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*Next Day, evening*

"Not bad Ackerman, three more rounds than usual, what's with the sudden increase in stamina? Good night's sleep I presume." Levi scoffs, helping her up to her feet.

She had been so close in catching him with her fists, so close to her revenge. "One more round." She gritted through her teeth, determined to hurt him.

"Take it easy, I don't want to wear you out before the next expedition." Levi said indifferently.

"Hm? What expedition?" She questions, relaxing her tense muscles.

"I'll explain more to everyone at dinner tonight. I'll be there before nightfall, I want everyone there and everything spotless." Levi digresses, walking away dusting himself off once again.

Mikasa stares on stoically, before dusting herself off as well. She didn't want Eren to know that she wouldn't be one hundred percent sparring with him due to exhaustion - that would only cause a tantrum. Plus if she sleeps by his side again, the exhaustion would subside quite easily.

She can make out Jean's voice yelling from a distance. "Mikasa!"

It became routine for him to wait hours on end for her. She angles around to face the yelling boy, and on cue he ran towards her this time with Connie in tow.

"Oh, Jean." She replied when he drew closer. "You didn't have to wait up."

"Um...yeah I know, but hey..." Jean swallowed nervously. "Instead of walking back to HQ, c-can we just take a walk?"

"Oi, Jean you dragged me here for this?" Connie protested. "You said we would be able to train with Levi hechaio!"

"Hey! Why don't you keep your mouth-"

"Sorry Jean," Mikasa cut him off. "I have plans with someone this evening." She said absent mindlessly.

"Oh," Jean whispered, he felt like his throat was clogging up. "Maybe next time than?"

"Oi, hey Eren!" Connie yelled causing both Jean and Mikasa eyes to search for the said boy.

Jean's hand clinched into fists; of course it was him she was talking about, who else could it have been.

Eren walked up to the three, completely ignoring Jean. He grabbed Mikasa by the hand and started to lead her away. "Come, we have to do that thing." He added, finally meeting Jeans gaze a triumph grin spread at the corners of his lips.

Mikasa didn't resist, but jumps from the jolt radiating from when his fingers intertwined with hers.

"C'ya later Jean." Eren scoffs, before he and Mikasa are out of sight.

"What are we going to do now?" Connie snickered, coming over to ease his friends rejection.

Connie hesitantly walked over to him. "Jean?" Suddenly, he felt a hand wipe against his back. He jumped and tried to angle his hands around to remove whatever was on his back.

"Jean! What the hell was that?" Connie questions angrily.

"What's left of my faith for humanity." Jean started as he collapsed onto the ground completely mortified.

They walked until they found a wide opening, save for a couple tree's scattered randomly. She wondered why he still held her hand, but didn't bother retracting it.

"This will do." He murmurs, freeing his hand. "Let's start with sparring to see what you got, first to pin the other wins...Ya know when i win, you're never going to hear the end of it." He added, with a slight grin.

Mikasa walked around him without a reply, not even looking at him until she stood about 15 feet away. She stood there rolling her neck and stretching out her limbs, watching Eren getting ready cracking his knuckles. As ready as she was, Mikasa contained a unsure feeling of sparring with him. What if she hurt him?

"Give it everything you got." Eren yelled.

Mikasa nods, raising her hands in a defensive posture.

Eren's arms slowly raise over his head and his left leg angles forward, the tip of his left boot digging Into the earth. "Ready to lose?" He snickers as his eyes never left that of Mikasa's.

Mikasa's nostrils flare, eyes flashing and closing into slits, she hated Annie as it was and for him to take on her signature stance left her recollecting all the time he and the traitor had spent together.

Eren's hand tightened, quickly running forward striking wildly. Mikasa didn't flinch just prepared herself for the coming attack. His strikes were in the mode of attack, hers of defense and no matter how many angles he used he could not get through her defense.

With no intention on fighting back she notices rather immediately the black well of anger rise in him.

She paused - thinking back on the last time she actually struck him, when he refused the bread Armin had offered him after the fall of Shinganshina. She hated every bit of it, seeing the blood ooze from his lips knowing it was her own doing. She would never again want to injure him unless his survival called for it of course. Eren was her dear friend, family, and...and something more, something she suppressed deep down.

He launched himself at her, snapping her out of her subconscious. His body colliding with hers, throwing the two against a nearby tree. He couldn't retain his balance from the force of the jump causing his face to collide with the rugged tree bark.

"Eren!" Her eyes glazed over for a moment, shoulders slumped as she tries to comfort him.

'Not again. Did It draw blood?'

Eren tightened on his resolve, this was it, he was going to win by flipping her over. Every fiber in his body knew this wasn't a true win, but against Mikasa, he just had to prove to her that he could handle himself. But as his arms went for her, she stepped to the side, grabbing his arm as she did so, raising it up and over forcing Eren to back flip to the ground. As he was in midair she caught him to guide him to the floor softening the fall.

"You're too impulsive Eren." She mumbles, examining his head for any damage. Yup. A slight gash on his cheek similar to that of her own. Her eyes darted to his meeting his gaze, seeing the anger, like poison slowly filling his bright turquoise eyes.

"You're not taking this seriously, fight back!" He snarled, trying to push her away.

Mikasa rolled her eyes and straddled him, using her whole weight to pin him down. "Neither are you." She stared at him fiercely, making him see the truth. The poison ebbed slightly. "Annie's style is to cripple their opponents, so why haven't you thrown a single kick?"

He turned his head to the side, she was too close, making his head spin. "One more round." He replied with a sting of self-defeat on his voice, starring emptily at anything but her. "This time take it seriously." He added.

Instead of settling, Mikasa rose to her feet, holding her hand out to help him up. "You're already cut, we can always continue this tomorrow."

Eren accepted her helping hand. "Ugh, I'm fine." Eren snapped, thoroughly irritated at her nagging. "One more round."

Mikasa sighed heavily, backing up to take her stance. With each round the possibility of him injuring himself increased, is he such a masochist? She wanted to end this rather quickly, in spite the anger she might trigger, this was for his own good.

They stared at each other for a moment which seemed to hang there forever, as if it were a dare for either of them to make the first move. The two closed the distance continuing to spar, attacking each other without ever landing a harsh blow.

Trying to bait Mikasa into a trap, Eren lunges forward – throwing a quick punch towards her stomach. She slapped his hand away and counterattacked with a soft right, barely touching him. They exchanged a few more blows, each testing each other's strength before the attacks started getting stronger and faster. He could see the difference in, how much strength and speed she had over him. His attacks were growing more desperate, though he made sure to never put too much power behind them; he didn't want to actually hurt her.

He over extends a right jab as she spun on her heel and came back around with her other hand contorted into the shape of a hook. She moved to latch it onto Eren's neck from behind, but he quickly caught onto the plot – he was already turning around to deflect the strike. Mikasa's hand was batted away, and Eren dipped forward, capturing her hips in him arms.

He grabbed the back of Mikasa's thighs with each hand and hoisted her up into the air using his upper body strength – and Mikasa instinctively wrapped her legs tight around his waist, hoping to twist her body and throw him to the side during their imminent descent. Flawless. Mikasa slammed Eren down as softly as she could, though he lurched upward to prevent his shoulder blades from touching – preventing a 'pin.'

Their lips were only inches apart, mouths open and panting. Her legs were still tangled around his waist. Mikasa locked eyes with him for a moment – a suspiciously long moment, given the circumstances. Eren didn't have time to analyze it, he was about to lose, and that would be unacceptable.

She grabbed his protesting wrists and pinned them onto his chest, causing his shoulders to barely touch the ground. Unfortunately for Eren, Mikasa was still stronger. Usually this would have pissed him off beyond belief, but she was shocked to see a faint grin pressing at the corners of his lips. She knew he always enjoyed a challenged - something she never gave him due to her protective nature.

'Annie never held back, and by the looks of things yesterday neither did Sasha...is the why he choose them?'

She realizes it suddenly, without any warning.

She stares at him, taking it all in – his shoulders are tense, his lips which eluded her for far too long, and his eyes – they've always been such a rage-full green, but they're so bright, so open and trusting and entrancing.

It's not like she hasn't thought about this before. To be honest, she was already thinking it before they even enlisted, but everything that's happened since has only made the thoughts more prominent. She's thought about it a lot of different ways, with different thoughts on what it might be – lust, longing, emptiness, understanding, and others. Things she doesn't dare mention.

The thought alone made Mikasa pulse spike against her will. She took a deep breath and forced herself to maintain her usual aura of coolness. This was just a minor fixation, she told herself. It would pass. Things like this always got worse before they got better.

She has been well aware for some time now about her feelings, but has just kept shoving it off because now's not the time. She wanted to believe he felt the same way, he said he'd wrap her muffler around as many times as needed after-all. It may have been his confession for his feelings, or so Mikasa's wishful thinking insisted. She can't deal with this now, she can't let herself dwell on how she feels or how Eren might feel or – or any of it, not while titans still roam the earth, and Eren's thirst for revenge is finally quenched.

He fought against her arms, sitting up and taking his shoulders off the floor. Mikasa slammed him back down – surprising even Eren with the sudden burst of strength. She shimmied up and sat squarely on Eren's hips, limiting his movement.

Eren bucked against her in rebellion, bringing her back to her senses. "Mikasa, you're acting weird, let me up." He admits breathlessly.

Mikasa didn't relent only tightened her grip on his wrists. "So is it Sasha or me?" She questions.

"Huh - You of course. Now get off!" He yelled, his tongue rolling off his lips, she swallowed.

'Me, of course?'

Realizing things were looking rather intimate; she wanted to pull away but made no attempt to do so. She was a little too comfortable being on top of him. She recalls the night before, how warm he kept her, his smell, and how everything around her didn't seem to matter.

She bent slightly to make it easier for her to get up, her back screaming to protest. She stopped when her gaze locked onto his lips and She felt the same urge she had felt in the fields near the Forrest of giant trees. She felt an insane desire to find out if they were as soft as they looked. Mikasa pressed closer, her face mere inches away from his. Her eyes caught his and held them, leaving Eren unable to look away, her tongue tied with uncertainty as she began weighing options and considering the consequences.

He was uncomfortable with the closing proximity, and passion in her gaze, or where it was directed. His mind was in a disarray of decisions, battling between what he was witnessing and what he knew should be done. Eren's heart was in his throat. Everything was fast-forwarding, like his very own existence was flashing before his eyes, while he was motionless in the middle of it all. This did not bode well.

"M-Mikasa?-" He breathes, heart racing.

And what she realizes in this flash of a moment, staring back at him – this isn't something that can be denied, or delayed. She can't argue with this, she can't put it off till later, and not because she owes anything to Eren – simply because she wants it too, she can't even make herself care about anything else, she just.

She just reaches out and grabs on, yanks him closer and kisses him. Her eyes fall shut, the material of his Survey corps jacket is smooth in her grip, his lips are startled and still, and the warmth just floods through her. For a moment, the kiss is nothing more than a press of mouth to mouth, almost chaste.

Mikasa can feel her world, her walls shattering around her. She's feeling vulnerable and lost, like the day she tried this last, there were no titans surrounding them this time around. She knows better, by now she knows so much better, but he's been everything and the only person she truly cares about in this cruel world.

But then Eren starts to move. As Mikasa kisses him harder, she can hear him take a single shaky breath in through his nose and then he starts pressing back, opening up to her bit by bit. It's slow, and – and tentative, and nothing like Mikasa might have expected but she doesn't care. She can't care about anything right now but this, this moment, she feels like she's telling him all her secrets, all her hurts and hopes and just everything, this is not just a kiss. She can feel herself getting shaky with more than lack of breath. She wants to pull away, she wants to press in closer until there's no space between them, but she doesn't remember how to move, how to do anything but this.

Eren pulls back a little, dizzy and in need of air. He can't even gasp in a full breath before there's a hand in his hair reeling him back in, gentle but firm. Mikasa kisses harder this time, like she's daring him to even try pulling away again. She kisses him like she has no plans to ever let him go, like she won't let anything make her, like she'll never leave and clenches tight around his coat until her fingers ache. She should know better, she wants to know better but she can't, she can't do anything in the face of this wordless declaration but melt back and kiss.

Eren deepened the kiss, returning hers with equal fire, not in technique but just raw passion, just emotion and his mouth and her mouth sliding together hotly.

Mikasa's heart soars when he kisses her back, pressing her body up against him after a moment of shock. Her precious calm and Stoic demeanor along with her logic burnt away during the next few moments, only leaving basic urges. She began to rock her hips against Eren's without thinking.

Letting his instincts take control he opened his mouth slightly and let the tip of his tongue sweep against her lips. She gasped, parting her lips allowing his tongue entry, and quietly allowed him to sit up to wrap her arms around him, pressing every curve of her body against his.

Mikasa reaches up and grabs the back of his head with such grace and gentleness, burying her fingers in Eren's dark lustrous hair. Eren's hand moved up to trace the scar he regretfully left on her cheek. She winces under his touch as if struck by lightning, deepening the kiss hard enough to bruise both of their lips.

Finally they have to breathe, but she doesn't want to let go. Mikasa tip's her head forward, resting her forehead on his with their noses barely touching and she just – just breathes, quiet shaky gulps of air. She doesn't open her eyes, doesn't let go. She can't – Mikasa feels flushed and dizzy and raw, exposed in every way, and the last time she even came close to this, Eren had saved their lives, and made a promise to her.

Mikasa opens her eyes she can see the clear night sky, it looked mysterious, eerie, calm, tranquil, but most of all entrancing like Eren's eyes - making this moment that much more memorable. A little nagging voice filtered in from the back of her mind. The last trace of her logical thought process. How far would this go? It should stop here. They have to be back before night... Her eyes widened from shock, how could she forget? How could the time of day slip her mind?

She wants to step forward into him again and kiss everything else away. She wants to let him kiss her like before.

Instead, Mikasa forces herself to step back again, to take a deep breath and get some control over herself. She looks up and meets his gaze and – tries not to let those emerald eyes punch the breath right out of her again. She gave a long sigh, tendrils of long dark hair fanning from her face.

"Eren..." Mikasa tried, "W-we should head back now."

Eren straightens himself to his feet wordlessly, and just nods with a slightest grin. but despite the grin on his lips he looks nervous. He looks… terrified actually, in a joyful sort of way.

With nothing more to say she leads the way back to the cabin. He follows close when she tugs lightly at him, walking without a word, so close their shoulders brush with every step.

They walked for several minutes without a word, passing through the woods without so much as a glance at each other. She wanted to talk to him about it, but she can't find the right things to say at all. She doesn't know what to say, she feels like she's said everything and more with that kiss.

Approximately ten minutes after they finally reached the cabin with so much as the occasional soft clash of hands.

Eren took a deep breath and reached for the doorknob, Mikasa did so too at the same time causing their hands to touch. They both retracted shyly, blushing. After a moment Eren reached again and opened the cabin door.

They made their way to the kitchen, and caught sight of squad Levi sitting complacently on the dinner table, and Hanji's squad sitting nearby.

Captain Levi sat stoically behind the large table, his elbows propped on the surface with fingers interlocked beneath his chin.

"Glad you two can make it." Levi scoffs, elbows propped on the table, resting his chin in his hand. "Now if you don't mind, take a seat we have things to discuss."

Eren takes a seat, and Mikasa follows taking the seat next to him. He slightly jump's as their elbows grind against each others. Eren swallows nervously rubbing the back of his neck. Mikasa has her usual calm and unchanged demeanor, but she can't seem to take her gaze off Eren although he doesn't notice it or just doesn't want to make eye contact.

Levi slides his fingers under the table, and observes his fingertips. "There should have been ample amount of time...did you clean this place with dirt brat?"

Eren's slaps his forehead, in frustration. He had completely forgot about his cleaning duties, beforehand, not like he had the time to spare today anyways.

"Never mind I'll return to your half ass cleaning ability but for now, we need to go over the situation at hand." He says stoically, cleaning his fingers with a nearby cloth.

All the eyes in the room quickly dart to his, in anticipation.

"A lot has happened during a short period of time, but our original objective has not changed, just halted. " Levi explains. "We must seal the gaping hole in wall Maria" He added

Levi cast his obsidian eyes towards Armin. "Oi, explain to us your idea to seal the wall quickly."

"Well..." Armin started-" if things went well, we can use the abilities of Eren's titan form to plug the hole in the wall...he just needs to learn how to use the hardening ability."

Eren quickly snaps his gaze to Armin, trying to avoid Mikasa eyes as she sat between the two, staring at him most likely. He had no idea if he can even use the ability, and if he failed to learn how, he'd only cause more deaths.

"But saying it again, it sounds too far fetched to be done." Armin continued, looking down in disappointment.

"Weather it's far fetched or not, depends on this guy." Levi turned his gaze to Eren.

"...yes, I understand." Eren replied, he still felt at a loss of breath, he hadn't talked since Mikasa kissed him and he almost felt as if he had forgotten how to speak.

"Well there you have it Hanji, he wants to learn, any ideas how to train this sort of thing?" Levi says glancing over at the brunet, their gazes connecting instantly.

"Yeah...of course, it's my responsibility after all." Hanji replies halfheartedly.

"Huh? You don't sound to enthusiastic, we can't keep waiting." Levi replied, sarcastically.

"Unfortunately...Paster Nick has been killed, we assume it may have been an inside job- military police to be exact." Hanji replied bluntly.

"Military police?" Levi echoed quizzically, staring at her intently.

"Yes, Which is why I want Eren to train secretly, keeping a low profile. That being said, someone else would have to train him, with my directions of course."

"Huh?" Eren huffed.

"Why is that?" Armin asked shockingly.

"Well, the situation is more complicated than we had thought, I'll need to investigate further, until than someone else would have to help train him." Hanji's stare wandered down again to meet her superior.

Levi remained silent, closing his eyes again as if he needed to think about possible candidates.

"I'll do it." Mikasa quickly spoke out, causing Eren's eyes to dart downward towards his lap. He didn't know what to say to her this whole time, things escalated too quickly for him to process.

Sasha and jean both gritted their teeth at the sudden outburst, Sasha for Eren, Jean for Mikasa.

"Very well," Levi finally replied, staring at Mikasa from the corner of his eye. "Report to Hanji, tomorrow evening, for the details."

Mikasa inclined her head as a submissive nod. Glancing at Eren, part of her feared she may have ruined their friendship, but quickly shook the negative thoughts from her head. Their bond was too strong, and she decided to talk to him about everything once they went to bed.

"Are we going to eat or what?!" Sasha blurted out, easing the tension that filled the air.

"Might I ask who prepared the food?" Levi questions.

"Me." Hanji replied.

And without a word Levi rose to his feet, leaving the cabin - perhaps he didn't want to receive another stomach bug from one of Hanji's creations.

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