Emma dislikes being called Princess.

It reminds her that she was never who she was supposed to be.

It reminds her of the guilt and sadness that displays in her parent's eyes.

It reminds her of the child she was never allowed to be.

It reminds her of broken promises, dreams, hopes, and the realities that eventually came crashing around her.

Most of all, Princess, clings in her nightmares as she remembers rapid breathing, harsh grunts, and a mirage of heavy figures holding her down.

Chanting, "It's okay Princess, I'll take care of you."

Princess wakes her up as she realizes it's the time to rebuild her walls yet again.

Once more to fight the monster in her head, the one that has become her best friend, the one that she resignedly accepts as the truth.

The one that tells her, "Emma will never be enough, but the Princess will."

Author's Note: Okay so I finally got the hang of this..I think. It's my first story so I'm trying. I figured I had this account for a while so post something. I will only ever say one time that I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS OR THIS SHOW OR ANYTHING AFFILIATED IN THIS FIC. I am merely doing a sort of introspection in Emma and her "life."