry whispered to me to 'calm down'.

Tamara glanced around, seemingly satisfied with where they ended up. "We made it," she glanced at her partner and smirked. "Mission accomplished."

Ready to set both of them on fire and rip their beating hearts from their chests, I was glad when Henry calmly decided to burst their little bubble of satisfaction.

"Are you sure about that? Cause my mom's coming for me." His voice was even and filled with conviction, filling me with no small amount of pride as he continued. "Both of them."

I stayed silent, knowing that more than just Regina and Emma were probably on their way, but I had a feeling Henry already knew that somehow. I tensed even more as Greg approached, making sure that my magic began to crackle around me, causing Greg to stop and glare hatefully at me.

"You're gonna want to look around, kid." He gestured around the clearing towards the dense jungle and I rolled my eyes. "Do you see any clock towers here? We're a long way from Storybrook." I scoffed as Henry spoke again, making sure to keep my hands on his shoulders so I didn't do something too rash with them.

Like set something, or someone, on fire.

"It doesn't matter! My family's been to the Enchanted Forest before, and they can get here again!" I suddenly tensed as I realized something that I hadn't noticed as Tamara began to speak, since I'd been so wrapped up in making sure Henry was safe.

"Well, we're not in the Enchanted Forest." Tamara smirked before I cut her off, my entire body going numb as my magic suddenly spiked at the now familiar aura around me. "This is-"

"Neverland." I nearly whispered as Henry turned to look at me, his eyebrows knitting together as I gazed around, wanting to smack myself for not recognizing the surroundings and the feel of the magic humming through the air. Though, in my defense, I'd been away from this place for a very long time, which was both a blessing and a curse.

Henry's voice quickly snapped me out of the fog and I glanced around again.

"Neverland? You're here to destroy Neverland?" I nearly gasped as Tamara simply smirked again, gesturing around.

"It's the mother load of magic." I turned Henry towards me as the two idiots began to squabble about their communicators and their 'Home Office' and leaned down towards him as my magic swirled to almost dangerous levels, honestly it felt like someone was doing the macarena in my stomach.

"Henry, do you know what this is about?" Wide eyed, my charge shook his head, his voice shaky.

"No! I-I don't know!" I fell silent, resisting the urge to incinerate the nearest tree as the pressure in my head began to cause a massive ache to start behind my eyes. Henry once again shook me from my thoughts, just as I twisted my hand, ready to form a fireball.

"An office in a jungle, huh? Who works there?" I bared my teeth as Greg narrowed his eyes and advanced on Henry again. The older man wisely stopped as I sent a wave of energy against him and he huffed and pulled back.

"Who we work for." He reached down a grabbed his discarded backpack and pulled it over his shoulders. "It's not your concern kid. Just know that they take care of us."

"Do they? Can they tell you how you get back home after you destroyed magic?" I spat out, my eyes narrowed as I continued to resist the urge to rip out the crazy man's heart as he glared up at me.

"We don't ask questions. We just believe in our cause." He stopped as if something occured to him and he stared hard at me.

"Who are you, anyway?" I glared down at him and snapped softly.

"I'm Lily." He glanced at my hands and shot me a dirty glare.

"You're a magic user." He suddenly smirked darkly. "The Home Office will know what to do with you." I held back a shiver. If I was correct and, knowing this place, I had a pretty good idea of exactly what this so called "Home office' consisted of.

And who.

"What the hell if this? A toy?!" I glanced away from the trees as the radio, that was clearly a piece of plastic, was thrown down onto the sand by Greg as Tamara glared at it, unease beginning to spread across her features.

"It's a good thing you guys don't ask questions." Greg turned his angered gaze onto Henry and reached towards him, only to hiss in irritation as I quickly stung his hand.

"You don't touch him."

As his upper lip curled with disgust, Greg gestured with his uninjured hand.