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"Eren, excited about the new squad?" Levi questions before reaching for a piece of parchment neatly placed on his desk. Everything that involved him had to no- must be cleaned and organized daily.

He handed over the parchment to the brown headed brat. "This is the location to our new headquarters." He paused glancing at the boy from the corner of his eye. "And the sleeping arrangement that Hanji devised."

Eren gazed on the freshly hand written parchment and read the paired names in his sub conscious.

Room one-




Jean Kirschtein, Connie springer and Armin Arlert.


Room two-




Sasha Braus and Christa Renz


Room 3




Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman

He kept reading the names in his subconscious continuity, especially the last. It felt weird even though they had shared a room their entire childhood, he knew things had changed, they were no longer children after all.

"U-um yeah.." He finally replied remembering the former squad, it pained him to know this new squad will have the same duty to watch over him, seemed fitting Mikasa of all people was assigned to this, her whole life seemed to have revolved around his protection.

"Can I see her?" Eren questions.

"Who? Your girlfriend?" He scoffs.

Eren has suddenly gone stiff at the thought and Levi knew his comment hit home.

'Girlfriend? No...She's just family isn't she?' he second guessed himself. He didn't know why he was having these thoughts and tried to dispel them as quickly as they came.

"Go on-" Levi sighed no longer amused with probing the brat on the matter."Just don't do anything stupid."

Levi lightly shook his head side to side as Eren had left, exhaling "Jeez these Kids nowadays start quick, wonder what they're putting in the water."


Eren made his way to the new headquarters, only to be surprised it had been just an old wooden cabin. A disappointing downgrade from the now seemingly luxurious castle they inhabited before. The scouting legion truly had insufficient funding he thought to himself.

He glanced around the cabin, the grass was evenly cut and the sun had shone through the army of tress giving life to such a bleak surrounding. He spots Christa carrying a few logs of wood and below her a figure lying on it's back bobbing up and down.


"You know what Eren would say if he saw you don't you? You're supposed to be resting." The small blonde girl's voice was soft, she didn't want to stir any unwanted confrontations.

The crimson haired girl stop mid rep "He doesn't need to worry about me, besides if I'm bedridden I can't protect him." She continued to rep the sit ups out, she made it look so easy even tho her ribs haven't yet healed properly.

"Don't you think you're being a little bit"-she paused searching for a way to put it-"hypocritical?"

Mikasa quickly jumps up to her feet with ease, staring darkly at the innocent looking blonde.

"O-oh hey! Just forget I said that." She smiled nervously at Mikasa, her gentle smile could ease any tension.
"Let's just head inside, I think Eren should be here soon." It worked she thought to herself as Mikasa's eyes began to soften, perhaps is was the simple mention of his name.


Eren was taken back by what he heard, the fact that Mikasa said it with such conviction indicated she didn't need nor want him to worry about her and it deeply shook him. "Does she really see me as being so weak?" He mumbled to himself, before finally having enough courage to walk into the cabin.

He stormed upstairs completely ignoring the greetings from his former fellow trainees. He walked room to room searching for the door labeled three. He spots it and casually open the door, observing the room slightly feeling a wave of emotion that there had been two beds and saw her laying down on the one to the left.

'Was it relief or disappointment?'

She quickly averted her gaze from her book to him. She studies him and notices His hair, dark and lustrous, had a sheen like fine hardwood. His emerald green eyes that made you stop and look at them when you got even just a glimpse. They were a piercing green that you almost never saw.

"You shouldn't strain yourself Mikasa, your ribs haven't healed properly." He blurted out, piercing the silence.

She continues her gazes into his emerald eyes, sighing as the moment had left. "I'm fine really, besides this body is getting dull."

"Tch- you can do sit-ups next week, just let your body recover." He retorts.

"Levi will start training us tomorrow." She whispers under her breath, knowing how he might react.

"What?! And I'm hearing about this now! I have to prepare." His eyes glow brighter, like green lasers.

"W-well Eren...you're not included in the training, it's only me, Jean, Sasha and Connie."She looks down at the sheets unable to hold his gaze.

"I-I'm not, what? Why the hell not?" He exclaims, he's been here the longest yet he hasn't been trained by Levi, something in which he had deeply looked forward too.

"He's training us to better our teamwork maneuvers, to be better suited in protecting you." She answers softly, knowing that an impending argument was about to ensue.

Protect. Protect. Protect.

'Why does the very word shake his core? Is he really suicidal as Annie had suggested? No I can't have these thoughts.' She quickly felt ashamed to question him and angered at the very thought of the blonde traitor. She waited for his response and on cue the ranting boy went on.

"I don't need you guys protecting me dammit, why can't i-"

The sound of the door creaking open suddenly snatched both of their attentions.

"M-Mikasa, Can I talk you?" Jean interrupted, it seems he had done this a lot lately and Eren was oblivious about it all up until this moment.

"Sure Jean." She reply's coolly, her face remains impassive as it usually did when it involved Jean.

"U-um...alone?" He says fumbling his words.

'Tch what does he want to tell Mikasa? It's not like he can't say it in front of me. Is he this hell bent of infuriating me? Wait why am I even mad? He just wants to talk to Mikasa right no big deal.' The questions ate away at him.

"Give me a minute, jean" she waves her hand to signal him away.

She waited till the door closed again to continue, not wanting to embarrass him in front of Jean. "Eren, I'll teach you everything Levi shows us once we're done. It'll be safer if I teach you and I can go easier on you this way."

"Don't fucking bother! You don't need to worry about me, just like you said, I don't have to towards you. I don't need you, so just go! You have someone waiting." He screamed, fists clenched.


'I Dont need you.'

Mikasa's quickly grabbed his hands, to comfort him but he quickly and roughly smacked them away. She felt a sharp pain in her chest and it wasn't her healing ribs this time. It was as if her heart had dropped.

'Why does it always end up like this, why do I keep pushing him away.'

Her face was darkened as she left the room closing the door behind her quietly.

Jean frantically tries to act causal not wanting Mikasa to know he had been eavesdropping while waiting for her. "That damn brat, how can you let him treat you like that?" The silence from Mikasa bothered him, so he repeated himself louder. "Oi Mikasa! You deserve better than the way he treats you!"

"Let it go." Mikasa says sternly- "what is it you wanted to tell me?"

"Oh yeah u-um-" the words he wanted to say couldn't escape his lips. He always was so nervous to talk to her yet alone reveal his true feelings towards her. "Well Levi wants us to start training now...if you're ready that is." jean says quickly with disappointment, realizing his prolonged silence was getting awkward.

"Right now?" She questions not noticing his shaky disappointing tone. 'Eren hasn't been this mad at me in a while he probably won't even talk to me right now, so I guess there's nothing else to do.'

'Uh ye-" He scratches the back of his head, not knowing why he recommended such a thing. He cared for her well-being and knew as well as anyone she hadn't yet fully recovered.

Placing her red muffler over her mouth to breathe in it's scent. "Alright I'll go." Her voice didn't waver or crack even though he could sense the abnormal emotion behind it, she was hurt emotionally .

Eren sat patiently in the room expecting Mikasa to return, but as time leisurely passed he realizes she wasn't going to. "Hmph, guess what jean had to say was so important that she couldn't even say bye." He mumbled to himself.

'Why do I feel so down?'

He doesn't know what jean told her, but he could speculate. It's not like she would go for that centaur anyways, It bothered him nevertheless and he didn't know why. After a couple hours he decided enough was enough and storms out the room in deep thought, only to run to his childhood friend.

"Oh hey Eren, I was looking for you." Armin says nervously.

"Oh h-hey." His brings his gaze down to observe Armin's tattered
Uniform. "What happened?!"

"We started our training today-"

"I thought it was starting tomorrow?" Eren questions, not allowing Armin to finish.

"Well I seen Mikasa walking with Jean to Levi's barracks earlier; she must've told him she was ready, so we started today." He shrugged.

"Jean? So she went with the horse face huh." The words left his lips unintentionally he didn't know why the thought of Mikasa interacting with another boy ate away at his core.

'Was it jealousy? No way It's just Mikasa!'

"Eren..." Armin's voice was low, catching the weird behavior of his friend -"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing, soo…where's Mikasa now?" He questions finding the floor very interesting to show as if he could care less on the answer.

"She's still training with Levi, the rest of us couldn't keep up and Jeans waiting to walk her back here." He knew of Jeans true feelings towards Mikasa, heck because of Connie's big mouth the whole scouting legion knew except Eren and Mikasa of course, but he wouldn't dare mention that to Eren.

His body flinched as the words echoed in his mind. "Levi too huh?" The words yet again escaped his mouth. 'What the hell is wrong with me? I sound like a jealous boyfriend.'

'It's Mikasa. It's just Mikasa and that's that.'

Armin cleverly caught the words, and kept his gaze on him eyes caught in surprise. "Eren...d-do you-"

The force of Eren pushing him aside stopped his sentence midway.

"Where are you going?!" Armin says reaching for Eren's arm but he quickly shook it off and without saying a word he was gone, leaving Armin with a slight grin forming on his lips, he wasn't unmindful enough to not realize was had been happening with his best friend.

Eren stormed out of the cabin heading towards the nearby forest. He remembered what Annie did back in their trainee days, when she would sneak into the woods and practice her kicks on nearby tress. Maybe to strengthen those steel like shins of hers he thought.

A mysterious soft gentle voice called out to him and froze him in his tracks.


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