Chapter 1: Two is where the party's at, Part 1

Sesshomaru Inu rolled over to his left side expecting his wife next to him like she always had been the past two years they've been married. She is the first thing he loved to see in mornings such as this. It was the morning of their anniversary. He felt his muscles stretch and frowned when he realized she wasn't there.

"Kagura?" he called.

There was a pause before the sound of running water coming from the bathroom made him relax a bit.

"Kagura?" he called once more, trying to get out of bed. "Are you okay?"

Still there was no answer. Sesshomaru cracked open the bathroom door and there she stood in front of the mirror looking at herself.

"Oh, you're up," she smiled.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Good morning baby,"

He smiled then walked to her and gave her a kiss. "Good morning."

She kissed him back and wound her arms around his neck. "Listen baby, about our plans for today,"

He smiled he loved spending time with his wife and he called in sick for work the previous night to spend time with her today. After all, it was their anniversary. "Yes, we can still go to the beach side, and you don't even have to worry about work I already called in sick."

She sighed. " No, Sesshomaru wait,"

He looked at her, confused. "What?"

"Something came up for work today, I have to go."

He sighed. " Can't you ask somebody else to do it?"

Kagura frowned. "Mrs. Nakashima called about an hour ago screaming in agony, her contractions started a few hours ago and she wants this baby out today. But I promise I'll be home for dinner." she grabbed his hands and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm sorry. I know it's our anniversary but there's nothing I can do."

He sighed. " You promise you'll make it by dinner time?"

She smiled. "I knew you'll understand! And I promise! We can eat dinner, watch a movie, whatever you want! I'll make it up to you."

"I'll make something for dinner. You think you'll handle this one by six?"

"I'm sure I'll be home then,"

He leaned down and held Kagura against him. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and then on her cheek. "I love you, now don't work too hard."

"I'll try. What are you going to do the rest of the day?"

"I guess I could stop by at work and finish some papers,"

"Just don't have too much fun without me,"

He laughed. "Of course not. When do you have to go?"

"In an hour. Do you want some breakfast?"

"An hour huh?" he smirked.

She raised her brows. "And what's that mean?"

"Nothing. An hour is a lot of time…"

"Is it?"

He smirked and then grabbed her waist to him and gave her a long kiss. "I have a better idea than breakfast."

Kagura broke off their kiss and planted a small chaste one. "Maybe later tonight," she winked and walked past him to the other room. He watched her leave with a smile on his face admiring her back side and the way she seductively and purposely swaying her hips.

The couple had been together for almost ten years now and they've been married for two years. They've met through college. They lived down the hall from each other and Kagura hated the quiet, but oh so gorgeous man, Sesshomaru though at first found her to be loud and annoying but in the end the couple was set up on a blind date and they eventually hit it off…eventually. After finally realizing they were made for each other they were inseparable, Many people had doubted their relationship but for them they didn't care, it was love and they both felt it. They'd spent every waking hours on the phone calling, or texting each other when they aren't seeing each other, if they weren't on the phone they spent nights together on each other's dorm room, or out studying in the library or out on a casual date. They've been through many obstacles and many had doubted their relationship. Including her own parents and his friends.

She came from a very wealthy family, and had six siblings. Although she was financially stable her family relationship wasn't. Her parents divorced when she was five. She grew up without her parents. Her mother was busy working and so was her dad. She had nannies that took care of them while growing up. While Sesshomaru grew up in a very different environment. He was the only child and his parents were happily married. He grew up in a very nurturing environment until his mother died and his father remarried and had another son. Sesshomaru felt left out after gaining a sibling, although he didn't retaliate, he simply packed his bags and moved away for college.

Although she didn't have that relationship with her parents, she felt the sense of belonging and the sense of being loved with Sesshomaru. He is her best friend, her lover, her soul mate, and the soft pillow to land on whenever things went wrong. And Sesshomaru loved her with all his heart and treated her like a queen. She loved him as well, and one may even say it was her first true love.

"I can drive you," Sesshomaru offered snatching a toast from the toaster. Kagura extended her arm over the counter to hand him a jar of his favorite peanut butter. He took the jar from her and slapped a good amount on his toast.

"You're a sweetie, but how am I getting home? I think I can handle it."

"I can pick you up," he scowled.

"Don't worry, can you hand me my purse? It's right there beside you."

Sesshomaru handed Kagura her purse and watched as his wife wolfed down and half burnt toast and an orange juice. "Alright, Sessh, I'm off! I'll see you in a few hours,"

"What happened to an hour?" he raised a brow to his wife noticing that she had already picked up her car keys but not her white coat that she had to use as an OB/GYN and the custom made stethoscope he got her when she graduated med school.

"Better leave early, it's still in the middle of morning rush hour, and god forbid Mrs. Nakashima don't deliver this baby without me," she placed a soft kiss on his lips.

He cleared his throat. "Kagura?"

She turned to him while putting on her heels and bracing the wall for support. "Yeah? What is it darling? I'm late!"

He simply pointed her things laid on the couch where she had left them the night before. "Oh, right." she marched to the couch and grabbed her things. Once again she kissed him goodbye and whispered 'happy anniversary' and left.

Upon reaching the privacy of her car and driving off away from Sesshomaru's earshot, she fished for her phone and dialed her friend Mayumi's office number.

"Dr. Ishida's clinic, this is Fujiko speaking, how may I help you?"

"Yes, um is Dr. Ishida open for an appointment today?"

Sesshomaru decided to go to spend his free time at work even after telling his secretary he wouldn't be coming in for work today. he had called in sick the night before so he can skip work and spend the day with his wife, although it wouldn't be much of calling in sick when he runs his own company for construction. He thought he might as well get some things done while his wife is gone. He frowned realizing his cup of coffee was almost empty, he decided it was time for lunch break and so he grabbed his coat then out the door he went for some fresh air.

His office is located at the heart of town therefore any food establishments were walking distance and he didn't need a car to get to one. He usually preferred his secretary or an intern to get his food so he can just stay in the building and work some more while he wait. but today was different, there really wasn't much to do since he finished most of his work the week before because he knew he was going to spend a day with Kagura. One would say he's a workaholic, one of those people who'd tell him that is his wife herself, Kagura.

Sesshomaru stepped inside his favorite café, he planned to dine in since there was nothing else to do at work, maybe he could come home early and surprise Kagura with something, after all he didn't really plan anything else and this free time could buy him enough time to set something up. He knew she loved mushy things like that even though she comes off as a strong, independent woman, but she is a woman nonetheless and she's a sucker for a good 'aww-you're-so-sweet-you-shouldn't-have' moments. He waited for the maitre d to seat him then noticed a plumped woman sitting right by the window. She had dark hair, wearing a long flowy floral dress, her swollen feet look like it's about to explode from her strap sandals. She looked up to him and smiled as he walked by recognizing him almost immediately.

"Mr. Inu!" she called a smile plastered on her face.

" Mrs. Nakashima," he frowned.

Kagura threw herself on the couch, a habit her husband, Sesshomaru hated. Her migraine was growing the minute she left her friend's clinic. Her friend. Mayumi's words rang through her head and she needed some time to let it sink in, even up to now she's still letting it sink in. She has been a doctor for quite some time now and was used to breaking the news to her patients, however she wasn't quite accustomed the other way around. The room spun around her and she felt this morning's toast and orange juice on her throat, she ran to the bathroom and heaved up her breakfast into the toilet. She flushed the toilet as she watched the gooey orange material swirl around the furniture. She leaned into the sink and let the cold water flush her face and washed her mouth with it trying to rid the nasty after taste of her vomit.

She lifted her shirt and studied her figure in the mirror. She still had the same skinny figure as she was only in the beginning of her second trimester, she didn't look forward to seeing her once flat belly into one of those big rounded ones she sees at work.

"I'm pregnant," she chanted to herself, practicing how she'd break the news to her husband.

"I'm with child,"

"I'm having a baby… your baby…"

"I'm pregnant." with that she let the emotions take over her and tears rolled down her face. "I'm pregnant!"

She heard the front door slammed and knew that Sesshomaru was home. She marched out the the living room to meet him and even though she was really nervous, she was ready to tell him. Kagura greeted her husband by wounding her arms around his neck and reaching up to kiss him. He let her kiss him but didn't respond as he usually would. She noticed his indifference and unwound her arms from his neck.

"Something the matter?" she frowned.

"I saw Mrs. Nakashima today, she told me she's not due until the end of the month, mind telling me what's going on?" he towered over her and she cursed herself for lying to him when she knew there was no point in lying but of course she didn't imagine he'd see Mrs. Nakashima of all people. She sighed and pulled him to the couch to sit.

"Alright, you got me, I lied about going to work,"

His frowned deepened. "Where did you go, Kagura?"

She flinched on how his voice got really hard but she could tell that he was being patient with her waiting for an explanation. She knew how much he hated liars. "I went to see a doctor today,"

His face then changed from hard to something that is worried. "Is something the matter? Why didn't you tell me?"

She took his hand and kissed him on the cheek. "Oh Sessh, don't be mad, I just wanted to make sure before I tell you,"

"Are you sick?" he brushed his hand across her forehead.

"I'm four months pregnant."

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