Okay This is the last of stories I make until I'm satisfied with my progress with the other two and this one. It is a R+V/Naruto Crossover. I've already decided on the pairing and there will be no Harem. It is Naruto/Akasha. As stated in profile flames will be ignored if it is a guest, and if it is unjustified it will also be ignored. I had some inspiration from the Castlevania Series, particularly Symphony of the Night.

Prologue: Hope

The Bloodriver family was having a horrible day, a 15 year old Akasha Bloodriver ran away, because her family spat on her dreams and tried to make all her decisions. It was as if she wasn't allowed anything. It was as if her family was just trying to make her an obedient weapon and get her married to some Vampire noble for prestige. She ran, and ran, not caring about where she was going. She was sure vampires were tailing her. She could probably take them on, but then she would be drained of her strength and more would come, tearing at her, hurting her, and then they would drag her bloody violated body back over there. She refused to call it home, because home is where one's heart is.

She ran into human territory, in her time, people were in the medieval ages and knew of the existence of vampires and their weaknesses. Due to her vampiric teeth and abnormal speed people suddenly realized what she was.

"Vampire, help!" A young boy screamed in the middle of the streets.

Akasha snarled, and pounced on to the boy, throwing him away like a ragdoll, she heard a snap indicating cracked limbs. As if a bomb exploded people automatically popped out with buckets of water and started hurling them at her. There were too many buckets, and the water rendered her helpless. She was paralyzed, more than temporarily paralyzed, her knees started shaking.

The humans came with pitchforks, pickaxes, and all sorts of sharp tools they could find, but a priest didn't let him kill the vampires.

"With such an impure creature, let us kill her by burning her." the priest carried the vampire bridal style and took her to a church. There were all sorts of holy crosses there that paralyzed her so she was trapped.

Help, someone help, anyone help! She was desperate, tears started rolling down her cheeks, and she closed her eyes and started cursing humans, cursing their fear.

In a castle dimensions away

Father and son stood face to face glaring at each other, Minato Namikaze, known commonly as Dracula (Dragon, Devil) was face to face with his son Uzumaki Naruto also known as Alucard, because he openly opposed his father's ideals.

"Mother would've never wanted this!" Naruto growled angrily while holding his sword.

"How would she not? Those pathetic humans killed her, why wouldn't she want vengeance?!" Minato yelled at his son. A portrait of the family rested right behind the throne in the throne room. Minato had tears rolling down his cheeks, he pointed to the image of his beautiful wife Uzumaki Kushina, his hanyou son was too foolish to understand that all souls want vengeance. Even his pure wife.

"Maybe when you're beaten I'll talk sense into you Dracula!" Naruto declared, and unleashed his vampire state. The black cape and light carbon armor turned reddish, and his pupils slit and turned red, his spiky blonde hair gained reddish tips.

Hellfire Naruto teleported and unleashed three white burning hot flames at Minato.

"Pathetic" Minato extinguished the flames with his cloak. He turned into a series of bats infesting the area, they all tried to suck blood off Naruto, but Naruto used his cloak to keep them off. They reformed back into Minato who suddenly grabbed Naruto from behind and teleported off in the distance.

Between Dimensions

"Get off me!" Naruto kicked his aged dad off him and watched him get ripped by the abyss.

"AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh" Minato screamed as he was sucked in.

The church

Akasha lay there, paralyzed by the crosses, waiting for her doom. The priests tied her to a cross where she was to be burned at the stake. Something happened that no one could've predicted. Alucard (Naruto) emerged from the portal. Confused he looked around, only to see a pink haired teen with green eyes about to be burned at the stake like his mother. He immediately went into a murderous rage, by then Akasha had accepted her fate.

The son of Dracula started killing priests left and right, it was a massacre. Naruto was unaffected by it as he was half human.

"This is a holy place monster, you can't come here, as God has forbid it." A priest declared drawing a red circle and a cross.

"Well then, perhaps your God has forsaken you." Naruto decapitated him with his sword.

Akasha watched in awe as the stranger massacred everyone in the church leaving a bloody atmosphere. The stench of blood filled the place, making her blood hormones work up. She couldn't free herself of her bonds and was still paralyzed due to the crosses, but it was weaker due to the amount of lighting affecting her strength. She was stronger during the night, and since all of the candles went out and the room went dark she felt power coming to her.

Meanwhile Naruto was satisfied with the massacre he had caused, the fools of the church were burning up someone else on accusations of being dangerous, they got what was coming. He felt confused though, unsure of where he was. He was no longer in a castle outside of Konmpoha, he was in a town with a local church. There was time for these thoughts later, he could free the girl and ask her where he was.

He went into the room where Akasha Bloodriver was tied up and noticed her paralysis due to crosses. His father had the same weakness, so this girl was a full blooded vampire. Naruto was 15 and stood at a height of 5'9, he destroyed the crosses by summoning a rampant soul which promptly blew up the cross symbol in the room and freed Akasha from her paralysis.

Akasha tore through the bonds that held her easily and came close to him, his breath was intoxicating to her, her mouth moved down to his neck.

And her fangs dug into him.