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Rating: PG

Warning: None

Timeline: June 2000

Being a good detective did not only involve having a clever mind, but also well-founded knowledge. Some things Shinichi had learned from his parents, others he had picked up by chance or from books. By now he knew just about everything there was to know about the human body and how outside influences affected it. One such influence was alcohol.

Being a reasonably responsible high school student, Shinichi had never indulged in under-aged drinking – not taking into account the one time he had swiped a sip from his father's wine glass, when he had been about eleven years old – and had, therefore, neither experienced the positive nor the negative effects of alcohol consumption.

And if a hangover felt anything like this, he'd gladly remain abstinent in the future, as well.

His head was about to explode, his stomach was rebelling against him, his eyelids felt like lead and even his hair hurt. Seriously, it did, physical impossibility notwithstanding. To sum it up, he felt like hell, otherwise he would have never swallowed the liquid, when a calloused hand gently supported his neck and a cool glass touched his lips. Barely a minute later, he sunk back into the lovely arms of Morpheus.

When he next woke up, his mind was still a bit sluggish, but the pain was mostly gone. Shinichi would have preferred to just doze for awhile, but movement next to the bed convinced him otherwise. He cautiously opened his eyes and, after blinking a couple of times, turned his head to the side. He was in for a small surprise.

The man, sitting in an armchair next to the bed, was barely older than he. He had green eyes, half-hidden behind wire-rimmed glasses, and dark, messy hair. He was also familiar. The Brit had moved into the house next to his a few months ago and they had talked a couple of times, though in English, because the other man wasn't well-versed in Japanese, yet.

"Potter-kun? How did I-," Shinichi's eyes widened in shock. His voice sounded far too high-pitched and childish, thus triggering some very disturbing memories. He had been drugged by strange, black-clad men and instead of causing his untimely demise, the drug had shrunken him.

But what had happened then...?

"Oh, you're awake. How do you feel, Shinichi? Does anything still hurt? Are you thirsty? Hungry?"

Shinichi stared at the other brunet in disbelief. He was very aware of the fact that he looked like a grade-schooler. How, then, had he been correctly identified?

Potter-kun snorted softly – either guessing his train of thoughts, or Shinichi had spoken out loud without noticing it - and offered him a deadpan expression. "I may not be a detective like you, but I'm not stupid. You look like a mini-clone of yourself now and when I found you passed out in front of your gate, you were still dressed in the clothes you wore in the morning – which was, surprisingly, none of your suits. Anyway, you wore the same clothes and even had your wallet on you. Believe me, you having shrunk is more believable to me than a little boy stealing all of Shinichi Kudo's clothing and trying to break into the Kudo mansion during a downpour."

Oh-kay... what was he supposed to say in the face of such profound reasoning?

"And if I hadn't been convinced before, I would be now. You know my name and the first thing you did, was talk to me in English instead of Japanese. I wanted to alert this professor of yours, when I found you, but he wasn't at home, that's why I took you home with me. Do you want me to call him or someone else? You parents maybe?"

Sighing deeply, Shinichi rubbed his face with both hands. This situation was such a mess and he had absolutely no idea, what to do to make it better!

"Professor Agasa went to some sort of science fair. He won't be back until next week at the earliest," the brunet muttered resignedly. Sure, he could call him, but even if he tried to explain the situation to Agasa-hakase, he would believe it to be a prank call for sure. "And my parents would try to drag me to Los Angeles if they knew about this, especially my mother." How was he supposed to find those men in black if he was on another continent? No, his parents were not an option!

"For the time being, you can stay here, if you want. The house is big enough."

Shinichi blinked and slowly pulled his hands away to look at the other male, who was currently scratching the back of his head – a nervous tick Shinichi had observed several times in the past.

"I know, we don't know each other very well, but you need help and I have a patented 'saving people thing' going on."

The – for now – smaller male grudgingly admitted – if only to himself – that living alone was an unwise option at the moment. He hadn't even managed to pass the front gate! And if anyone heard about a grade schooler living alone...

"If it's not an inconvenience, I'd like to accept your offer, Potter-kun."

"If it were, I wouldn't have offered," the taller brunet replied with a slight grin. "You should probably inform your school and close friends about Shinichi Kudo's whereabouts. Perhaps America? I'm sure, you'll think of something. If you want to leave the house, you'll also need an alias."

This time Shinichi was the one with the deadpan expression.

"If you hadn't noticed, my voice isn't currently suited for such a phone call."

Potter-kun shrugged, a mischievous grin gracing his lips.

"I know a very good voice imitator, who'll do me a favour if I ask him nicely enough."

Shinichi raised his eyebrows, but didn't comment.

"Sooo... want to tell me, what happened to you?"