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A figure appeared out of the shadows beside a tall stone wall. It pulled its black cloak closer around it, suggesting a petite form that quickly followed the wall around its corner where the figure came face-to-face with a huge gate made out of wrought iron. This didn't seem to stop the figure that simply walked straight through, as if it wasn't even there.

Ten minutes or so later the same figure approached a grand house, and when it reached the doors it didn't stop to knock but simply put its hand on the door, waited a second, and pushed it open.

When the doors closed the figure finally removed its hood and cloak and revealed the girl known to the world as the Girl-Who-Lived.

Haley Potter looked around curiously. Even if the manor had been empty for at least seventeen years there was not a speck of dust to be seen, and every light was lit with a cheery flame.

"Hello all house elves of this manor. I am Haley Potter, Head of the Potter and Black families. Would you all please show yourselves?" She had hardly finished her sentence before six loud cracks were heard and six small creatures were bowing in front of her.

"Mistress Potter! You has come! We all knew You is coming when You entered the gates. We is very happy You finally is here!" One of the middle elves exclaimed.

"Thank you, but there is no need to bow. Now tell me, what are your names?" The small elves almost fell over in joy when Haley thanked them, but didn't really seem to want to stand up properly while in the presence of their mistress.

"I is called Atoria," answered the female elf that had spoken earlier, "and they is Misty," she points at the female standing on her right side, "Red," a male elf on her far left gave an extra deep bow, "Bubbles," another female to the right of Red imitated his actions, "Drake," Atoria indicated the male elf on her left side, "and Rajok. We is the house elves of this Manor. It is not usually used, so the staff are not so big. If Mistress wishes, we can call elves from other estates as well, the bigger ones have at least fifty each."

"Thank you Atoria, but there is no need for that. I doubt I will ever need that many elves, after all, Hogwarts have around a hundred elves, and there's quite a few more people there than here."

"If Mistress says so. Do you wish a tour of the Manor?"

"Not at the moment, right now I just want to sleep, I'll leave the exploring to tomorrow. Could you show me the bedroom please?" Haley said while stifling a yawn.

"Of course Mistress. Which bedroom do you wish to use?"

"How many are there? And please, call me Haley."

"Oh Atoria could not do that! You is Mistress and shall be addressed as such, as is only proper! There is ten bedrooms and one Master bedroom. Atoria will take Mistress to the Master bedroom."

"Can't you please call me Haley, Mistress feels so strange. Where I grew up I was treated almost like a house elf, so it feels really weird. Imagine how you would feel if someone called you Mistress all of a sudden" Haley barely noticed that the house elf had started leading her away from the hall, up two flights of golden stairs and down a corridor.

"Atoria is going to think about it. For now, here is the master bedroom. Good night Mistress" The elf said with a smile and disappeared with a crack before anything further could be said about her choice of words. Haley simply shook her head with a fond smile and opened the door.

Let's just say the bedroom was absolutely huge! The king sized bed was covered in white linen, the walls were light blue and the wooden floor was made out of mahogany. To her right Haley could see a door that opened to a big bathroom, at least as big as uncle Vernon and aunt Petunia's bedroom back at the Dursleys, with a tub that could fit at least six people, a huge mirror and a sauna. Back in the bedroom she found the walk-in-closet and searched it for a pyjamas or something but the only thing she found was a quite old fashion white night dress.

'Good enough' she thought before putting it on and promptly falling asleep.

********************************The Next Day*********************************

When Haley woke up and had gotten dressed she once again called on one of the house elves, this time she asked for Bubbles and some breakfast. The elf proved to be worthy of her name, and her bubbly personality somehow made her keep chatting with Haley while showing her around inside the manor. Like Atoria had mentioned there were ten more bedrooms, none quite as big as the Master one, but all of them at least the size of a whole floor at the Dursleys and fitted out with bathrooms. There was also a ballroom, three living rooms of different sizes (Bubbles helpfully told her the smallest was called the drawing room for family and close friends, the middle sized one was the smaller parlour for small but formal gatherings and the largest was the grand parlour for larger formal gatherings), a floo reception area, a sprawling balcony that wrapped around three sides of the manor on one of the higher floors, and a library, which while not the size of the Hogwarts library, was still of a respectable size. If Hermione were to visit she would get the room closest to the library. End of story.

By the time the tour of the inside was more or less finished Bubbles led her to the dining hall for lunch, and Haley couldn't help but to feel a bit lonely when she was sitting alone at a table that could easily fit over half the Gryffindor house, even if all the house elves had shown up to keep her company and discuss recipes. Bubbles had found out when they were walking that Haley was a good chef, and therefore promised to show her the kitchen after lunch. The elves were astonished to meet someone of such a high status who wouldn't mind giving them a hand in the kitchen and who saw them as company and not only servants or slaves.

The Potter kitchens seemed to use a similar technique as the Hogwarts kitchens, with a matching table a floor down from which the food was sent up, and large cooking areas along the sides of the room as well as doors leading to different pantries and the larder.

As much as she loved the house, Haley knew she would be lonely without the constant presence of Hermione and Ron, as well as the rest of the DA and Gryffindor House.

To focus on something different she decided to take a walk in the grounds. From the house's position on the top of a hill she could see a massive expanse of woods on the back of the manor house, perfect for running around in her wolf form. The front of the house and the road to the gate was surrounded with hedges, reminding her a bit of the third task of the tri-wizard tournament, but at the same time they were low enough to allow you to see over most of them and spacious enough to not give anyone claustrophobia.

"Atoria?" The small elf popped up in front of her. "Mistress called?" "Yes, sorry to bother you ("'Tis no problem, Atoria is happy to serve her Mistress") but who has been in charge of the gardens?"

"'Tis Red, should Atoria call for him? Is Mistress unhappy with how the garden looks?"

"There's no need for that, I was merely wondering, it is just so beautiful. When you see him, could you please tell him I really like how it looks? I'll just have a walk around."

"As Mistress wishes." *Crack* and Atoria was gone, leaving Haley alone to explore the garden. It really was beautiful. The hedges were arranged in an interesting labyrinth, and in its middle she found a beautiful fountain with stone benches beside it.

When Misty appeared three hours later to tell her that dinner was ready she found her Mistress sitting on one of those benches and staring at the fountain as in a trance. Not even the customary crack of the elf's appearance seemed to have snapped her out of it. The elf carefully approached her Mistress and poked her, causing her to jump a foot in the air and stay there, staring wide eyed at the elf while floating in the air thanks to the power Zeus gave her.

"Misty is here to tell Mistress that dinner is ready. Misty did not mean to disturb Mistress. Misty will take whatever punishment Mistress deems fit for her" the little creature said while almost shaking. She was after all probably the shyest elf in the Manor.

"Thanks, and just don't go punish yourself, I have seen what Dobby would do when the Malfoys made him punish himself, and I won't let it happen in this house. Now, could you help me down? I have no idea of how this happened…" while talking Haley had flown up yet another foot or two without realizing it.

"Misty does not know how to. Mistress could try to think of herself being on the ground Misty thinks."

The flying girl decided to try it out and found out it worked a little too well. The next second she had been all but slammed into the ground, nearly on top of the poor elf, but as she stood up her accelerated healing kicked in and the broken wrist she somehow got in the landing was already healed.

"Is Mistress okay? Misty is sorry, Misty should not have said that."

"No, I'm fine, see," and she flexed her wrist and other joints to show that they were fine, "could you lead the way out please, I kind of got lost on the way here…"

"Misty has a better idea. If Mistress would hold Misty's hand Misty will apparate to the dining hall if Mistress thinks it is okay."

"Good idea." Haley took the elf's outstretched hand and an instant later they appeared in the dining hall where the other house elves were busy preparing for the meal. They all looked up at the same time when Haley and Misty appeared.

"Good, you found Mistress! Dinner will be served soon, so just sit and relax." Atoria said before disappearing through the door leading to the kitchen. Six seconds later (Haley counted) food appeared on the table, it was sirloin steak with potato wedges and a sauce made of winter mushrooms. All in all it tasted great.

"Thank you for dinner, it was great" Haley said to the elves before leaving the table. 'Let's see if I can find my way to the bedroom on my own this time. Could be interesting.'

It didn't really work out. The search for a bed ended with Haley using the shadow walking to get to the bedroom after walking around aimlessly for half an hour…

********************************At Hogwarts*********************************

Hermione Granger was fuming. She and Ron had just had another argument, and this one might just ruin their two years of dating. Ron had claimed that Haley should be shunned now that she was either dead from a werewolf bite or a werewolf herself. Both of them had been among the ones who saw Haley limping back to the school after defeating Voldemort and saw her get attacked by Greyback. They had tried to curse him but were too slow, so he had gotten away. At the same time Haley had fainted for a second, and as they were running over to her she simply disappeared, no trace of her except for a weird gust of wind.

This had led to an uproar in magical Britain. Many had immediately assumed that Haley was dead, and just as many claimed that she had become a werewolf and therefore should be killed. Not many believed that she was alive and had not turned to the dark side, but among those who believed that were Hermione, Luna, Neville and a few other members of the DA. Hermione had believed that Ron would have faith in their friend, but apparently he was as ignorant as the ministry. That was why this fight had been worse than usual.

The fight also led Hermione to doing what Hermione does best when she needs to distract herself. Study. She simply disappeared into the library and didn't return until there were no more essays to write or goblin rebellions to research. When she returned she went upstairs to the boys dorm to talk to Ron and try to make him come to his senses again, but what she saw when she opened the door made her blood freeze.

Ron and Lavender Brown were making out on his bed, and both were clearly preparing for something more than just ordinary snogging.

Hermione closed the door before the two lovebirds even noticed her and ran all the way to the Ravenclaw dormitory, hardly noticing either the question the door asked her, or the fact that she answered it correctly without thinking. The two ravenclaws who were standing outside trying to figure out the answer noticed it however, and their surprised faces were priceless. Unfortunately Hermione didn't notice them either, she just ran straight on to the sixth floor of the girls' half of the dorms and knocked.

"Come in" came an airy voice from within, so Hermione simply opened the door and threw herself into the arms of her second best female friend in the world.

"Luna, you have no idea what I just saw!" She sobbed. Luna simply sat her down on the bed and hugged her until her cries had turned into quiet sobs. Luckily Luna was the only female Ravenclaw in her year, so they had the room for themselves.

"What happened?" Luna asked. This renewed Hermione's cries, but she managed to get out "R-r-ron a-and La-lavender were m-m-ma-making out o-on hi-his bed." Which caused Luna to curse for once and the airiness in her voice was long gone. "That settles it. We are finding Haley, there is no way you are going anywhere near that bastard again."

"How are we going to do that? She could be dead for all we know."

"Well, Greyback didn't kill her. Just before she disappeared she opened her eyes, I don't think anyone else saw it, but I'm sure she did. She must've disappeared on her own."

"Are you sure? How are we going to contact her?"

"Do you remember those fake galleons you made for the DA two years ago?"

"Well yes, why?"

"Do those have a range limit?"

"Yes, but you would have to be pretty much on the far side of the moon to not be contactable, so as long as you are on this planet you are within their range."

"Good. You know how Haley usually was the one to send the messages to everyone, but can anyone can contact her without sending it to the rest?"

"Yes, you just have to input a certain code first and it will only contact hers."

"Great. I have my galleon here, use it and contact Haley. Hopefully she will notice soon enough. In the meantime, do you want to move in here to avoid Ron and Lavender? There is a spare bed after all."

"Really? I can? Yes please, and hand me that galleon." Hermione said with a smile through her tears.

Luna handed her the fake coin and watched as the brunette started fiddling with it. Ten seconds later she proudly showed Luna the code, 768837 (Cookies to anyone who can figure out why it's that particular code), and proceeded with the message, asking Haley if they could join her, although she didn't mention why.

"There. Now we just have to hope she still has it on her."

********************************Back in Forks*********************************

Just as she was about to fall asleep Haley noticed a faint glow coming from one of her pockets, but decided to ignore it for now and look at it tomorrow.

The next morning she remembered the glow and after emptying her pockets she found that it came from her fake galleon, one of the enchanted coins Hermione had created for their DA meetings two years prior. 'Odd, no one has used my code since the end of fifth year.'

After decoding the message she smiled. Luna and Hermione wanted to come! Sure, she hid out here because she wanted to be alone, particularly from Ron and most other males of Hogwarts. Luna and Hermione however were probably the two who would care the least about her change. Hermione would bury herself in books to figure out why she became a Lycan and not a normal werewolf, Luna would most likely blame either the Nargles or a Crumple-Horned Snorkack.

"Kreacher!" She called, having thought about the elf who rightfully belonged to her after Sirius made her the Black heiress. The old elf appeared in front of her an instant later, still wearing Regulus' locker, and was given the instructions to return to Hogwarts and search for Luna Lovegood or Hermione Granger in order to give them one of the two-way mirrors she had received from her godfather.

"And tell Winky I said hi if you see her please."

"Kreacher will do as he is told. Does Lady Black require anything else?"

"Not that I can think of, but when you are done, you have my permission to return to the Black Manor and keep taking care of it as you see fit."

"Thank you Lady Black. Kreacher is grateful to restore the Noble House of Black to its former glory." And he disappeared with the package Haley had handed him.

'Now it's just a matter of seconds I guess…'






Zero. Looking into the small mirror Haley came face-to-face with brown eyes.

"Hello Mione, miss me?" She asked teasingly