Hey, I'm Percy Jackson daughter of Poseidon, and Savior of Olympus. Let's just say life's good. We defeated the Titan Lord Kronos, me and Annabeth are closer than ever (were praticly sisters), they're wasn't many deaths in the war (that i know of), Nico Di Angelo son of Hades doesn't hate me anymore (once again that i know of), and i still bear the mark of Achilles.

My mom has a great job now, but she has to travel a lot. Paul he... always busy. It's alright though, we're not really all that close anyway.

Currently, I am at our apartment watching TV, while Paul is at a meeting and mom is in some other state now. Please, don't freak out, I am watching Yugioh, yes the anime. I never told anyone, because who would expect the "Savior of Olympus" to watch Yugioh? I even have my own deck! Its based off of... wait for it... Greek "myths".

Anyway, I was watching "Yugioh Bonds Beyond Time" when lightning struck near my house. (Thanks Uncle -_-) I launched out of my seat and clung to the TV. (yes I know, that was a smart move.. sarcasm is used) I wasn't aware of the lightning that traveled through the outlet, through, the TV, into me making my hairs stand up and my mind go blank. My body slowly numbed itself as the element I hate the most coursed its way through my body, effectily knocking me out.

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