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Italic means Visquis is talking

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Hunter's War

Kriv followed Ken as he walked down the street to the docks where the Jekk'Jekk'Tarr was located at. Not that anyone could tell he was following Ken since he had cast an invisibility spell. Kriv normally reserved his magic unless he needed it but he was running low on invisibility potions, so he decided to conserve them for the time being.

Kriv found the whole situation rather amusing from his point of view. This Visquis didn't seem to know how to lay a good trap at least in his mind. Kriv knew the Jekk'Jekk'Tarr was a bar full of poisonous gasses for most humans while the assorted Aliens would breath in as much of the stuff they could. Ken had an environment suit with his so as to stay safe and mask his identity to the other patrons. If the gas was meant to get Ken then Visquis would be sorely mistaken.

Of course while wearing the suit Ken wouldn't be able to defend himself properly and that's where he came into the situation. Kriv knew that as both an Argonian and a Vampire the odds of the poisonous gasses being able to affect his were lower than zero. This thought brought a smile to Kriv as he wondered what Quarrens tasted like.

Kriv cut that train of thought off as he watched a larger hairy creature approach Ken just as they entered the Docks. Kriv identified the hairy creature as a Wookie from the many memories the Trandoshans had given him. Kriv watched as Ken and the Wookie talk before Ken signaled him to reveal himself.

Kriv wondered what Ken was doing but he obeyed the order. Kriv appeared behind the Wookie weapons in hand and ready to kill. The Wookie reacted just as quickly spinning around as it drew its weapons and faced Kriv while letting out a low roar.

Kriv met the Wookies gaze and instantly recognized the madness behind the creature's eyes. Kriv narrowed his own eyes watching for any sign of attack when Ken shouted, "Kriv, Hanharr stand down!"

The commanding tone in Ken's voice seemed to pierce through Hanharr's madness briefly and the Wookie lowered its weapons. Kriv on the other hand simply turned his head to face Ken staring the man down for a bit before lowering his weapons as well.

"Good, Kriv we have a change of plans. You will go with Hanharr and secure Visquis so we can use him to take us to Goto." Kriv stared at Ken mulling the plan over in his mind before nodding. It was a sound and strategic move putting traitors next to Visquis so as to secure his capture. Kriv didn't know what this Hanharr's problem was with Visquis but he truly didn't care so long as the creature did its part its reasons for betraying Visquis would remain its own.

Kriv turned to face Hanharr and studied the Wookie intently. The creature was tall, easily over six feet tall, dark brown fur, and powerful arms with equally powerful legs. This creature could easily go toe to toe with a werewolf bare handed by the looks of him. Kriv noted the weapons Hanharr was carrying were similar to his Daedric sword but less intimidating. All in all Kriv approved of Hanharr, as he would make for a powerful tool if properly controlled.

Ken watched as Kriv and Hanharr headed to the Jekk'Jekk'Tarr. When the two were inside Ken followed after them while looking for a place to put on his environment suit. As he got near the entrance Ken felt the Force around him go off alerting him about some danger. Ken twisted to the side drawing his sword when he felt something sting his neck. Almost immediately ken felt his body shutting down on him but stayed standing as he focused on his attacker. He was met with the sight of a Red head in tight pants, a small green shirt barely passing for modesty with a Jacket similar to her pants. He also saw the wrist mounted rocket launcher and disruptor pistols hanging at her sides. She was saying something but Ken couldn't make it out as his vision blurred and he lost conscience.

Kriv found the Jekk'Jekk'Tarr to be to his liking for grounds as a trap. With the almost complete control over the ventilation systems anyone could be killed or rendered unconscious in a matter of seconds. This in and of its self was useful but from his understanding of Goto then they were probably being watched right now.

As Kriv continued following Hanharr (who was holding his breath so as to avoid the toxic fumes surrounding them) Kriv could feel his hunger starting to rise in him again. He was surrounded by so many living being he didn't recognize and wondered what they would all taste like. Despite all this Kriv had long ago learned how to control his hunger so as not to become one of the things he despises. Kriv hated losing control over anything especially his own body.

Kriv and Hanharr soon found themselves outside of Visquis's private lounge. Both watched as the door behind them closed before the door in front of them opened. Hanharr stepped in first and breathing like normal again.

Kriv followed but stayed behind Hanharr as he studied the room they were in. it was a rather spacious room full of many expensive tapestries and luxurious furniture. This however didn't hide the turrets scattered throughout the room. It also had a large door in the back leading further down somewhere.

Kriv's eyes returned to Visquis who was standing in front of him and seemed to be arguing furiously with Hanharr about something when he rounded on Kriv.

Visquis asked, "Tell me hunter why should I let you have the honor of working for me as I take control of the Exchange?" Kriv felt his hand twitch at the arrogance and condescending tone in Visquis's voice and almost slit the creature's throat then and there.

Kriv quickly reigned in his anger before answering with. "Because if this Jedi is as dangerous as you believe then it would be wise to have more protection should this trap of yours fail."

Visquis seemed to think about it for a few seconds before nodding to Kriv while saying, "Very well from what Hanharr has told me and your own logic I see you would be useful to me for now."

Kriv nodded at Visquis words not really caring what he said, he had dealt with people like him before on more than once when making contracts with people. Kriv settled himself near the farthermost turret while watching the door.

Mira made her way through the Jekk'Jekk'Tarr as she headed to Visquis's private lounge wondering why she was putting herself through all this trouble. She had the Jedi Exile and information on where to find the other Jedi hiding on Nar Shaddaa so why didn't she just go and collect the bounty Goto had on them? Mira snorted, she knew why she didn't go collect the bounty on them because she still lived by the code she been taught when she was little.

Mira watched the doors to the private lounge open in order to let her in and felt a smirk flit across her face. She never liked Visquis with his constant superior attitude he had with everyone and couldn't wait for his shocked expression to find his trap failed to catch the Jedi.

"Welcome Jedi to my humble abode please remove your suit the air is quite safe for your kind." Mira watched as Visquis stood in front to the door no weapons and Hanharr to his left both blades already in his hands. Raising her hands to the envirosuit's release button Mira watched with great delight as Visquis smug face turned to one of surprise while Hanharr took a step forward shouting "You!" at her.

"Good eyes Hanharr that's why you're still number two." Mira couldn't help it even though she knew her odds of living through this were low she still had to milk the moment.

"I take it you're not the Jedi I sent for I have a hard time telling you creatures apart." Kriv rolled his eyes at the comment. If Visquis was truly that bad at telling humans apart as he claimed he was a bigger idiot then he thought. 'More likely his way of attempting to brush off this setback.' Kriv thought as the new human pumped Visquis for information. He was partly paying attention but was wondering what happened to Ken.

Kriv continued to wonder this when he heard he turret he was next to start moving. Stepping back quickly Kriv watched as the turrets fired what appeared to be bolts of lightning at the human girl. Wondering why Visquis wasted his trap Kriv turned to find the said man walking to the back door with Hanharr caring the girl right behind him.

Moving to catch up Kriv stopped when Visquis turned to face him. "Stay here and capture the Jedi when he comes here then send a message to me from the terminal behind the air dispenser when you have him so I can send my people to collect the Jedi and give you your payment." Kriv detected the lie at the end of the Quarren's sentence but didn't call him out. This was a new development and he needed to act accordingly.

With a simple nod Kriv watched as Visquis and Hanharr descended down the tunnel on the other side of the door before turning to face the entrance to the private lounge checking his weapons as he waited for Ken to show up.

Hanharr glared at Visquis as the squid continued to boast at the defenses of his base. He wasn't interested in what Visquis had to say and was growing impatient with the Jedi and the Dead Shadow. Finally Visquis's com started beeping which shut the squid up for a time as he started to direct his forces to take the Jedi and kill the Dead Shadow.

Hanharr doubted the men Visquis sent would survive, the Jedi was not one know for leaving survivors without purpose. As for the Dead Shadow, how could someone kill a thing already dead? It mattered not to him he wanted Goto and he didn't trust Visquis to uphold his end of the deal where the Jedi would.

"Come Hanharr I have something to show you that I think you will like." Hanharr focused on Visquis as the Quarren led him further into his fortress.

Ken was not in a good mood at all. He had planned to trap Visquis in his private lounge and extract the information he needed from the Quarren but it seemed Zez had other things planned. What he didn't understand was what purpose did it serve to delay his meeting with Visquis for the Jedi master to take action in such a way.

"Whatever the reason this Jedi Master had for trying to stop you doesn't matter at the moment we still need to get Visquis. We can worry about the Jedi later." Was Kriv's response to the information Ken had told him earlier but they had a new problem now. Ken waited for Visquis's men to show up and open the door for them. From there they would have to follow the path leading to his fall back point but Ken knew things like this were never that easy.

"Chances are Visquis has already planned in case his hit squad fails in bringing me in." Ken watched the door as he waited for Kriv to respond. The man had settled down earlier and was sharpening his weapons with a strange black stone.

Not pausing from his work Kriv said, "You're most likely correct but it won't pose much of a problem unless they are the Dwemer like machines. If that's the case then it will make are job a little harder but if what I've heard of you is true then we'll be done quickly."

Ken didn't respond though he doubted Kriv was expecting him to. He wondered what Kriv had meant by Dwemer machine though. He had never heard of any race called Dwemer but he hadn't heard of Argonians either. 'Must be something from his home planet.' Ken thought when the door opened.

Standing on the other side were eleven men in strange black armor while the leader was wearing a set of Heavy Echani Armor. What happened next was forever engraved into Ken's memory as Kriv without bothering to look up over the counter threw a small bottle at the mercenaries only to engulf all but the leader and two of his men in an inferno. Not bothering to waste time Ken Unleashed a full dose of Force Lightning at the three survivors killing the two grunts while the leader dodged out of the way.

Kriv watched as the Alien rolled to his feet while drawing both of his swords off his back in the same movement ready to face his attackers. Kriv leapt over the counter his Daedric sword in one hand the Blade of Woe in the other. Both men faced off studying the others stance looking for a weakness to gain the upper hand. Kriv noted the Alien held both blades in a more aggressive stance but left several weak points in his defense when the Alien charged at him with unexpected speed. Kriv was just too slow as he bent back avoiding the first blade but the second one cut him on his arm as he brought op the Blade of Woe to block the strike with. Taking two steps back from each other the Alien brought his bloody blade to his mouth and licked the blood off in an attempt to intimidate him. Kriv smirked when the Aliens face turned from its smug look to confusion then to pain as his blood tore through his body killing him in a matter of seconds as he cried out in anguish.

Sheathing his weapons Kriv headed over to Ken who had watched the whole exchange with a completely emotionless face. He could guess the thoughts churning through Ken's mind as the body behind him shriveled and blackened. That complicated Kriv's plan to drain the Aliens blood so he could figure out what laid in store for them as they entered the labyrinth before them.

Hanharr watched as Visquis grew more and more agitated concerning his team's continued silence. Hanharr already knew what had happened to them and was enjoying seeing the man squirm with doubt. They soon stopped at a door leading down into the arena he had seen earlier wondering what they were doing here. When the doors opened to reveal a still unconscious form of Mira laying in the center of the arena but his eyes say how she begun to stir from her slumber.

"This is a small gift for you Hanharr, the red haired woman that I heard has been giving you a rather hard time for a while now." Visquis's words made Hanharr boil in anger, he would not play to this creatures game if he unless he had to and right now he had to pretend he was still an ally to the Quarren. He had wanted to hunt Mira down himself and break her as he was broken but now it seemed he would have to settle with killing her now.

Stepping into the arena Hanharr watched as Mira got off the ground looking around like in confusion. This didn't surprise him as she had been unconscious for a while now but when her eyes landed on him he say the spark of recognition along with a great flame of anger behind it. He felt his anger rise in him again when Mira ordered him to stand down or she would kill him. His anger soon turned to fury when Mira insulted him for trusting someone like Visquis to keep his end of a bargain. She didn't understand how wrong she was and he was going to enjoy her die as he crushed the life out of her for her stupidity.

Hanharr let loose a roar as he charged Mira both blades swinging down to cut her down only for them to imbed themselves into the metal floor beneath him. Before he could react Hanharr felt a long cut against his back causing him let out another roar. Letting go of his blades Hanharr swung around and caught Mira's hand as she prepared to lay open more of his back. Without so much as a thought Hanharr shattered Mira's hand in his grip as he pulled her closer to him and grabbing Mira's other arm by the triceps and pulling hard. This was soon followed by a wet squelching sound as Mira's arm was ripped from its socket. Hanharr through the arm aside hearing the sound of her rocket launcher going off far away from them as he gripped her by the throat. Hanharr watched as Mira struggled weakly in his grip when he crushed her throat. Tossing Mira's corpse aside to let it gather in a pool of her own blood Hanharr went over to retrieve his weapons from their place in the floor and finally deal with Visquis once and for all.