A/N: So, I've been asked as to whether or not I will be continuing on with Say You'll Remember in the new season. To answer that question; I'm not sure. I'll have to see how they take the whole 'Frozen' angle and see if I can even fit Peter and Lily into it. I've debated on just putting Lily into it but again, I'm still thinking it over. I've left the last chapter open ended in case I do write in the next season, but I'm rather content with how it ended myself.

Let me know what you think, though!

However, I will be rewriting 'Say You'll Remember' (it will have another name) and I will be going through seasons 1-3 in that rewrite. So when 'Welcome to Storybrooke' and 'Say you'll Remember' disappear, don't act too alarmed!

Also, I had a bit of a problem with someone plagiarizing 'Say You'll Remember' (the matter has been resolved, thankfully) so let me just say it: if my story inspires you, then that's awesome! However, taking my chapters and copying them word for word but simply changing a name is not acceptable. Just thought I'd clear that up.

Many thanks,

deadly sorrow.

UPDATE: The rewrite has been published and the title is 'Goodbye means forgetting'