Love Starts in the Opposite Direction

Chapter 1

Hi, I am Lucy Heartfillia and I dropped out halfway from my university to help with my stinking dad to clear up the debts. I am currently working as an office clerk in one of the re-known company called Fairy Tail. I think you are all wondering like why do I care so much about helping my dad right? Well, the bank is going to take our land/home if we do not pay off these debts and thus I am unwilling to do so because the house is still filled with memories when my mom was alive.

Yeah I live a very sad life. I really want to get these debts cleared off as soon as possible that I had to work at night in some shabby place as a host. This is a secret of course because if my company were to find out, I will be fired and I don't want to be sacked from this company since they paid us SO well.

I am currently at a cafeteria below our office building having lunch with my two closest co-workers, Juvia and Levy. They were sprouting nonsense about going on group dates. I am no interest in having any boyfriends because I feel they will just get in my way. Another reason is because my dad has made me think that men cannot be depended on or trusted.

"Aww come on Lu-chan" Levy slapped a hand on my back. "Try going out with us on one of these dates, it will be fun!"

"Juvia agrees as well."

"I'm not so fond on having any boyfriend in the time being girls." I ended with a sigh.

"You don't have to make the guy as your boyfriend once you meet him." Juvia stated. "Don't tell me when you see a guy, you don't get interested or attracted by him at all?"

"Yeah, like our president!" Levy cut in and now she has all dreamy eyes. Juvia even squealed as she cupped her own face. I decided to cut in their fantasy as I wondered who the hell is this president that they are going gaga about.

"Is the president that handsome?" I asked quite bored actually.

"Oh my god Lu-chan! You worked here and you don't even know who the president is and how he looks like?" Levy exclaimed back as she placed her hands on my shoulders. Okay, this is getting a bit weird now.

"Juvia is also not pleased that Lucy doesn't know our president!" Juvia also agreeing with Levy as they both looked at me. I laughed though it was half heartedly, hoping they will think I was joking and that they will let go of me. I really got to see this dude that my colleagues are so fond of!

I was finally done with my first job of the day so it was time for me to head over to my second job. I was just done finished changing into my dress and heels when my manger called for me.

"Lucky! Someone here is requesting for you." Huh? Someone looking for me was new. I guess I'll go and see who it is. Usually the guests will be inside the available room and our job, as host is to go into the room and entertain them. As I opened the door, I saw a man dressed in a suit. Oh sweet love! Money is going to be good today. Usually the guest who comes in wearing a suit will tip us very well because they are like rich ass businessmen!

Okay I am being stereotyping but you can't blame me since I have been getting all the good tips from men like them. I decided to look up and see his face so that I can start the ball rolling by greeting him but what caught my attention was his peculiar pink hair? Which sane guy on earth has pink hair?

I walked towards him and sat beside him on the couch. I poured some whiskey from the bottle that was on the table for us so we could cheers to a drink. After taking a sip, I placed down my glass on the table so that I could start a conversation.

"Hi nice to meet you, so what's your name?" This will be easy to score, just do your job like you always done it Lucy.

"The name's Natsu Dragneel but let's cut to the chase." He slammed the glass on the table. "You're Lucky right?"

I backed up a bit. What's up with this man? "Yeah, what's up?"

"I came here to tell you that you are going to be my wife from now onwards." Huh? Did I just hear correctly?

"Are you kidding me?"


"Are you insane?!" I rose to stand up. "What kind of person will agree to marry a stranger who offers a marriage proposal to her?" I pointed my finger towards him. Yeah, I was definitely pissed. I do not want to get married to a guy that I only knew 5 minutes ago!

He still looked composed as he sat on the couch. "Well, if you married me, I can clear all your debts ." What? Okay, I think I need to go back and like really dig my ears or this guy is just toying with me.

"How do you know and who says I need your help?" I huffed as I folded my arms.

"Well isn't that all girls want? Money, fame and luxury… Just marry me and you can have all this." I wasn't pissed this time. I was angry and furious now. Without thinking, I grabbed my glass and threw the whiskey at him. I got him there; he looked so dumbfounded right now.

"Don't go around and telling people off as if you know them you idiot!" I looked at him straight in the eye. Before we could continue our conversation, my manager so happened to come in and saw the mess I created.

"Lucky! Apologize to the man now. I'm so sorry sir; I didn't know my hostess had such behavior." He grabbed some tissues as he began to wipe the liquid off him.

"No, I'm not going to because I am out of here!" I walked off and slammed the door at their faces. I stomped off as I growled and gritted my teeth. This is why I don't trust men!

The next day at work I could feel I was venting off my anger at my keyboard as I looked for a new job. Stupid pinky! Because of him, I left the job which I didn't want to but I had to because I didn't want to apologize to him! I was typing furiously before someone called for me.

"You're Lucy right?" I sat up straight to look at her in the eye. It was my supervisor, Ezra.

Oh no, what did I do this time. I don't remember doing anything wrong.

"What did you do until the president is calling you to his office?" Huh? The president? Why on earth would I been called to his office?

I stood up and walked to the direction of his office, wondering why I could be called to his office. Maybe I will get a chance to see how he finally looks like and also get the idea why Juvia and Levy are crazy about him.

I knocked the door to wait for his reply. "Come in." I opened his door to walk in and suddenly realized why did his voice sounded so familiar.

He was sitting on his chair and when he turned around to face me, I almost got the shock of my life! I backed up until the door restricted me from going any further.

"You, you!" I pointed at him shakily.

"Yeah I am the man who you threw whiskey all over AND also called me an idiot. Thank God it wasn't any expensive suit." Oh my god, my life is over. I just want to dig a hole and crawl in it. I am about to lose two of my jobs within these two days. No choice, though last night I didn't want to apologize, right now I just have to beg for forgiveness.

"I am so sorry Mr President!" I began bowing repeatedly. This time he started pissing me off when he laughed. I looked up and placed my hands on my hips.

"What's so funny?" I swear if he wasn't the president, I will strangle him there and then.

He stopped laughing so he could continue to speak. "I'm so sorry Lucky but you have been working here for a year and you don't even know how I looked like and what my name was." He looked at me with a raised eyebrow this time. "Or should I say Miss Lucy Heartfillia."

Before I could faint wishing this is all a dream and when I wake up, this is all gone; some midget came to hug my legs. "Oh isn't it Lucy! You looked so much like your mother dear!"

"Kyaa! Who are you?!" I screamed as I withdrew my leg away.

I looked down and wondering who is this second idiot but I didn't want to do anything drastic to him since he mentioned about mama. "You know my mother?"

He backed away and looked up at me. "Yes, yes. Layla Heartfillia. She's such a wonderful accomplice of mine but sadly, she's gone." He said as he looked down.

I decided to squat down and talked more to the little man. "Erm sorry but can I know who is the man that my mother worked so closely with?"

"Oh pardon my manners. I'm Makarov, chairman of this company and this is my grandson who is the president of the company."

I had to fall to the ground as I felt my knees got weakened. "Wait hold up! So you do know about this marriage scheme?"

"Oh yes dear! I am the one who arranged it." He smiled widely at me. I feel like slapping his face!

"For what?" I had to ask. Definitely he arranged this marriage for a reason.

"Well I heard that Layla's family is in trouble of debts and I would like to repay her in some way so just nice I heard the daughter was working here in Fairy Tail so I decided why not my grandson gets married to Layla's daughter and in return my son will clear your debts?"

I feel like my world was spinning but it got interrupted when Natsu walked towards me. I stood up and looked at him. Damn, my colleagues were right, he is handsome but his personality just makes him ugly!

"So do we have a deal?" Natsu held out his hand waiting to have a shake with me on whether I accepted the agreement.

I looked down at Makarov as I needed to be certain before I accepted this false marriage. "Why do I need to marry your son Chairman? If you really want to repay my mom the favour, you could just helped me pay back the debts and we could work something out from there right?"

"Well child, my grandson needs to get married in order to expand the company so that's the very favour I need from you."

I now face Natsu and saw he was still waiting to seal the agreement. I decided to shake his hand and he smiled at me. Woah, that smile of his is certainly charming but I wiped that thought out of my head once I let go his hand. What else could possibly go wrong? I just need to sign and that's it… right?

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