Chapter 2: Two is where the party's at, part 2

"Just a little bit more push! You got it!"
"Don't forget to breathe between push!"
" I see the head!"
"Just a little bit more! 1..2...3... Oh! He's a big boy!" Kagura delivered yet another bundle of life with her own hands. A sudden swell of joy lit upon her eyes as she always felt whenever she got the job done. " Congratulations Mrs. Nakashima, he's a healthy baby boy!" she showed the woman her baby and watched as Mother and son first met.
"Oh he's beautiful!" the woman cried. "Hi there little Salem!"
This was her favorite part of the job as neonatal doctor. She loved seeing the unconditional love established on the first meeting of child and parents. It was something magical and she hoped to see happened in time when she and her husband have their own children.
After getting cleaned up after her operation in the delivery room, she decided to take five minutes break before going for another round of visit with the three other mothers and babies she delivered today.
"Come in Dr. Inu!" a cheerful man greeted her as he opened the door for her to enter.
"Good afternoon Mr. Nakashima, how are you?" she smiled.
"Great, she just knocked out a few moments ago," he looked at the sleeping form of his wife.
"That's good! She needs to rest, I just came to check on her one last time until tomorrow. I just came back from the nursery and baby Salem is doing just fine, when your wife wakes up you can go ahead and visit him,"
"That's great doctor! Thank you so much!"
"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow!"
Kagura sighed another work day at the hospital is done. Normally she would go straight to her clinic but today was a little different, her husband is waiting downstairs for her. She cursed when she realized she was already running late. She quickly swung by the locker room and hung up her coat and grabbed her purse and booked out to the parking lot.
"Hey! Sesshomaru!" she called as she spot her husband leaning against his white car. She gave him a kiss hello.
"Kagura, be careful next time, you need not to run to me."
She frowned. "Oh I'm alright, don't worry much about it, I'm still functional!"
He placed his arm on her shoulder leading her to the car. "I just want you safe,"
"Like I said I'm still functional," she watched him get on his side of the car a frown upon his face. Ever since her announcement a month ago he has been really protective and careful around her.
"Like I said I just want you safe, when is your leave going to start?" he started the engine.
"Darling, I'm five months pregnant, and damn I don't even look it!" Kagura gloated. "Leave don't start till my third trimester.
"Kagura," he sighed.
"I know what I'm doing,"
"Let me remind you that you deliver babies, your job is really stressful, it's not like you're in an office sitting and typing papers."
"Sesshomaru, it's alright. I'm fine. It's not like I deliver babies everyday, I usually sit in my clinic giving advice to my fellow pregnant women, it just so happened three of them gave birth today."
"Of all people you should know the stress you're putting on yourself. And the baby,"
Kagura smiled lightly. "You know, all mighty Sesshomaru, I love it when you get all protective."
She received a low scoff from her husband and knew she hit bull's eye. He hated being cornered and being teased and Kagura knew just what buttons to push.
"What time is our appointment?" he adjusted his necktie while maneuvering the wheel at the same time.
"3:30" she answered checking her phone.
"We're late."
"You know we can find out the sex today,"
He looked at his wife carefully trying to read her tone. "Are we going to?"
Kagura knew he's been dying to know the sex of their baby, but she felt it would be more special if they kept it a secret. "I think it's more exciting if we kept it a secret."
He parked the car and rounded up to her side to open her door. "But he's our first child, wouldn't you want to know?"
"Nah," she winked and linked her hands to his. "Do you need to go back to work? I was thinking we should go shopping for baby stuff,"
"I can pull some strings and come with you." he kissed her temple and then opened the door to the doctor's clinic.
"Hey good to see you again Mr. and Mrs. Inu! Dr. Ishida will be right with you," a perky girl greeted them as soon as they came in. "Please have a seat,"

The couple settled between a mountain of toddler toys and magazines. Sesshomaru settled watching the news while Kagura watch the small toddler playing with a Tonka truck. The boy looked at her with bright blue eyes and she gave a small smile. She found her growing belly and gave it a light caress, a light smile brushed her features as she pictured her baby to be as cute as the toddler in front of her. Suddenly, she felt a light push coming from her stomach and she jolted in shock then immediately recognized the feeling.
"What's the matter?" Sesshomaru's attention was now on her.
Kagura smiled as she reached for her husband's hand and placed it on top of her belly. "He's kicking!"
He felt his heart race as he wait for the little movement grace his hands, he frowned when he felt nothing.
"Mrs. Inu?" the young clerk called. "Dr. Ishida is ready to see you,"
Kagura smiled and followed after the young girl with Sesshomaru following after her.
"Kagura! It's nice to see you! How are you!" her doctor, who was also her roommate in college greeted. "Sesshomaru?"
Sesshomaru nodded and settled down on a chair next to his wife who is laying on a bed for her ultrasound.
"Are you ready to find out the sex of this baby? I know I am," Mayumi, the doctor laughed.
"Actually," she squeezed Sesshomaru's hand. "I think we'll keep it a surprise, so don't show me anything,"
Mayumi pouted. "Aw, alright. I'll keep it to myself. Now Kagura, I trust that you're getting a good night's rest right?"
"Eight hours the most," she said as she listened at the loud train like sound coming from the machine. Sesshomaru's face was plastered on the tiny screen as his ears listened to the heartbeat of his baby. Kagura giggled as she had never seen her husband in such state. It was a cute sight.
"When was the last time you've had an ultrasound?" her doctor frowned. Sesshomaru noticed the look on her face and felt his own heartbeat race as negative thoughts began flashing through his mind, he knew Kagura has been pushing herself working! Now she really can't make any excuses and she would have to take the leave early whether she liked it or not.
"This will only be my second ultrasound," Kagura squinted on the screen as she tried to asses what could possibly making Mayumi to make that face.
"Do you see this Kagura?" Mayumi smiled to her old friend and was not shocked when she saw Kagura had already figured out what she meant.
"Oh Kami-sama…" she murmured.
"I know! This is so exciting!" Mayumi wiped the gel on Kagura's belly and asked her to sit up. "Now I'm gonna need you to take double precautions… no more working,"
Sesshomaru cleared his throat as he tried to comprehend what was going on, he watched as the doctor talked about taking extra precaution and that look on Kagura's face.
"What's going on?" he finally spoke feeling a little annoyed no one was telling him.
"Sesshomaru," Kagura's red eyes were on his.
Mayumi smiled and let Kagura tell him the news.
"Darling we're having twins."
"Twins?" he echoed. "As in two babies?"
"Yes, Sesshomaru!" Mayumi laughed. She had never witnessed the usual stoic and quiet man this way.

The trip to the mall was quiet. Kagura was growing more excited by the minute with the revelation that she's having twins. Although she didn't fail to notice Sesshomaru's discomfort but decided to leave him to reflect on himself before talking to him. She remembered almost clearly when she broke the news to him the very first time. His usual pale skin grew paler in comparison when she uttered 'I'm pregnant' it took about a week for him to realize she was indeed carrying their first child together and understand that this must've been really overwhelming to him.
"Sessh-" she started.
"Are you hungry?" he cut her off. She blinked twice before saying no.
"Look I'm fine, Sessh, nothing is different, I'm still functional like I said,"
"It's the Inu blood," he announced after a few moments.
"What's that?" Kagura watch him pull over.
"It's rare for an Inu-yokai to bear single child at a time. Me and my brother are exception. My father had two other siblings."
"Touga's a triplet?" Kagura gasped at the sudden revelation. She may have been with Sesshomaru since forever but he rarely talked about his parents.
"Look, this is great! You know how much I love kids, I'm really excited," she took his hands. "Come on, two babies? Don't tell me, the all mighty Sesshomaru is scared?"
"Woman let me remind you I am not afraid of my own pups nonetheless. This Sesshomaru is just worried about you, for me, just take the early leave and you can work on preparing for the twins."
"I see were back on the third person," Kagura tried to avoid the subject.
"Kagura," he warned. "For me,"
Kagura sighed and knew he was right. "Fine, I'll talk to my boss tomorrow,"
"Good girl," he placed a hand on her belly.
"Come on, the girls and I are ready to shop," she patted her belly.
Sesshomaru raised his brows.
" Motherly instincts," Kagura explained sticking her tongue out to her husband.
Sesshomaru shook his head and listened carefully. "I disagree,"

The months went by and Kagura is well on her 38th week of pregnancy. They have just finished decorating the nursery, or rather Sesshomaru finished decorating it while Kagura stayed in bed in the other room supervising Sesshomaru's every move. Her doctor advised her to stay in bed rest since she was carrying two yokai babies. Kagura's feet had also been really swollen and her belly had grown triple it's size. It has been well over a month since she was suspended in bed doing nothing but relax and read pregnancy books. Being a wind yokai, this drove Kagura insane. Every now and then she would sneak out to the nursery room to check on the progress or do some of the decorating herself. When Sesshomaru noticed that she had been breaking her promise to stay put, he made a promise her to stay home and finish the nursery as long as she stat put and rest. Kagura though didn't back down so easily. She thought it was ridiculous that he would abandon work just so he's sure that she won't leave the bed, but in the end Sesshomaru won and Kagura settled with a walkie talkie and a camera where she can supervise his every move.

"Are you hungry?" Sesshomaru entered their bedroom wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. His hair tied back into a high pony tail and his face was stricken with a light green shade of paint.
Kagura shook her head and motioned to her husband to take a seat by her. "Come here,"
Sesshomaru settled next to his wife and placed his hand over her belly.
"The nursery looks great!"
"Just air the room out so it doesn't smell like paint, then it's all ready."
"That's great sweetheart! Thanks for doing this,"
He shook his head and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. "Are you sure you're not hungry? I can make you something to eat."
"No, I'm fine." she flinched.
"What's wrong?"
"I've just feeling really tired lately, even more tired actually," she leaned against the headboard then wiped Sesshomaru's face clean.
"Rest up, and woman don't even dare touch that hospital bag."
"Oh stop it," Kagura frowned. "Just let me do it, it's just folding and organizing. Kagome will be over…ugh, damn they kick so hard!"
Sesshomaru moved his hand over to her bump once again. Kagura touched her side and cried out in frustration. "Damn kid,"
Sesshomaru let out a low chuckle. "You have been cranky lately, must be the hormones."
"Excuse me for being pregnant," she shot back.
He smiled and kissed her forehead. "Our appointment is in two hours, I'm gonna shower and I'll help you get dressed."
"I'm pregnant not disabled. I can get dressed just fine, thank you."
Sesshomaru nodded and gave her another peck on the cheek, "Alright wind witch, but don't move until I come back."
A light trickle of something wet grazed on Kagura's leg and her heart immediately raced. "Sesshomaru…"
Her husband turned around with a towel in hand. He sensed her discomfort and was immediately by her side. "My water just broke!"
Sesshomaru was in shock but kept his cool, he marched by the phone and quickly dialed Kagura's doctor's number.
"I'm gonna have to get these babies out today, my water is not supposed to break for another 2 weeks! And I'm scheduled for C-section in two days for god's sake! Hand me my slippers!" Kagura stood from her bed, her gown falling to her feet. Her mixed emotion of excitement and worry was clearly shown on her face, she was worried of complications of premature ruptures would cause infections and other complications but at the same time she was excited to meet her babies. She grabbed her slippers and faced her husband whose complexion was paler than his fair hair.
"Sesshomaru? Let's go! We're having these babies today."

Sesshomaru Inu groaned as the sound of the baby monitor had managed to wake him up for the third time during the night. He and Kagura agreed that it was Sesshomaru on diaper at night and Kagura during the day while Sesshomaru works. For the third time that night, Sesshomaru got up from the comfort of his bed and headed towards the kitchen to retrieve new bottles for his children. It was real tricky with twins, he figured, mainly because when one wakes up, subsequently the other wakes up as well. He usually didn't mind waking up to tend to his children but lately his work load doubled due to the fact that his company just acquired many projects.

He retrieved fresh new formulas for the twins, and then a pair of diaper just in case one needed changing. He plucked one twin from his crib and was careful not to wake the other one. Though, from the looks of it neither of the babies needed changing.

"Yuichi giving you a hard time?" he turned and saw his wife standing by the doorway a light smirk on her face.

"Did I leave the monitor on?" Sesshomaru watched as his wife plucked the little boy from his arms.

Kagura shook her head. "No, I heard him crying from our room,"

"What's the matter?" Kagura cooed at the tiny infant in her arms. "Are you hungry?"

Sesshomaru sighed then settled on a seat between the cribs.

"You look beat, sweetie." Kagura gave her son a little peck on the cheek and she was awarded with a giggle from him. "Atleast Mayumi's asleep,"

Sesshomaru eyed the inside of the crib where his daughter slept. Then as if on cue, the little girl began groaning then soon woke up, Sesshomaru sighed feeling exhausted but plucked his daughter from her crib. "Shhh..." he shushed then gently shoving the little pink pacifier to satisfy her. Kagura smiled at the sight then shifted her eyes to her son on her lap who is now wide awake.

It had only been eight months since the twins were born and her son, Yuichi was a pudgy baby with the same amber eyes as his father, his skin is the same as Kagura's and his hair is dark bunched up in small curls that it looked like he has an afro. While his twin sister, Mayumi had very light skin and the same contrasting red eyes her mother have. The twins were a perfect mix of their parents.

"Why don't you go back to bed?" Kagura touched her husband's arm. "You look exhausted."

"I'm alright,"

"Are you sure? I doubt this one will sleep soon." she smiled then gave her son another peck on the cheeks.

"Maybe soon then," he admitted.

Kagura gave him a light kiss on the lips and motioned for him to go back to bed. She realized how much of a help Sesshomaru was to her and he never complained. He was great with their kids despite only having them for a few months, but in that short time she could tell he was going to be a real good example to their children.

"I love you," she whispered. "Kiss daddy goodnight!"

The amber eyed boy batted his eye and then gave his father a quick but very slobbery kiss on the cheek. Kagura laughed as she watched her husband frown and wipe the slob off his face.

"Hey, Sessh?" she called before he disappeared to their bedroom. He turned and raised a brow waiting for her. "Thank you, for everything. I couldn't have done this without you."

Sesshomaru let a small smile and then walked back to his wife for a quick kiss on the lips. "That's what I'm here for,"

"I love you, sorry go to bed, I think it's almost time of the month and my hormones are all over the place!"

"PMS," Sesshomaru groaned.

Kagura laughed. "Yeah. It's back, first the pregnancy hormones, then PMS... you'll never win,"

Sesshomaru shook his head before heading out to their room. "What's new with that?"

Kagura smiled at her husband's new found sense of humor. "What do you know? Daddy makes jokes now."

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