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Do you know what you got into

Can you handle what I'm 'bout to do

Cause it's about to get rough for you

I'm here for your entertainment


I stood silently next to Henry as Greg leaned over the small fire he'd created, blowing into it to get it going as Henry attempted to make small talk to try and ease the tension radiating off of everyone.

"You making s'mores?" I tugged Henry back into my arms as Greg glared up at him in exasperation.

"I'm building a smoke signal for the Home Office." Tamara scoffed, crossing her arms and glaring at her partner, her face still filled with unease that hadn't abated after over an hour of walking.

"What if that's not enough? What if the broken communicator wasn't an accident?" I glanced around sharply as I sensed movement, causing Henry to peer up at me in confusion. I paid the two adults no mind and continued to peer through the dense trees surrounding us.

"Don't let those kids get in your head." Tamara opened her mouth to reply but turned when the sound of footsteps came through the trees, causing all four of us to spin towards the trees and I quickly held onto my magic as it began to react violently.

Shit. Shit. SHIT.

Slowly, a boy materialized through the trees, clad in patched-up clothing, along with a hood shielding most of his face. Even though I couldn't see his face, the club he carried, as well as the familiar scar that ran the length of his visible face, caused me to freeze. I remained frozen as several more boys came out behind Felix, I didn't recognize them but, then again, my memories of this place were still pretty fuzzy.

Greg broke the silence suddenly, sounding unsure for the first time since they'd all arrived on Neverland.

"Who are you?" Felix smirked and spread out his arms, his eyes zoning in on me as my magic flared again, despite my attempts to control it.

"We're the home office." His eyes landed on me and I suddenly wished that I'd though to change my appearance as soon as I realized where we were. "Welcome to Neverland."

Tamara raised an eyebrow.

"The home office?" She glanced at Greg. "They're a bunch of teenagers?"

I kept my gaze locked with Felix as Henry shook his head.

"They're not teenagers." I swallowed thickly as Felix stared at Henry and I, his smirk widening at the boy's next words. "They're the Lost Boys."

"Look at that."

Henry continued, his brow furrowed as I quietly urged him to stay quiet until I could get us away from the teens wielding sharp, poison laced, weapons.

"Why do the Lost Boys want to destroy magic?"

Felix smirked, his attention of Tamara and Greg now.

"Who said we want to destroy magic?"

I nearly screamed at the look of their faces as Tamara and Greg realized they'd been tricked and slowly pushed Henry behind me, knowing that if I didn't protect him with my life, Regina would surely prove which one of us was the better student of magic.

Felix rolled his eyes as Greg tried to sputter a response and slid his eyes lazily over to Henry and me again. "Now, the boy. Hand him over." He glanced up at my eyes before going back to Henry. "And the girl, too."

I stiffened but before I could react, Tamara stalked in front of us, shielding us with her body.

"Not until you tell us the plan. For magic. For getting home." Though her tone was determined, I could feel the unease dripping off her and, judging by the smirk of his face, so could Felix.

"You're not going home."

Greg joined Tamara, looking even more ill at ease than his partner.

"Then you're not getting the boy."

Felix laughed and I nearly flinched at the familiar sound before he smirked at me again.

"Of course we are."

Without a though, I grabbed Henry and pulled him into my arms, wincing when Greg's cry of pain was cut off as his shadow was torn from him, knowing all that would be left behind was an empty husk. As soon as the Shadow flew away was cut off, I pushed Henry from my arms, urging him to run.

"Go!" I pushed him with my hands and magic, showing him I meant business. As he moved from me, slowly before I urged him again, and began to sprint through the trees, I turned around to face an amused Felix as he glanced down at the empty shell of Greg and the gasping form of Tamara, who was laying on the ground with an arrow protruding from her back.

I didn't feel guilty, she'd shot Neal. She'd robbed Rumple of his child and then she was trying to take his grandson away from him. I glared at her pleading eyes in disgust before I looked up at Felix and the rest of the boys, and wasn't surprised as a few of them lowered their weapons, eyes filled with wonder.

"Tiger Lil-" I waved a hand and cut them off.

"That's not my name."

Felix raised an eyebrow but said nothing as he gestured for the boys to begin chasing Henry, pointing his club at me when I readied to stop them.

"Uh, uh." He tutted at me and I glared at him as he smiled at me. "It's been too long since I've sparred with you, Lils."

I clenched my hands into fists, unwilling to back down, confident that Henry would find somewhere to hide from the Lost Boys before I was done with Felix. I'd find Henry once I finished kicking the ass of my once best friend.

"You clearly don't remember the last time, then." Felix stiffened, his face falling slightly as he drew his club back.

"I remember perfectly." He glanced behind me, his lips lifting again. "As does Pan."

I jerked around just in time to be enveloped in a familiar shadow before everything went black.

"And he misses his Tiger Lily dearly."

I jerked up with a soft scream, wildly looking around as my heart slowed and stopped trying to punch a hole through my rib cage. I grimaced at the funniness of my head and jerked towards the door as I heard rapid footsteps. I nearly shrieked as Henry ran through the door and launched himself onto the bed I was resting on, Felix following him with an almost bemused expression on his usually emotionless face.

I let out a whoosh of air as Henry landed on me but hugged him tightly to me as he babbled on about how he though they'd killed me and how Pan had ended up catching him and tricking him.

I glanced up sharply at that, feeling as if Pan would spring out from the shadows in the small room I suddenly realized was once mine, a long time ago. I darted a glance at Felix, who simply smirked at me, before he turned to leave, throwing a remark over his shoulder.

"Catch up and then come out to the fire."

I ignored the second in command and quickly ran my hands over Henry, making sure he wasn't injured in any manner before I glanced at his drawn face, noting the shadows under his eyes.

"Are you alright?" He shook his head, eyes glimmering with worry for me.

"I saw Pan's shadow carrying you! I though it had hurt you like...Greg..." I stiffened, angry that I hadn't managed to keep Henry from seeing the full effects of what happened to those that didn't play along with Pan's games.

With a small smile, I gently soothed the younger boy before I slowly stood up, swaying as the pounding in my head increased and dimly heard Henry call my name, his tone desperate.

"Lily? Lillith?!" I tried to shake my head and immediately hissed through clenched teeth before I felt myself tilt towards the floor, knowing that Henry wasn't fast enough to catch me. As the floor neared, I dimly thought about how I was supposed to heal myself with a concussion until I realized that I hadn't hit the floor and wasn't currently in dreamland again.

Sluggishly, I turned my face towards the dark green covered chest I was pressed against and, praying that it was Felix holding me up, I glanced up to meet shimmering green eyes set in a smirking face.

I shivered as cool breath gently fanned across my face and closed my eyes as his dark voice washed over me.

"Hello, Love."