Yep. Hai, everybody~!

So, as you can see, I'm miraculously not dead by stabbing with pitchforks or burnt by torches.

But I do have a few more things to address.

1) Now, I would have included this in the last author's note but the decision had not been made at that point. Anyway, what this one is about is very important.

I will be genderbending one more person from Percy Jackson, only one. That person is Annabeth, who will be now Andrew Chase.

Now, to address the reason for this and a big announcement. *grabs a megaphone* PERCABETH WILL NOT BECOME CANON IN MY STORY. I REPEAT, PERCABETH WILL NOT BECOME CANON IN MY STORY. *throws megaphone, thrown into a coughing fit* *clears throat like nothing happened*

And here's why: the reason why I'm making Annabeth a dude is because Andrew will pop up for a few chapters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! world. When he does this, it will cause necessary tension to further the plot. Kinda like lighting a fire under a few characters butts and yelling, "Get on with it!"

Yes, there will be Percabeth moments because there's chemistry between Percy and Andrew. They've been through a war and a bunch of other stuff together, so yes, they're close. The most of these moments you'll see is in the first chapter because they do like each other at that point.

And when Andrew shows up, that connection is revealed because the main romance triangle (Yugi, Yami and Percy) feels threatened. Yugi and Yami will realize that Percy and Andrew are connected on a level that they can't reach at that point. So yeah, tension and furthering the plot.

So, Percabeth will not be Canon in this story. The main romance is this story is between Yugi, Yami and Percy. Now, there's one sided romances basically on the side to cause necessary tension but the main is Yugi, Yami and Percy alone.

As for the moments in the book series, I'm willing to say the kiss between them in Mount Saint Helens did happen, in fact. But the ones in last book of the series, no it did not. Wanna know why? Because the campers didn't wait and spy like they did in the book. No, they just burst into the clearing and threw them in the lake. And if you're persistent enough to be like, "Then why didn't 'the best underwater kiss of all time' happen? Percy could have still made a bubble and finish what they started before being interrupted!" Percy is a girl in this story, so almost just being kissed by the guy she liked but then interrupted by all of the camp, is kind of embarrassing. Imagine you were about to finally kiss someone that you really liked, then all of your family, friends and loved ones burst in and interrupted you. You would be embarrassed, I'd imagine. So instead of creating an air bubble, Percy swam to the surface and yelled at them and made the lake splash them all.

So, for those who will be like, "I WANT PERCABETH. MAKE IT HAPPEN. DO IT." *animalistic growl* *cuddles a homemade Percabeth plushie* in the comments. I'm here to tell you terrifying, psychotic but awesome people that Percabeth will not become canon. Now, they would have, if it's wasn't for the fact that Percy sent to another world. So there's your answer to that. The main romance in this story, as stated before, is between Yugi, Yami and Percy.

Okay. I think I made that clear enough. If you have questions, PM me or leave a review and I'll get back to you.

2) One thing I do need to let you all know is that this story will also be on Wattpad if you want to go read it there instead, I won't mind. A friend of mine who I will mention in the first chapter (on here and on Wattpad) asked me to post it on Wattpad so I'm going to fulfill her request. So if you see it there, it's on my profile. (Wattpad Username: JMWeezy)

However, if you see it somewhere else and they don't have permission or give credit, let me know so I can report it.

3) Okay. This thing. This author's note and the chapter would have posted sooner than now. But, I guess life still wants to be a butt. Because my internet when out on Monday and wasn't to be fixed until Friday, and at that point, I was at a two day sleepover with a place with no internet as well. Then I got super sick and then busy, then in trouble. Point is, I was busy with something.

And if you're going to be just like, "Why didn't you use your mobile/cellular data?" I have been. I've been working on the chapter on Google Docs and that's takes mobile data. I only have so much high speed data. And once I run out of high speed data, it's kinda pointless because it's super slow and I can't do anything really with slow data. Not to mention it glitches my phone out for some reason.

So, when I got home and had internet, I quickly posted the story and chapter. Once again, so sorry for the delay but I did have everything finished. I just couldn't post.

So, yeah, go check it out! I'm eager to see what you all think!

So, I'm out and ready for your reactions! Thank you all for understanding. If you have any questions, PM me or review and I will get back to you.