Dreams, Memories, and Nightmares

Emma doesn't dream.

At least she doesn't dream like normal people. She doesn't dream about unicorns or rainbows like little girls, or saving the world like little boys. She doesn't dream about being in class in only her underwear or something of that humiliating nature, like most of the population.

No, Emma doesn't have dreams. She has memories. She relives everything, everything that she hopes to escape in her sleep. It haunts her.

She relives the moment she first got sent back to the group home at age three and how the older kids beat her up and said, "you were sent back because they had their own baby now, they don't want or need you."

She relives being burned with an iron rod because she asked her foster mother if she could go play because she finished her chores. That was a mistake.

She relives getting locked in a cupboard for "being bad" and not being let out until her small, bloody hands had stopped banging against the door.

She relives being dragged down to a basement and being put on display like an object, she was only nine years old. She didn't know what was happening but it hurt and she screamed no so much until they shut her up.

She relives getting taken from home after home for one reason or another. 15 homes in the span of one year say something is wrong with her.

She relives her constant questioning of "what is wrong with me?"

She relives when she finally broke because it was long before Neal.

She relives every moment of abandonment, broken promises, lies and pain.

Emma relives every scar that's ever been inflicted upon her, mental and physical.

Emma doesn't have dreams. She has memories.

It just so happens her memories are nightmares.

Author's Note: I have added author's notes in the previous two chapters. Chapter 1 basically is just the disclaimer. The disclaimer will not be appearing anywhere else in this story. Chapter 2 just explains the chapter. Thank you for expressing interest in my story.