Following the episode- A girl in a Flower Dress. My story will continue from there and eventually include the following episodes that air.

CHAPTER 1: Hiding

Skye felt horrible for what happened to Scorch, and what was worse was she was no longer trusted by the people who had somehow wormed their ways slowly into her heart. She always knew that May never really liked her but Fitzsimmons and A.C. had trusted her and she had betrayed that trust. And then there was Ward. She knew how hard it was for him to open up to her because it was just as hard for her to trust anyone. And she betrayed that trust and she was probably never going to get it back.

It had been five days since Coulson had given her the bracelet. Three since Skye had finally bucked up and made her rounds of apologies. And three days of Ward still ignoring her. They stopped training all together and whenever she came into a room that he was in he got up and left. Skye knew she deserved it. She betrayed his trust, but she was hoping to gain it back. The only problem was how do you gain back someone's trust if they aren't talking to you?


It was a little after seven in the evening and Skye was hiding in her room, door shut. She couldn't bear to walk around the cabin when everyone on the plane hated her. She had gotten up once early in the morning before everyone got up to use the bathroom and grab a quick snack before ducking back in her room. She stayed there for the rest of the day holed up with a book about computers. She was reading about a new way of hacking when she heard a light tap on her door.

Skye grumbled a little bit wondering who on earth it would be and got off her bed, unlocked the door and opened it up just enough to see their face. It was Coulson.

"Hellllo" Skye said wondering what she could have possibly done wrong.

"You weren't at breakfast, lunch or dinner" he said simply and handed her a plate of spaghetti and a bottle of water.

"Ah, thanks, but I'm not hungry" Skye said moving to close the door again. Coulson's foot blocked it.

"Skye, you need to eat something"

"I have" Skye said. She knew she shouldn't be this blunt with him, after all he was trying to be nice—in a way—but she really wasn't hungry.

"Okay then" Coulson said and then walked back down the hallway.

Skye sighed and shut the door to her room. She knew she was being stupid, she had betrayed them and here Coulson was bringing her food because she was too chicken to go into the kitchen and she refused. She wanted things to go back to normal. But she knew that wasn't gonna happen anytime soon.

So first chapter…hope it's okay. Anyways let me know!