My Teacher Wild Horse.

Chapter 1: The Accident


I'm not sure how to begin, I have not kept a diary before now. Can you even be called a diary? Right now I am just writing you on some spare paper that was in my bag, I was lucky to have it.

My bag, its contents, and my cloths. These are all I have now. Oh, and my Teacher, the one who saved me. I suppose I should explain what happened.

I had to take a test, and I failed it horribly. I am a Spell-Weaver, at least I think that is the word. The point is I can use magic directly. I dream of being as good as the Solar Princess. So once I got to the point that I could call on my magic, my parents enrolled me in "Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Spell-Weavers".

I was a bundle of nerves when when we got there. I needed to pass the entrance exam to get in. I was prepared for a written test. I was ready for a show of magic. I was not ready for an egg.

No warning, no build up, just out of nowhere I am told to hatch a Dragons egg. I don't think the Spell-Weaver's giving the exam could have done it. Well I did it, and the dragon has been with me since. I named him Spike, he likes to coil around my arm.

The thing is, I may have destroyed the classroom when I did this. I had a magic surge and lost control. I was scared, and wishing for someone to save me. Then Teacher was there. I don't know what he did but he got my magic to settle. I don't think I will ever forget the first time I saw his eyes, they were blue, with little flecks of gray. It was like looking at the sky that was gathering storm clouds.

The examiners were mad though. They called me a monster and said that I should be locked up. They even called the guards on me! I didn't even do anything wrong, they told me to hatch the egg and I did it, so why were they so mean to mean to me.

Teacher didn't like that though. He had a scowl on his face when the examiners were yelling at me. He even punched one of them who tried to use magic on me. Well, that's when the guards came in. They went after Teacher right then, but he avoided all their hits. It is hard to describe what happened, he just seemed to flow around the blows. He managed to knock them all out.

Then more guards showed up, and they had the Princess with them. The Princess looked mad too. I was crying at this point. I think I was babbling as well, something close to "I'm only eight, I don't want to go to the dungeons!" or something like that. I don't remember much. I do remember that Teacher had me in his arms and jumped out the window.

Everything was hazy after that. All I know is eventually the blurring city turned into blurring trees. The closest forest to Canterlot was a long ways away to my knowledge so I am not sure how he got there so fast. Though it was close to night, and my test was in the afternoon.

Teacher had put me down on the roots of a large tree. He then started to conjure things. I know, it sounds silly but he did! I saw him pull a tent from thin air! He also conjured firewood, a cooking pot, and food! I thought you couldn't conjure food. I was looking at him in awe at the display of magic, he did it so casually too. I have heard stories where other Spell-Weavers conjure something the size of the cooking pot and pass out from exhaustion.

He laughed at me, I guess I looked kind of silly gaping at him but still he didn't need to laugh. Well he started to make food and I decided to talk. I learned something important at that moment, Teacher didn't speak Common. So we both spoke gibberish to each other for a short time. Teacher shook his head and pointed at himself, "Ran-ma" he said, saying each part clearly.

I looked at him for a moment before pointing to myself, "Twilight."

"Twi-late?" He got it wrong?

"Twi-Light." I told him again, making sure to say each part clearly.

"Twi-light?" That was better, but I wanted perfection.

"Twilight." I smiled while I pointed to myself. Then I pointed at him and said "Ramma" excitedly. He looked a little disgruntled, I guess I did get his name wrong. We spent dinner, practicing each others names, and he taught me to eat with these two carved sticks. Oh, I am out of paper. I guess this is it for right now.

Till next time,

Twilight Sparkle.

Celestia walked a brisk pace as her guards marched beside her. She had sensed the massive flux of magical energy and saw the blast come from one of the towers of her school. Hopefully she would make it in time to help mitigate the damage.

She had a scowl on her face as she neared the classroom in question. They were giving the entry exams today, and in her mind there was no excuse for an outburst of this magnitude. The teachers must be fools to allow something like this to happen. As she rounded the broken door she took in the details of the room.

There were a few of the school security guards lying prone on the floor, surrounded by shards of broken glass. Against the back wall of the room were two Spell-Weavers, their faces a mix of shock and concern. One of the examiners was doubled over trying to get air into his lungs. She took all this information in and processed it in an instant.

She decided it was unimportant when matched to the human that stood guard over the child in the room. His stance was loose, yet ready. His eyes danced across her guards, evaluating them. Then his eyes locked with hers. In that moment a battle took place, one that was invisible to all those around them. Celestia kept her gaze firm as she judged the man before her. Plans were made and cast aside and new ones formed as she tried to think of a way to defuse this situation.

Ultimately the decision was taken from her when he picked up the young Spell-Weaver behind him and leapt from the window. Her eyes widened as she remembered they were on the fifth floor. She ran forward, hoping that she would not see the bodies smashed against the cobbled road below. Looking through she saw the human was indeed still alive, with the child held tightly against him, and he was leaping across the rooftops as if he were an Wind-Whisperer.

Celestia released a grateful sigh before firming her composure. "Corporal. Follow them, I want them back at the palace to explain their side of this mess." She ordered. One of her guards saluted before going out the window, a burst of air signaling the activation of his inborn magics.

Celestia turned her gaze upon the remaining occupants of the room. "Now, would someone care to explain what happened here." It was command, not a question.

The examiner, Professor Kiln, had recovered enough to speak it seemed. He was a reed thin Spell-Weaver with grey-green hair. He was also one of her more arrogant teachers.

"My lady, it is good you arrived. That little monster and the beast she summoned would have probably done us in." He wheezed.

Celestia lifted a brow in response to that. Before she could reply though a new voice cut through the room.

"Monster?" The Princess of the sun turned to see the blue haired Spell-Weaver was now looking solly at the examiner. "Monster! You dare? You dare to call my daughter a monster after what you have just put her through!"

Celestia stood aside and motioned for her guards to do the same. She watched as the man stepped away from his wife and his hands alight with magic. Professor Kiln was slammed into a wall with enough force to empty his lungs of air.

"You have the gall? The utter arrogance to blame Twilight for this mess. I thought this was supposed to be a school, not a torture chamber!" the incensed father bellowed. He would have likely continued his tirade if his wife hadn't stopped him.

Celestia met their eyes, and allowed her own to soften some. "Please, explain."

The man took a moment to compose himself before speaking. "Princess. My wife and I brought our daughter Twilight to the school to try and enroll her. We were told that she would have to pass the entrance exam. When we were led to this room he," The man pointed at the professor, "told Twilight to hatch a dragon egg."

Celestia looked surprised. "A dragon egg?" She asked, not wanting to believe her ears.

The father allowed himself a small proud smile. "Yes, and she succeeded." He gestured to the remains of a cart. Atop the mess of wood and straw was the glimmering remnants of an eggshell.

Celestia examined the shell, wondering just where they could have found an egg. Dragons were notoriously protective of their young.

"However this only happened when her magic surged." A new voice spoke up nervously.

Celestia's eyes locked onto the source, one of the other examiners in the room. It was then she realized she didn't have a name to go with the face. "And you are?"

"L-Light Tomb, your highness. I just started here a week ago." He swallowed nervously. "Professor Kiln retrieve me and Ink Well to help with the evaluation of a new student. I-I had no idea it was going to turn into such a farce." Celestia waved off the statement, obviously in no mood for excuses. "As I said she only managed to hatch the egg when her magic surged. She lost control at that point causing much of the damage to the classroom."

Light Tomb paused here to take a calming breath. "It was only thanks to the person she summoned that things did not get worse."

"Summoned?" Celestia said, disbelief tinting her voice.

Light Tomb nodded. "I don't know who or what he was your highness, but he managed to stop her surge by just touching her. I have no idea how he managed that much when her magic had held all of us aloft in the air. Then…" he trailed off looking at the fallen Professor.

"Then that beast started yelling at my daughter. He said she was a monster and started yelling about how she should be locked up for the rest of her life." The mother spoke for the first time, a voice tinged with sadness and venom.

Celestia rarely showed her anger, but it was very difficult to contain it in this case. "Get him out of my school." She said, her voice containing hints of her true fury. "Out of my school, off of the grounds, and into the dungeons." As her former Professor was being hauled away Celestia allowed herself a small curse at the situation.

Dear Diary,

Teacher got me more paper, now I can continue to write you. It has been two days since the first entry. Anyway I need to tell you something important. Teacher can shapeshift! It seems it is only controlled by water though, it is kind of odd. With cold water he turns into a girl!

That actually makes taking baths together a lot easier. I didn't find out about this until we came to a river. It had been a few days travel and the weather was nice, but we were both dirty and low on water. I was so happy to see it that I dropped my bag and leapt into the river. When I came back up in place of where my Teacher was, was a girl I had never seen before, but she had the same eyes as Teacher, and the same cloths, and the same "Look what you did now" expression, so it must have been Teacher.

I guess you must be wondering about that last one… Well it is not important. Anyway, now that I have more paper I can tell you about all the stuff I didn't get to write last time. How bout how Teacher looks? He is tall, taller than my dad, with broad shoulders and black hair. He has his hair tied into a tail at his neck, and he has muscles all over. They aren't massive like I saw on some of the guard though. They are there, they are strong, but they are not bulky. His girl side? She is about as tall as my mom, with bright red hair. She also has a really big chest.

Oh, I changed as well. No I didn't transform, but I have something I have wanted for a long time. I have my emblem! It appeared on my left shoulder, I'm was so excited when I found out. Teacher thought it was odd, we haven't gotten that far in talking yet so she didn't understand. Wait, is it he or she? She was a she when we were bating, but now it is dinner time and she… is still a she. Huh?

Anyway I suppose I should tell you more about me, huh? You are my diary. My name is Twilight Sparkle. I am a Spell-Weaver, and my emblem is a big purple starburst with five white stars around it. Oh, I guess that isn't enough. You don't even know what I look like.

I have purple hair, and a pink strip that runs through it just above my left eye. My hair is straight, and goes to my shoulders, except my bangs, those are cut to expose my forehead. Like all Spell-Weavers I have a gem set in my brow, it is purple as well.

However, now that I am thinking about it, Teacher doesn't have that. He can do magic though, I know he can. He just doesn't do it like anyone I have seen before. He is teaching me some of it as well. It is odd, instead of spells and incantations, he is teaching me to breath a certain way, to move a certain way. I don't really understand it, but maybe I will someday.

I do know that Teacher likes to show off. He used he strange magic to cut through a tree! It was wider than I am tall. He then chopped it all up into bits of firewood. I don't understand how he does this. He can use magic like a Spell-Weaver, he can jump so high you would believe he was a Wind-Whisperer, and he is stronger than any Earth-Soul I have ever seen.

Oh yeah, we made some more progress on speaking. We each know simple things now, mostly names of things we see around us. His word for water is pretty funny. Mizu. See, I told you it was funny. Mizu, mizu, mizu, mizu. It sounds like a treat. Oh, now I'm hungry. I have to go now, Teacher is back with food.

Till next time,

Twilight Sparkle.

PS: We were passing by some animals and saw a herd of wild mustangs. Apparently teachers name means to Wild Horse. Isn't that silly? I will keep calling him Teacher though.