I Regret to inform all of you for all my stories but all my stories that are currently up are now cancelled and up for adoption. I'm going to be giving my reasons as to why but for those who dont want to know why, you are allowed to leave now and i'm sorry for all the wasted time.

I have come to realize a large flaw with my main story and a lack of direction for the others. It is not a flaw in the story per say but a problem with my writing as a whole then with the story itself. While some are going to say its not true, i feel it is.

With Shunshin no Naruto I feel like i deviated from my intended purpose of making Naruto master the Shunshin and create a movement ability based on its original concept by slowly adding things to it. Right out of the gate, i was like FUINJUTSU AND ELEMENTS AND BLAH. Kill me. The Story structure is also pretty bad as this comes with my own writing inability. I hyper focus on a character and i feel like i neglect others. I also feel like i'm not creating the proper character development and people are taking things the wrong way than they should have which took them out of the story more than it should have. This was not suppose to be a Naruto-centric only fic but it turned out to be it without me realizing it. Fem-Sasuke was suppose to be a main character but there was only one section with her by herself and exploring her personality and thoughts on things. I didnt explore her like i wanted to and dont feel like i put her into the light like i should have.

While some people might say, just rewrite it again, i don't like continuously putting the same thing out and giving people the same thing over and over again. it just pisses people off and puts them off even more if they were neutral- if not a little above that. That and you have an idea of how things are going on which is never a very good thing in my opinion as you already have an idea of where things head since i'm just modifying and changing things from canon while keeping it relatively close to the canon story line.

Magic Gunner Naruto, Seihime and Maid of the Uchiha

Personally, i had no direction for these stories as soon as i hit the current chapters that are out. I thought ideas would come up on where to go with the story and how i wanted to proceed as i hashed out the setting in the first like 4-6 chapters but as soon as i got to the point where the story should have came to head, i locked up. Well, i still havent come up with ideas.

What it comes down to?

Well, this is what it comes up to. I'm turning 27 this year, dear god, and i've had life changes. Work, moving out, being on my own, paying rent and working out a budget and what comes down the line from here on out like a normal adult does. Writing is a hobby for me and will always be. I just dont write anymore as priorities have changed and how i live has changed. I barely write anymore and now i have time to reflect on my writing since i have stopped in the last year and a half? I can see my flaws and i don't know if i have time to fix them. I doubt i'll get writing again to the pace i was before and i dont feel like i should leave you all hanging so here it is. I'm sorry. If people want to take up my ideas, take my chapters and change them to their own writing, go ahead. Just message me with your pieces cause i do wish to read how the stories ends from your point of you. Your here to do this as much as i was. I just hope writing turns into more of a passion for you than it was for me.

Phoenix, signing out.