Weak : what if someone got there before seth so instead? All rights to being human writers

A last bottle of tequila and a half eaten kebab was not up there with the great last meals but lia didn't all tasted the same to her it was all blood. Climbing off the guys lap, jack was his name or it was something like that, she padded through the blood of the other two she reached the kitchen. Pouring herself a cup of cold coffee she mulled things over, the London vampires would suspicious with all the unregulated killing that had been had been happening around, shed have to move. Glancing up the map that was up on her wall she spotted a town that seemed far enough away. Bristol, walking over to her wardrobe she changed quickly, picked up her bag she had packed early and left her home of six months. Catching the bus to Bristol she settled down in her seat, it was going to be difficult but she had fed.

At 7am she arrived, quickly jumping of the bus she, hurried off looking for the hospital, what she wasn't all heartless. Finding quickly she rushed round the back climbing up to the window she slipped inside. Finding icu she went inside the first room she saw, looking at his chart it showed he was some sort of guy on the council, but a+. getting ready for a bite she leaned down, suddenly! She heard someone slip inside the room turning around she saw a guy around 30. Hissing at him she surprisingly got the same back at her finding her voice she asked " who are you?"

"m name seth and you cant have him"

'just try stop me'

her senses suddenly picked up another vampire coming there way " got some back up"

he looked perplexed then it dawned on him" oh that's Mitchell"

swiftly another vampire joined them, " speaking sofly to them" seth tell herrick the hospital out of bond take you and your friend out of here'

"she isn't my friend"


meanwhile I quickly edged my way back toward the bed catching on to what I was doing Mitchell blocked me off, getting bored of all this hub bub, I ran towards the door and straight out of the hospital with one thought in my head, I will be seeing you mitchell