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Throughout the villages, throughout the towns; mischief always seemed to find its way there. Slowly, one by one, the people of those towns and villages found themselves knee deep in troubles. They, always so naive, seemed to fall into his tricks with eyes closed. Before they realized what he had, it would be too late. They'd already been tricked by his ways. This young and sneaky fellow knew the ways a mischief and tricks on the back of his hands. Never once failing, never once regretting. Always causing trouble, but never feeling remorse. He tricked people out of material possessions. He tricked people into doing his bidding. He held many lovers, but never kept them in his heart nor did they. But, his favorite trick to pull was that of coin. The young trickster simply could not have enough of the shimmering gold grasped between his long fingers. Town to town village to village, he always filled his pockets with those people's coin. He cared not for people of the places he traveled, then-again, he cared little for any people. The only people he truly conversed with were his servants, all of whom resided in his castle. Alas, the young trickster had ravished all the towns and villages in the area; it was time for him to move along.

The young trickster wandered and wandered until he came across a large town thriving with people, people with coin. The trickster made his way through the crowd keeping his eyes open for someone of a foolish mind. He smiles a small smirk upon seeing a rather short man stumbling about. The trickster steps aside and waits against a wall for the short man to approach him.

"Ah! Excuse me my good sir! Do you have a moment or few to chat?" The trickster charmed.

"Oh-well you see, I was just on my way to the shrine to the gods. But-"

"A shrine you say? Dear friend, let us walk." The Trickster placed his hand on the man's back and guided him the way towards he came.

"Y-Young man! I have a family to get home to!" The man argued, but the trickster paid no notice.

"Oh my friend, all I ask is just for a moment of your time! I am weary from such long travels and journeys. For you see, these marauders took my horse and most of my thin supplies. Please friend."

"Well, if you put it that way..."

"Oh thank you friend," the Trickster said clasping his hands together. "Now, tell of this place which I have arrived in.

"Not much to say I'm afraid. It may be large but there is little to do and not much work available for the lower folk. Luckily I needn't worry about that-"

"I see! I see!" The Trickster urged cutting of the man of his banter. "Now you said something about a shrine did you not?"

"...I did." The man hesitated.

"And what is this shrine?" The Trickster inquired. He had seen many shrines, yes, ones filled with art and items of interest, and even some of coin from time to time.

"I'm sorry, but you are still an outsider to our town and our gods might not be yours..."

The Trickster internally scoffed, gods?

"Oh my friend! Your words wound me so, I merely wish to know about where I will be living"

"You plan to live here? In our town?"

"Why yes! Did you think otherwise?"

"No, well yes. I thought you were stopping by."

"Oh no no, I plan to stay here for the rest of my numbered days."

"Well, then I suppose it is only right to share with you some of our ways."

"Thank you, friend." The Trickster flashed a smile.

"Now, you see, our shrine is the center of our town. The shrine is dedicated to the All-Father, Odin." Ah yes, the the Trickster had heard of his 'All-Father.'

"As members of the town, we are required to pay tribute to Him at least once a day. He rewards us by protecting our town from harm by using the golden token."

"A token you say?" This had peaked the Trickster's interest.

"A token of special power, which he uses." The man continued.

"This sounds so very magical," The Trickster faked, "This token, can it be seen?''

"Yes, but only by the high priests. They keep it safe in the cavern, locked away."

"Ah such honor they must have. Thank you for the knowledge good friend."

"I am glad to help a fellow towns member, but I must take leave now. I have not payed tribute."

"I will keep you no longer my friend."

"I hope to see you again."

"You will friend, you will." The Trickster smirked as the short man walked away towards the shrine. The Trickster sank back into the shadows. He would wait for nightfall for his prize, but in the meantime, there were other fools to be made.

The dark covered the sky and the air was cool. He had waited long enough and longed for that golden token to be his. He entered the shrine slowly and quietly. He peered around to see if there were any other person there. None to be seen by his eyes. He proceeded further into the shrine looking at the painting on the wall. He noticed stairs leading downwards. He narrowed his eyes and sneered as he headed down them. Torches lit the halls. He stepped quietly. Hearing slight chanting in the distance, the Trickster stopped to listen. Emerging from the shadows was a man in robs. A high priest no doubt. The Trickster had a marvelous idea.

"Help! Oh please help me!" The Trickster called clutching at his side.

The priest turned and shock filled his old face.

"Oh gods! I've been stabbed! Please help!" The Trickster used his magic to make the water at his side turn red like blood.

The priest ran to him and grabbed him and the Trickster fell.

"My child, who did this to you!"

"I-It was... "

"Yes, child who-aack!" The priest gargled as his stomach was pierced by intense pain.

"It was no one old man." The Trickster laughed as he got up and held up the dying priest. The priest clutched the the Trickster's hand, which was firmly gripping a dagger.

"Fooled you." The Trickster said as the priest went limp and fell to the floor. The Trickster patted him down and found, what he believed to be, the key.

He stepped over the limps body and approached the doors. Putting the key into the lock, the door opened with a small creak. He stepped in and was the glowing token and behind it stood a large statue of the All-Father.

The token was circular with rounded spikes protruding from it. At the center marked a strange symbol with crescent markings intertwining with each other. It glowed a blue light that lit up the entire room. He waisted no time in approaching the magnificent object. He reached his hand out and grasped it. A power surged through him.

"These fools worshipping their gods. With this, I am a true god! With this I can truly become the God of Mischief!" He turned to statue, "And you All-Father are powerless." His words dripped with venom as he turned to walk out the door.

A Roar erupted in the room. The walls shook and the floor cracked. The Trickster looked around, his face full of bewilderment. Another enormous roar was sent through the hall. A light burst through room sending the Trickster to the floor.

"You dare utter words against me, in my place of worship?" A strong voice shouted.

The Trickster rubbed his eyes and gazed upon what we saw. An older man with a long beard and mighty armor appeared out of light.

"You...?" The Trickster couldn't believe his eyes, this was surely a trick! But no one could preform such a trick!

"You, the one who has fooled so many. You, the one who has bed so many abandoned them and stolen from them. You who has held no love in that heart of ice, have entered my shrine these people have looked over since I landed here in form. The people who have filled his shrine with love and compassion for their gods! You trick an innocent man into telling you of this place. You murder on of my priests. And now you have stolen from me."

"Stolen? No! I was merely going to barrow it."

"Your lies will have no effect on me. The fellow gods have been watching you for some time. We know your tricks and lies. You hide under a mask of lies. A mask I will shed off your face."

"Wh-What do you mean?"

"I will turn you into what you really are."

The Trickster was forced onto his feet as the token flew from his hands to the All-Father's.

"I will use the power in my token to rip that mask away."

The All-Father raised the token in the air and chanted words, foreign to the Trickster.

The Trickster's body ached in pain. He let out a scream as he felt is blood run old and sharp. His skin burned with ice. He looked down at his arm to see it turning a shade of blue. His eyes widened and looked to the All-Father who was still chanting.

His body fell to the floor and blue hue that once shown brightly, was now gone.

"You are now what you are truly meant to be." The All-Father said firmly throwing the now dull token to the ground by the Trickster.

Cold was all he felt. A shiver that never seemed to leave his body. The Trickster managed to on his hands and knees. He looked at the drained token in confusion. He then looked at his hands. He lifted them up, resting on his knees. His eyes opened wide as he stared at his now cold and blue hands. He touched his face and felt strange markings. He looked in the reflection in the dulled object. What he saw caused him to scream out.

"A monster." The All-Father finished.

"What have you done to me!" The Trickster demanded to know.

"I have already stated it. I have turned you into what you truly are. Now your icy heart and soul can be seen from the outside. But you are not the only one who has been punished for your deeds."

"W-What?" The Trickster asked.

"Your servants have also been turned into creatures. Your castle has been casted out into the pits of the forest."

"How do I turn back! There must be a way!"

"You do not deserve an answer. You are good at tricks, find a way."

"No please! A hint! A clue! Anything!"

"Keep the token with you. If you manage to fill it with light once again you may return to your original state. Be warned, if it rusts you will completely turn to ice."

The Trickster did not understand, "But how?"

"Fill it with something you could never have, not even with the all coin in the realms."

"I do not understand!"

"Your fate has been decided."

"No! You cannot leave me in this form!"

"Farewell, Loki."

The All-Father faded from the room, leaving it encased in darkness.

Loki stood there for a moment before picking up the dull token.

And so the Trickster known as Loki, left the town never returning. He found the forest the All-Father spoke of and came across his castle now iced over. He used his magic to try and fill the token, but it proved of no use. And so the Trickster never played tricks nor did he cause mischief. He stayed in his ice castle with his now decrepit servants. He tried everything to fill the token again, but nothing worked. He was left to freeze in his castle.

Or was he?

And That's the Prologue! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Let me know if it should be continued!