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Rating: T

Warning: Uhm… hinting at slightly sexual content?

Two days had passed since the Golden Trio had been exposed by a certain white-clad thief, who happened to be at the wrong time, in the wrong place. Under normal circumstances Harry would have waited for Kaitou Kid to re-appear on his doorstep – or rather his balcony –, but the seemingly endless lecture about assisting criminals courtesy of Hermione had inspired him to seek the magician out on his own for a change.

And to be completely honest... by now he was intrigued by the person behind the monocle.

The first day after The Revelation had been spent pondering over a way to find Kaitou Kid. While Harry had magic at his disposal, he couldn't think of a way to use it in pin-pointing the thief's whereabouts. It wasn't like he had put a tracking charm on Kid or knew of a nifty charm that would lead him to the other man with nothing but a 'Point me Kaitou Kid'. Just pondering the latter concept had made him shudder in unease actually. How easy it would be for his enemies and – worse – fans to find him, if such a thing were possible...

In the end it had been Hedwig, his unfailingly loyal companion, who was the answer to his most recent predicament. Usually an owl needed a specific address to deliver a message or package, but his familiar had always been special.

This very fact had enabled the brunet to seek out the huge, white building in front of him.

Ekoda High School to be precise.

Getting inside was as easy as breathing and due to the early morning hour the hallways were mostly devoid of students, making it a cakewalk to stay undetected... or so Harry thought, just before he was scooped up by someone.

His first instinct was to claw and bite his way out of his unexpected captivity, but he barely managed a swipe or two, before a big, gentle hand began to scratch his neck just right, which promptly turned him into a puddle of purring, head-butting goo.

Merlin, he was pathetic.

"It's unusual to see a straying British Semi-longhair in this region, especially such a well groomed specimen like you. You ran away, didn't you, little one? Perhaps you're micro chipped..."

Surprised at being addressed in English, with a British accent no less, Harry forced himself to open his eyes - despite his blissed out state - to take a good look at the person holding him. It was a young man with dark blond hair and brown, slightly slanted eyes. He was obviously a foreigner with a decent touch of Asian blood. Perhaps this was the British detective Kaitou Kid had told him about? Well, sooner or later someone would address the bloke and then he would know.

Until then, he could postpone his search for just a moment longer...

As minutes ticked by, a weird but tantalising scent caught his attention and overpowered the need to be petted like a common house cat. Harry quickly struggled out of the blond's arms – taking the young man by surprise – and sniffed out the source. It turned out to be a small, unassuming bag, which had been placed just in front of the classroom they had migrated to.

The enticing scent beckoned him closer; clouding his mind like a mere Imperius could never hope to achieve.

What followed was a blur of desperate licking, ardent rolling around on the floor and the pressing need to have more. More. More!

The brunet vaguely remembered being picked up again, followed by a short conversation in Japanese, before fresh air hit his nose and slowly cleared his mind.

Harry dazedly opened his eyes and was confronted with a pair of mischievous, albeit worried, indigo eyes. His magic buzzed in the back of his head, assuring him that this was the person he had been looking for.

The wizard struggled a bit with scraping together enough concentration to shift back into his human form, but managed to in the end. Kid – or whatever he was called like this – flinched minutely, but resolutely held eye contact, even when emerald-green eyes glared accusingly at him.

By now, he was pretty sure of what had happened. Harry had just been under the influence of valerian, which, in most cases, acted like a cat aphrodisiac. George, after finding out about his animagus form, had pranked him with valerian root powder, that's why the brunet knew exactly what he looked like at the moment.

Flushed skin, tousled hair and blown pupils. Not to mention the... well, it was sufficient to say that it was a quite mortifying situation for him.

Harry barely hissed - not squeaked, thank you very much! - a "Don't. Do that. Again!", before quickly apparating away to take care of his problem.

Perhaps seeking out Kaitou Kid hadn't been such a good idea, after all.