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Another, Insane Choice

A Soldiers, Duty.

"What the fuck is up with her?" John asked himself as he watched Cameron loading up one of the cars with their stuff. They had already packed the weapons into another vehicle that Alex and Derek had driven to their new place. Sarah, Cameron and John remained behind to finish up with the rest of their stuff.

It had been a single day since the incident with Cameron, and John couldn't figure out what the fuck had happened to her. Every time she looked at him, she would smile, which John found a little sweet at first but now it was just getting creepy. He still hadn't had a chance to talk with her about what had happened seeing as how they spent the whole day packing, and when he wasn't packing he was getting his ass kicked by Derek, whom made good on his promise of being more aggressive.

Sadly for John, who's mind was currently occupied by what was up with Cameron, he got his ass kicked. Even worse then he did on his first day of training. Derek found it a little odd that John was acting sluggish but didn't put much thought into it.

"It sucks that you guys are leaving." John overhead Casey say to his mother as they stood chatting nearby.

"Yeah well... A friend of John's uncle, has a few job opportunities in Oregon, and we can't miss the chance." Sarah replied. That was their cover for moving away suddenly. Job opportunities opened up, and they only had a small window of time to get the jobs.

"I know... gotta follow the work. It still sucks." Casey muttered, a little dejectedly.

"I'll be sure to call. And you always have my number if you need it." Sarah replied, John simply rolled his eyes upon hearing that. He knew full well that the second they left, they would all change their phone numbers and never see or hear from Casey again.

"Yeah... I'll let you know how the baby is doing." Casey brightened up a bit, at hearing that.

"I'd like that." Sarah replied. John had enough of all the falsities, and went to join Cameron.

"Hey Cam, how we doing?" John asked, as he approached her.

"At this rate, we will be finished in forty-six minutes." Cameron replied, before glancing at him and smiling.

"You know that's creepy right?" John said making a face.

"No. I didn't know a smile could be interpreted as creepy." Cameron replied with a curious look.

"It can when, theirs no real reason for it." John responded with a huff.

"I do have a reason." Cameron stated as she loaded another box into the truck.

"And that is?" John asked as he handed her another box.

"I guess... that whenever I see you... I'm happy." Cameron replied.

"Happy? How is it that you can be happy? Do you even know what being happy means?" John asked, eying her curiously.

"Being happy, is the act of feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. And to answer your first question, I cannot be happy in the same way you can. My CPU can interpret positive and negative feedback to varying degrees, that can be described as emotion. Whenever I see you, my CPU is hit with a sudden... 'flash' of positive feedback, which according to the definitions of all the different human emotions, can only be described as happiness." Cameron explained.

"So whenever you see me, you suddenly get this surge of positive feedback that your CPU interprets as happiness?" John asked, slightly confused.

"No. My CPU cannot interpret emotion. But when I register positive or negative feedback to varying degrees I can categorize it. And the feedback that I get whenever I see you can only be described as happiness... it's how I feel." Cameron answered as she leaned against the side of the truck and looked at him sideways.

"Okay... I think that makes sense." John replied. 'it really didn't'.

Sensing his confusion, Cameron decided to try a clearer explanation. "I cannot feel emotions. But I do have a very detailed understanding of what emotions feel like. When my CPU registers feedback, I don't necessarily feel an emotion... but if I want to, I can categorize the feedback into what emotion I feel fits best, based on the feedback that I received, either positive or negative. Then if I so choose, I can display that emotion. Whenever I see you, the feedback I receive is positive, and the variables that I use to interpret it as positive, determine what positive emotion I should categorize it as." Cameron tried to explain more clearly.

"I think I get it. So... what um... 'variables' lead you to interpret this kind of positive feedback as happiness?" John asked, using her words.

"Happiness is the feeling of contentment or pleasure. The feedback I get when I see you tends to force a subtle reminder in my brain, and when I check it, I am reminded of how you said that you trusted me, and that you think of me as your friend. This causes me to feel content. Which by definition is being in a state of happiness and satisfaction. I could go on as this process jumps into different emotional pools, and tends to occur every time that my CPU is hit with feedback, though generally I try to simply stick with the emotion that best describes what my feedback represents at the time. When I see you, it is a feeling of happiness, thought to be specific, it is a feeling of happiness, pleasure, contentment, gratification, cheerfulness, joy, glee, delight, and satisfaction, along with varying degrees of jubilation." Cameron explained, as John simply made a face.

"It's just easier to describe as happiness." Cameron clarified, to which John simply nodded and shook his head.

"Is that weird?" Cameron asked after a moment of silence.

"Yep... but then again I've always thought you were weird, it's just one of those things I've gotten use to." John replied as he returned to loading boxes.

"Oh... thank you for explaining." Cameron replied as she returned to work.

"Hey... I've been meaning to ask, did something happen to John? He looks like he's been roughed up a bit." Casey asked.

"Yeah... he's starting to get into kickboxing, and as you can tell he isn't really good." Sarah replied with a smile.

John overhead her and rolled his eyes.

That was one thing he always admired about his mother, her innate ability to create bullshit from thin air.

After a moment John decided to help Cameron will loading the rest of the stuff so that they could finally get the hell out of there.


"So... anything interesting happen since I've been gone?" Derek asked, as he and Alex began to stealthily load their ordinance into their new home.

Their new house was about the same size as their old home, though it had an attached garage. It was cozy and kind of out of the way, it sat on a hill, and the nearest neighbors were about twenty yards off the end of the property, so they had plenty of privacy, and with an attached garage they could move their weapons into the house in secrecy.

"Well besides the formation of the FM brigade, the UFS, not having to eat rats every damn day, and General Connor jumping in age from late forties to early sixties in a manner of a few months, there were a lot of interesting battles. Not to mention the major advancements in technology." Alex replied with a shrug.

"Well, tell me about some of the fights... any more heroic death defying stunts on your part?" Derek asked after a moment.

"Not as many as I'd like. But there were a few. I remember me and my platoon held the line against a SkyNet offensive for about forty-six minutes, while General Connor got the civilians out of the line of fire, and organized the troops." Alex began to reminisce with this far away look in his eyes.

"Yeah, how did that go?" Derek asked.

"It sucked... the machines slammed into us, again and again. By the time the fifth wave had begun it's attack their were just five of us left. Still, we held them... finally the choppers arrived along with half the fucking division to push back the fucking machines and save our sorry asses. When the dust settled it was me, Sergeant Joseph Pyke, and Corporal Amanda Farrow. Those two were the only members of my platoon left alive." Alex explained, as he did he looked like he wasn't even there, like he was somewhere far away.

"Never heard of either of those two... were they young?" Derek asked.

"Pyke wasn't, he was a hardened veteran of war, he had been fighting for most of his life, he was kind of an asshole which is why he never made it past sergeant but he was an amazing fighter. Private Farrow on the other hand, was well trained but pretty green, she was only seventeen. Poor girl got shot nearly six times in that fight, she was lucky that none of them were fatal. That girl's whole life was about training to fight and to lead, yet this was probably the first time she had fought in a battle like that." Alex said with a distant smile of his face.

"Let me guess... a big wigs daughter?" Derek asked, he had run into a few of those kids on the battlefield. Ones who were highly trained but had little experience.

"The biggest 'big wigs' daughter actually." Alex replied with a grin.

"You don't mean... That girl was John's kid?" Derek asked with a surprised look.

"Yep... poor girl... daddy taught her everything he knew, but there is no way to really teach pain, and there certainly isn't a way to teach someone how to survive in a fight like that. She fought well though, would have made her grandmother proud." Alex said with a laugh.

"Wow... how did you know she was Connor's kid?" Derek inquired.

"You spend enough time around someone and you start to learn things. That girl is like a mirror image of Sarah. Calculating, firm, a gaze that could pierce a cyborgs skull, but also kind, and snarky. A smart ass at times like her father, but the cold determination is an unmistakable Connor trait." Alex said with a laugh.

"Wow... who would of guessed that Connor would send his own daughter out to hold the line." Derek stated with shake of his head.

"If I can say anything about the General it's that he is as selfless as he is cold and calculating. His kids or not, they have to fight." Alex said with a look.

"Still... you said she got shot six times?" Derek asked, with a tilt of his head.

"Yep, once in the right shoulder, twice in the left arm, and three times in her right leg. I don't think I've ever seen someone grit their teeth so hard. I was sure she would have shattered them, if help didn't get there when it did. Still she stopped herself from screaming, and alerting the metal to our location, so you've gotta give her credit." Alex said with a look of admiration.

"Damn... six times... I've been shot over a dozen times over my life, but never six times in one fight." Derek said with a shake of his head.

"Well you know as well as I do, that John Connor is one tough son of a bitch, it's no surprise that his child would be just as tough." Alex said with a smirk.

"Yeah... I guess so." Derek said with a distant look.

-Back with the Others-

"You guys keep in touch okay." Casey said as she bid the Connors her final farewell.

"We'll be sure to. See you around." Sarah replied as she hopped into the car.

"See ya." Casey waved to them, John offered her a wave back as he and Cameron hopped into the car as well.

"Well... you ready to get the hell outta here?" Sarah asked.

"Yeah... let's go." John replied as he leaned back in his seat and stared out the window.

"You gonna miss this place?" Sarah asked as they drove off.

"No... not really." John lied. In truth he would miss it. He always missed the place they called home whenever his mother thought it was time to run.

"What about you tin miss? Will you miss this place?" Sarah asked, not really expecting an answer.

"I have no attachment to the house. But I do think I will miss the familiarity of that place." Cameron replied, with a tilt of her head.

"What do you mean?" John asked out curiosity.

"I knew where everything was. Now I will have to learn where everything is again." Cameron clarified.

"Ah... I see." Sarah said with small shake of her head.

"Let's hope Derek and Alex have finished packing in all the guns, so they can help us with all of this crap." John muttered.

"Yeah... let's hope." Sarah replied, fully aware of her son's distaste for moving.

-Four Hours Later-

"Well... that should be all of it. I think I could use a beer." Derek muttered as they finished packing into their new home.

"I thought that pile of boxes would never get any smaller." John sighed, as Alex pulled out a chess board and set in on a table in the kitchen.

"What are you up to?" Sarah asked as she noticed Alex setting up the peaces.

"Training... get your ass over here John... we have time for a game before dinner." Alex told him commandingly.

"Chess?" John asked as he sat across from Alex.

"A simple game of strategy. I here you are a competent player." Alex said.

"I know a bit. But what does chess have to do with training?" John asked as Alex finished setting up the board.

"Strategy. All wars revolve around it and if you want to stand against SkyNet, you first have to learn how come of with an affective strategy. Chess is a good mechanic to use. Anything from the smallest firefight to the whole damn war can be played out on a chess board. As long as you realize what piece represent what. There are better games to use, but this one is the easiest to learn yet one of the hardest to master. SkyNet does not have human imagination, it can pull a plan right out of it's ass. A human being can use their instincts to come up with a plan, just as well as using logic. Chess is a game of rules, boundaries and strategy, and SkyNet will follow those rules because it's a machine. Just because it's a machine doesn't mean that it wont search for a way to circumvent those rules, but as long as it doesn't find a loophole, it will adhere to the set rule of war. You have to learn the rule that SkyNet adheres to, only then will you be able to read it's movements, and out think it. But first you need to learn how to anticipate you opponent, so sit you ass down, and let's have a game. We will add this to you training regiment, you will play against me until you are sufficiently skilled, and then you will face her." Alex finished explained as he motioned towards Cameron.

John sat there a moment before letting out a loud sigh and sitting forward in his chair, he knew there was no way of getting out of this.

-Two Hours Later-

John and Alex had finished their game. John was a descent player but, Alex seemed to have a very keen mind for the game. Later on John would need to ask him where he learned to play so well.

After dinner, they all went to their separate rooms, Sarah Cameron and John each got one, the place had a finished basement so, that's where Derek decided to stay, since he felt safer sleeping underground and Alex just camped out on the couch, saying that he like the view out the window, plus he liked to be close to the exit.

After settling in, John Cameron and Alex all went for a walk to explore the new part of town they lived in. they were now quite a few miles from where they last lived, and to them it was like being in a whole different city. They three walked about getting a lay of the land and locating the nearest gas station, supermarket, along with other points of interest.

After they were done exploring they all began to made their way back to their new home.

"Ya know... you could at least try to pretend you aren't wrapped in thought." Alex stated to John as they walked.

"Hmm... what?" John asked, not hearing him.

"That's what I mean. You're walking around with this look that says something is on your mind... I know what that something is, but I don't think you want others to know about it, do you?" Alex asked with a knowing grin.

"Sorry... it's just hard not to think about it. This shit is so surreal sometimes." John replied with a scratch of his head.

"It's fine to think about, it's just you look like your mind in on another planet, and your body is on autopilot. The terminator here, looks more human then you do right now." Alex teased.

"What are you thinking about John?" Cameron asked, as she continued to scan the area, for anything that could be a threat.

"Just... stuff, the future. My part in it... Hey... I just thought of something I wanted to ask you." John said suddenly, as he glanced at Cameron.

"What is it?" Cameron asked in reply looking over at him curiously.

"What happened the other day... you seemed to act really weird. You were displaying a lot of emotion and they didn't really make sense." John inquired.

"Oh... that's right. Something very interesting occurred that I've meaning to chat with you about and..." Cameron began to reply but stopped when they both heard Alex draw his gun.

"Run..." Alex said, in a low voice as a figure from across the road stared back at them.

"Who the hell is that?" John asked as suddenly Cameron grabbed him a pushed him behind her.

The figure was that of a woman, short blonde hair, she had fair skin, and by all accounts would have been considered very beautiful, her eyes were locked on Alex.

"Does she recognize him?" Cameron asked.

"No." Alex replied.

At hearing that Cameron turned around, grabbed John and began to drag him in the opposite direction.

"Alex Cameron... strange running into you here." The Female said with a tilt of her head.

"I should have know you still be wearing that face... it always was you favorite." Alex said darkly, his handgun planted firmly by his side.

"Dose this face upset you? Would you prefer I take another?" The woman stated as she suddenly took on the face of Alex's mother, Samantha.

"Oh... you just love pushing my button don't you, you metal bitch." Alex stated as he suddenly leveled his gun at her head, to which the terminator replied by leveling a plasma cannon hidden in it's arm at his face.

"I always love our games... do you think you will finally win?" The woman asked as the plasma cannon began to charge.

"I'm not letting you get away this time you bitch... I'm finally going to scrap your ass for all the people you've killed." Alex growled darkly as he tensed to move.

"Three minutes is all the time I have to play around with you today... so let's make it fast." The Terminator stated with a smile, as she resumed the appearance of the first woman.

"You better not come back for me you little shit." Alex thought as he prepared to fight the T-X.


"Cameron... we can leave him." John tried to struggle, but as always, Cameron's grip was solid.

"His mission is to protect you. As is mine. We cannot allow you to endanger yourself." Cameron told him as they moved closer and closer to their new home.

"You know who he is to me, Cameron... to us. We can't just let him stay behind and get hurt." John growled at her.

Cameron paused for a moment, almost like she was thinking, after a moment her face hardened. "He is nothing to us yet... one day he will be our child, but for now he is just a man, and we have no idea what kind of enemy he is facing. That could very well be a T-X."

"That's my point... unless we are there to see him win, then we're still in danger." John shouted to her.

"What do you mean?" Cameron asked, looking as him with a tilt of her head.

"He said those T-X, terminators were polymemetic, able to mimic anything they tough, that means if she lays a finger on Alex, then she can change to look like him, and if we don't see him beat her, then we'll never know if it's really him." John told her, with a calculating look in his eye.

Cameron stared at him for a moment, before turning back to look down the street, they could just barely hear an explosion echo between the houses.

"Give me your jacket and then go get Sarah and Derek." Cameron ordered.

"Sure... but what do you need this for?" John asked as he pulled of his jacket and handed it to her.

"To hide my face. You and the others need to do the same. Get the guns, cover your faces and get back I'm going to help Alex." Cameron told him as she turned and began wrapping the jacket around her face.

"Right... I'll hurry." John called after as he slammed his hand into his pocket to fetch his phone and dial his mother.

Cameron made her way back towards the sounds of fighting and quickly prepared herself to face down the far superior T-X.

To be continued

Alright that's it for this chapter... I hope you like it and once again I am sorry for the wait. Let me know what you think, and let me know if I wasn't clear on how exactly Cameron feels.