This involves Gender bender, dont bitch about it as I have warned you and its because i find Gender Benders hilarious for some reason and if I get something wrong with the Nasuverse, please dont flame me. I try Ok.

The Second Magic Gunner

Chapter 1

Cough…. Cough…. Cough…. The sounds of blood being coughed up by someone were heard throughout the room. A blonde haired boy of five years old sat on a bed. That was none other than me, Uzumaki Naruto. A couple of weeks ago, I got infected with a deadly poison from a running intruder in Konoha.

The intruder apparently stole the scroll that had all of the patrol data to it. I was caught in the middle of the chase and the intruder hit me with a poisoned kunai to stall the in pursuing Anbu. It was a poison that was never discovered before and was incurable. They said that there was a chance that not even Tsunade could cure it.

The poison targets the lungs and heart while slowly killing the target in a painful process. Sadly, with Tsunade not in Konoha and that no one could track her, there was no way to know if the poison could be stopped and removed. Now it was to late to do either of that due to the fact that it has been 3 weeks.

My life was now over. I could hardly believe that I was going to die before accomplishing the dreams I had long for. My dream to have a family that I could love and be loved in return would never come true. My dream of having someone to spend the time of my life with will never see the light of day because I will be dead before my twelfth birthday.

Those were the dreams I would never see since they were more important to me than anything. I know I might be 6 years old but when you live by yourself, you tend to grow up much faster than anyone else. These dreams were even more important than my desire to be Hokage.

I had always know that the desire of being Hokage would be nothing more than that, a desire. There would always be a chance that I would die before becoming Hokage or that I just wasn't right for the position. There would have been no way I wouldn't be strong enough for the position because there would be no chance I would let myself be weak at an older age.

The Hokage had told me about the fox. I wondered how I wasn't already healed but it would seem that the Fox was only able to slow the poison down. That changed the time I would die from a year from that day to around my twelfth birthday. I just really couldn't believe that my life was going to end rather shortly.

Now I know it sounds like I'm giving up on my life, yeah no. There is no way I am going to give up on my life and let it end like this. Even if I have to travel and study any technique out there to keep me alive, I would find a cure. There was no way that I was going to let this end with just walking around all emo about how I was going to die.

I was much to stubborn for this. I tightened my fist with the blood in it with a new courage and hope in my eyes. I would come back and protect Konoha like I was suppose to. Its what both my mother and father would want me to do. After all, I just learned about them after all.

Jiji felt bad that I was going to die at such a young age and that he couldn't do anything for me that he told me everything. He told me about the fox, my parents and about everything else that revolved around me. I was very happy to know that I was loved and I wasn't about to let there love for me die here.

I got up and grabbed my travel pack before loading in everything I needed for a large amount of traveling. Luckily, Jiji put all of my families inheritance in a storage scroll so that I could get some whenever I wanted. Lucky me that it would help me in my travel.

I know what your thinking. How does a Seven year old boy know how to make a travel pack for a large amount of travel? Well, it was one of the only topics that I actually listened to in the academy. The academy is so boring and most of it taught us about history. Seriously, where does knowing the Hokage uses Mokuton Ninjutsu and the years he lived in save me when I'm in a fight in the field.

I didn't trust the people of Konoha anyways with the large amount of money that my parents have. They didn't like me anyways and they would think that since there dead that the money could be feed into Konoha and if an orphan had a lot of money suddenly, they would reposes it. Anyways, I'm getting off track.

I threw the bag onto my shoulders and walked out of my house. I looked towards the Hokage tower and mountain as soon as I reached the street. I looked over to the tower and imagined the smiling face of the old man. I knew that jiji would be sad about me leaving without telling him but it would be sadder to say goodbye just incase I couldn't find a cure. I bowed one to the tower as a sign of respect.

I turned and walked away into the shadow of the night. This could be the last time that I would ever step foot in Konoha and it worried me a little. Strangely, all I could do was smile as I looked up into the sky. I disappeared into the night not even realizing that I was being watched by the old Hokage by his scrying crystal with a sad smile on his face as he watched me disappear.

A year later

A blonde haired boy huffed badly as he fell to the ground in the middle of a forest. His clothes were ripped and destroyed from walking through the forest with no real control on where he was walking. Blood flowed freely from his mouth.

The boys has large scars all over his body visible due to the amount of clothes missing form his body. It seemed that the six year old had gotten into a lot of fighting over the last year. He no longer had the ability to continue walking as he was on his last legs.

"I don't want to die…. Damn it, I didn't want to die like this." The blonde haired boy sobbed out as his vision started to blur. It was getting so cold and so dark that he was really scared. "Kaa-san…. Tou-san…. Help me." He cried out scared and had no one else he felt like he could actually call out to.

In his quest to cure himself, he had done so much to run his clock back down to it original time. He had taken in large amounts of information in hopes to cure himself but it wasn't helpful. All he had done is run his clock down and nothing to show for it. In the last year, he had done nothing but whittle his life away.

"Ho, well what do we have here?" A voice rang out over the encroaching darkness in the blondes eyes as well as it being a hazy voice and tone to the blonde. He could barely understand anything that this person was saying. "It seems like your in quite a lot of pain."

The boy didn't hear him right but he had a feeling that the man was basically making fun of him. He seemed to get a feeling that the person that was in front of him was amused by something with the circumstances that the boy was in. It sort of pissed the boy off as he was dying while this man seemed amused by it.

"If you're here to make fun of me, than leave. I'd rather die in peace than deal with someone's ugly mug moving and feeling like your making fun of me." The blonde stated quietly as he stared through clouding eyes at the old man that blinked with amusement at what he said.

"I find your situation amusing because your rather strong willed though its slightly funny in the fact that I find you considering I just got this dimension. Its also funny to know that this world is capable of multiple different kinds of curses even if they don't know they have created some of them. A curse through poison is something I don't see every day." The man stated as he rubbed his white beard before pulling out a veil.

"I can save you, this will purge the curse but it will cost you. Your curse is one that effects the body. Change the body from what it was first aligned with and the curse will disappear." The man stated at this and the blonde had a feeling about what he said. He could hear a few words here or there but he got the general idea.

"I want to live. I don't care about the cost." The blonde said as the man blinked as he realized the blonde didn't even wait to see what he wanted in return. That was some fortitude and faith in the cost not being that bad. That or he just really wanted to live and didn't care what he had to do at this point in return. Its one or the other always.

The man turned the blonde over and opened the bottle. He thought for a second before the bottle glowed a bit before he opened it. He poured it into the blondes mouth before waiting for the one thing that also comes along with the liquid he just gave him.

"GAHHHHHHH…." There it was as the blonde started to glow in a bright light and scream out in pain. The man just chuckled to himself as he waited. He had the exact person who fit the blondes seemingly personality as he had seen him in the past before the last time he had appeared here. This would be rather amusing to say the least after everything he had planned was all said and done.

Months later

"I hate you Zelretch." A long brown haired girl around the age of ten said with annoyance as she read a book. She is wearing jeans, a light blue long sleeve shirt with a collar. She has blue and white sneakers on. Zelretch, the old man she was talking to, laughed at this.

"You were the one that said you would no matter the price. Its your own fault Naruto." Zelretch stated with amusement at this. The brown haired girl, Naruto, just rolled her eyes at this because the old man was utterly troublesome and strange. It also didn't help that he did what he wanted and meddle in things he probably shouldn't have.

"Yes, I did say that and I was alright with it till I realized that you could of changed my form anyway you wanted and could of kept me as a MALE. I would kill you if I knew how." She said back to the old man with a glare as she really would have if the old man wasn't infinitely stronger than her and was hard to kill. The man was one of the Dead Apostles after all.

The price she paid to live was of course, her changed body. The price she paid for Zelretch's help however was that she had to learn Magic and Magecraft. Magic was something that Naruto didn't get as it didn't make sense and she had never visited the door to the Swirl of the Root. Magecraft she could understand as it made sense and she could put some science to it.

Zelretch had taught her some of the Second Magic to give her a slightly better understanding of it but it went completely over her head. She had figured out the reason why Zelretch was trying to teach her the second Magic. He wanted to see the reaction of the person he model her changed body after but she had no aptitude towards the Second Magic. He wasn't sure if she could learn any magic but he just shrugged at this.

He was teaching her Magecraft/Thaumaturgy because he was interested in seeing if someone of this world could learn it since they had different principle reenactment of sciences. There Ninjutsu was something that was completely different and ran off another form of energy that he didn't know the body had till coming here. Sadly, this dimensional world seemed to be the only one with people that had the necessary supply needed and access to use it.

He was also looking for what the effect on the body would be should he teach someone Magecraft. Would their chakra supplies diminish from using Prana and Od or would they stay the same? Would someone still have access to Chakra and the network should they learn how to use their magic circuits to produce the things needed for Magecraft? These were the things he was trying to figure out and he wasn't telling Naruto this because he doubted that she would like the fact he was using her as a Guinea pig.

He also realized and told her that she only has one Magic Circuit. Normally this would be a bad thing for people as that was way below the average and basically said she was an utter failure at the start. She had the same condition that the person he modeled her body after. He was going to have so much fun telling Touko that he was making another Aoko when he goes back to his own dimension and see how the Aozaki's react to this information.

It was oddly strange how close Naruto and Aoko were in terms of personality and magic conditions. He would of thought it was because of the dimension that Naruto lived in but he had noticed the quantity of others peoples circuits through some tests. Naruto was just born with one circuit and rather good quality. That and she had great control over it like Aoko did.

Back to how Naruto and Aoko were similar Magically is that they both had the same imagination that it wasn't funny. Naruto loves seeing things explode, loves fireworks and likes staring at stars so she can imagine them rather well. He also learned that Ramen was her favorite food but that wasn't important in how they were the same. It was basically the same for Aoko though her imagination was better and could just picture them the best out of anything than Naruto's who's was rather limited in terms of what she could imagine the best and only got imaginative for pranks.

The two of them also had rather fiery dispositions and were more aligned to close range fighting with long distance skills. Both of them could be good at long distance but they would rather fight up close and personal rather than at a distance if they could help it. He never knew what Aoko's origin was though. He could guess but he really couldn't tell. It might be heat or Rotation which would explain what she does and by extension, what Naruto does.

Anyways, enough on his thoughts. "You can't be angry at me for changing you when you agreed to it. The only one that you have to be angry at is yourself." Zelretch stated with an amused tone as Naruto looked up from the book and glared at him in annoyance.

"Yes but it still doesn't change the fact that you chose this form." Naruto bit back causing Zelretch to laugh at this. Naruto didn't seem to find what was so funny about this but the man was utterly weird. That she figured out within a couple of days.

"Oh come on, you know I had to pick a form and you remind me of her on some levels. Besides she's a looker and in the future, so will you be. Imagine all people you could get." Zelretch stated as if that was suppose to reassure Naruto but it didn't. That made her shiver a little.

"I'm not gay nor will I ever come over to that line of thought." Naruto said trying her best not to be sick at the idea. Even at six years old, well ten now, she still had the same thought processes as she did before. Having a new body didn't change that right?

"I never said you were. Just stating a fact, never know when you might meet a lesbian." Zelretch said with a shrug like he didn't care and Naruto twitched. She wasn't even old enough to think about this stuff yet. "Either way, do you have an understanding yet of that Magecraft or do I have to force you to read it again?"

Yes, if there was anything that Naruto was, it was definitely not her being a book person. This was the third time today that he had to force Naruto to read the book about basic Magecraft. If she didn't master the Magic missiles like Aoko did, she wouldn't get that much farther in Magecraft. It was an utterly basic spell yet Naruto could not read it for the life of her.

"Well maybe if you stop interrupting me and let me fucking read it in peace I could actually remember what I read you annoying old man." Naruto said, throwing the book at Zelretch and nailing him in the head with it. The two just stared at each other in an epic battle of staring angrily after that for a good couple of minutes.

"For that brat you are going to learn the hard way about controlling your Od and Prana as well as how to use your circuits." Zelretch said with a dark look on his face that made Naruto gulp. She however steeled herself at this and glared definitely at him.

"Bring it on old man." Naruto said with courage behind her words. This just caused Zelretch to laugh darkly at this and she didn't realize that those were some famous last words. She could only think to herself as she questioned what had gotten herself into.