Jazzilynn Hall: I know it's a little hard to read, I'm not very good with grammar when I'm just writing a chapter but I usually fix it after but I do distracted easily and forget to fix my mistakes, thanks for the review

Wheeliefan101 : again I've not very good with grammar and I get distracted easily, thanks for the review

Layra: thank you

meep15: thank you, you may be able to,

But the real reason is I didn't realize that I forgot I had rewritten the story some because I had forgot a few points in the chapters made but I may continue with this one and ditch the re-writhen version and fix this one up a bit, I may actually mix them together but I'm not sure it's on a site called Quotev, it's called 'Aisu Akuma' I'm going to re-read them both and see what I'm going to do