Humans of Equestria. Though their origin is different they are close enough to us in appearance. The humans of Equestria are many and varied. There are of course the three most well known races. Though the colorful hair and large eyes make them stand out.

Spell-Weaver: Spell-Weavers are a race of magic using ponykin. They have a gem that grows upon their brow. Magic gathers in and around this natural focus allowing them to give it form with thoughts and intent. Spell-Weavers tend to be of average height, ranging from 5' tall to 6' tall.

Wind-Whisperer: Wind-Whisperers are a race of people who sore on the winds themselve. Ethereal wings sprout from their back. Their magic is so predisposed to air and weather that the clouds are not different from the ground to them. Wind-Whisperers are very slim in build. Naturally high metabolism and the need to maneuver through the air making it hard for them to put on weight. Most are only 4' to 5'2".

Earth-Soul: The Farmer, builders, and movers of the land. Among the most common out there but do not underestimate them. An Earth-Soul is several times stronger than the other Humans. Their connection to the earth strengthens them and when they put down roots that connection loops back to strengthen the land. Largest among the races they stand at 6'5" at the smallest and 7'5" at the largest.

Icon: Only one is known but there are rumors that there are more. Princess Celestia is the only publicly known Icon. One who has the traits of all three races. Standing at 6'2" and with enough power to move the sun and moon, Icons are exactly what their names claim. Icons, Goddess', Devine. No matter what you may call them, they are in a league of their own. Though it has been melinia since Celestia herself has gone to war. There are rumors of someone who has been challenging her recently. A strange dark haired Earth-Soul, or red haired Wind-Whisperer. The accounts are confused. What is known is that after their first clash it became obvious they out classed all but the most highly trained of the guards.

An account of the pony races. By Twilight Sparkle, age 10.