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Unexpected Trip

Kriv-Black Blood moved silently up the mountain tracking down his target, a short Dummer with red hair and an intricate tattoo across his face. Kriv was enjoying the hunt partly because his target whether coincidentally or not chose a path both difficult for most people to travel as well as isolated from view. But mostly Kriv was enjoying being out of the sanctuary for a while. It had been almost half a century since he had been able to perform a contract, what with training the new assassins and finding a new keeper for the Night Mother after Cicero's death. Kriv left Nebarr in charge of the sanctuary until his return. Kriv had high hopes for the man thanks to both his skill and how Nazir raised the boy. Kriv continued to move forward avoiding ice patches and loose rocks unconsciously as he continued to remember all the events after Alduin's defeat.

Kriv walked boldly down the throne chamber where Ulfric Stormcloak sat with a look of shock that turned into disgust as he saw Kriv. What Ulfric failed to notice were all the dead guards outside of the palace before the door closed. Kriv felt the desire to shove his knife into the man and it increased with every step but kept his calm. He needed Ulfric even though he hated him, and that need was the only thing keeping Ulfric alive at the moment.

"What are you doing here Lizard I thought your kind were to be kept to the docks." It was a statement not a question and one Kriv chose to answer by throwing the package he had taken from General Tuillius when he slit the man's throat. Ulfric motioned for his steward to pick the package up when Kriv Spoke.

"If you fail to defeat the Empire here in Skyrim then you will be of no use to me." With that Kriv used the Thu'um to form a shout of his own making that absorbed all light be it natural or magical so as to make it where only beings with Night Vision could see, then left the palace.

Kriv came to a halt as he neared the top of the mountain and scanned the area. Kriv soon recognized the wall built into the mountain as Mount Anthor, where the Ice Form shout was located. Kriv was able to spot the mage easily both thanks to his bright green robes and the life energy radiating off him in the way all vampires can see. Very few people knew he was a vampire outside of the Dark Brotherhood and even fewer knew how he became one. Because Kriv was an Argonian and they were known for their immunity to diseases most people were surprised to learn that Kriv was a vampire. The other thing was the only real sign of vampirism Kriv showed was his eyes thanks to the dull red glow they produced. Unfortunately little is known about Kriv-Black Blood since he doesn't speak about his past and people who have gone digging for information tended to end up missing.

After Kriv located his target he pondered on how to kill him. Kriv had three classical choices for kills without special instructions. Option one, death by arrow; Kriv was one of the best archers across Tamriel but he had met a few people who could out shoot him. Option two, death by magic; Kriv was a master illusionist and had even developed a way to make a fear spell powerful enough to stop a man's heart. Option three, death by blade; Kriv had yet to meet a match for his blade. Both master of the dagger, and the long sword, Kriv kept a Daedric sword he had taken off a mad summoner and the Blade of Woe that marked him as the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.

Kriv scanned the area again this time looking for any traps or wards only to find the entire area covered in them and his target preforming some sort of ritual. Kriv smiled darkly for the wards were designed to block both magical and non-magical attacks from entering but didn't block someone from entering by foot. With options one and two now knocked off the choice list that only left option three. Kriv drew the Blade of Woe from his leg sheath and stalked forward with a dark and cruel smile etched across his face.

As Kriv approach the mage silently who was uttering strange words in a chant Kriv couldn't understand his luck turned when a roar thundered across the mountain. Kriv rolled backwards as the dragon flew by bringing with it more of its kind that had taken up roosts across the mountains. Kriv rushed forward as his target broke his chant and pulled something out of his bag. Kriv was about to drive his blade into the base of the man's neck when he recognized abruptly the thing the man was holding. Kriv's first thought was how in Sithis the mage got an Elder Scroll, as his sight went black.