Chapter 2: Heaven on their minds

Judas' P.O.V

After the soldiers had left, I'd decided to try and talk to Jesus.

"Jesus may I speak to you?"

"Not now Judas." He said walking away. I followed him.

"Master please listen, I've got a warning" I said but he couldn't hear me, he was talking with the others.

'Darn he won't listen to me.' I thought. I walked over to him but I stopped as I saw him talking to Mary. What does he see in her? She's a bad influence on him. Maybe I might confront her later, but right now I need to speak to Jesus, it was important that he will know what was gonna happen. I didn't understand why everyone was buzzing about what he was talking about. As put down my bag, Thomas came up to me.

"Hey Judas you want one?" He asked holding out a drink.

"No thanks, Thomas maybe later." I replied. I had no time for drinks, I needed to talk to him.

"OK see ya in a bit." He said walking away to put up his tent. I saw him standing watching them set up camp with a smile. I walked up to him..

"Listen Jesus, to the warning I give.." I began but he walked away to Peter.

All of your followers are blind, they've too much heaven on their minds, it was beautiful but now its sour, yes it's all gone sour.

I was mad now, I had to tell him.