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Title: Cruel Clocks

Prompt: Forever

Summary: He could only sit alone waiting, watching the world go by in their suns and moons, and the stars slowly burn.

Forever. Forever and always, he had been told. It was the answer to his question of how long he would last, how long he would run before his power died off for eternity. Aidan had stepped back, grinning and tilting his head with his answer - "Forever. Even if you didn't and you died anyway, you could tell me how bad the world became."

Xenon didn't understand that, so he left it alone, left it at that. Looking back, he wished that he had asked Aidan for his estimate on how long he would run if not forever. He didn't even know exactly how long he had been running, whirring, spinning on. Following the clock that Aidan had built into him - so that he wouldn't forget to come and visit, the sentimental man he was - it had been thousands and thousands of years. Humanity had died out ages and ages ago, and now he walked alone in an apocalypse-esque world without the monsters.

There wasn't even anything to defend himself from anymore. There was simply no more life on the planet. Everyone was gone, and the silence was maddening, and he often found himself talking to himself. He wouldn't have minded as much if he could die sooner than he was programmed to, but he couldn't. He was a robot, a soul trapped for eternity in an unforgivingly tough, durable body with no way of getting out. He was indestructible - he had tried just about everything to try dying and setting himself free.

Claudine was very much gone, so there was no longer anyone for him to confide him to seek advice from. Beryl was gone too, having a weaker model. She had died a few hundred years back, and so Xenon found himself without anyone to just talk to or have petty fights with in the centre of somewhere that might have been a town square. The buildings were either collapsed, covered in moss, fallen, or just not there anymore. Craters were probably everywhere due to his slamming on the ground.

Xenon suspected that he had to break down sooner or later. Gelimer, the man who made him, wasn't perfect at all, with his shaky hands and constant experiments - and Aidan wasn't either when it came to fixing him up, never mind how good he was - Aidan did tell him that nothing lasted forever. But in the thousands of years he had lived, he was starting to doubt Aidan's words.

He could only do one thing, and that was sitting alone waiting, watching the world go by in their blazing suns, frozen moons, and the stars slowly burn as the gears in him continue whirring, spinning, and the ticking of the clock hurt him as it reminded him with every beat that he was still alive.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

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