So as I was reading through "Love is a Dangerous Game" I kept thinking "What if...?" Cristy may be gone, but I guess the story wasn't ready to be finished. So here is the sequel. Hope you enjoy!

Jekyll stood in a white room, lost and alone. He took a look around, carefully examining his surroundings when he saw Cristy laying on the floor in a flowing black dress; a white rose rested on her chest. He rushed over and knelt down beside her. He was too late. He stared at her frozen face; she looked as though she were asleep. He smiled weakly. At least now she was finally at peace. His heart filled with sorrow and guilt. He slowly stood up and as he did a red drop fell onto the rose. Jekyll looked up and there, bloody knife in hand was Hyde. Jekyll looked back at Cristy. She was lying in a pool of blood, her neck slit open. Anger now replaced the sadness Jekyll felt as he took a swing at his opponent. What he connected with however was cold and smooth. Glass shards fell to the ground. Jekyll looked at his hands; they were covered in blood. He looked back a Cristy's limp body. Her blood was still flowing. Soon blood flowed from the walls. It was everywhere. It inched it's way to his neck. The next thing he knew he was drowning. "No!" Jekyll cried as he shot from the bed. Although it was warm in the room he found himself shaking. He quickly wiped the sweat off his brow and looked at his watch Midnight. It had been a year and still Cristy's death haunted him. He hurriedly changed his clothes and went out the door. He walked down the street dazed as he replayed this images of his dream in his mind. What could it mean? Jekyll found himself in the cemetery. He stopped at his father's grave. "Forgive me Father, I tried" he whispered as he moved on. He walked past the graves of all those Hyde had murdered. The bishop of Basingstoke, General Lord Glossop, Sir Archibald Proops, Lady Beaconsfield, Lord Savage, Lucy Harris, and he finally made his way toward Cristy's. When he reached the area however, someone was already there. The girl was in a black dress. Jekyll must have made more noise than he had thought because suddenly she turned to look at him. He gasped. "Cristy" and the girl disapeared.