Okay, so not following canon (DUH!) and changing when Hunter becomes captain of the Warblers!

This means Hunter's thoughts.

This means Sebastian's thoughts.

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"Sebastian, please go to Headmaster's office now, please." Sebastian hears, and he does.

"Sebastian, I am sorry to tell you that I brought a new captain for the Warblers. Maybe you can co-captain if you talk. Sebastian Smythe, meet Hunter Clarington."

Someone tall stands up. Hunter his mind tells him.

Damn. He's hot. His mind also tells him.

"Pleasure." Sebastian says.

"Is all mine." Hunter replies, shaking his hand.

"Alright, Sebastian, do show Hunter around, and help him with his bags." Headmaster said, a hint to get out of his office.

"Hunter, what's your room number?" Sebastian asks, hoping to get done with tour as quick as possible.

"No, don't you dare." Hunter says.

"Dare to do what?"

"I'm not even remotely bi-curios. Even if I was, I wouldn't screw the first guy who asked to get into my room." Hunter says, as if it's obvious.

"Ha, as if that was the reason. I just want to drop off your bags, make this tour easier and hopefully take less time. I want to be here less than you do." Sebastian says.

At this, Hunter looks sorry. "Sorry, but this is an all-boy school. Some of them are gay."

"Yeah, and I'm one of them. But, contrary to popular belief, not all us gays are out to molest and 'turn' all straight guys."

"Yeah, even if you could, you can't turn me. I'm already gay."

Here comes the questions.

"Ah, so you are just comfortable in your sexuality, but still gay. Got it. Room number?" Sebastian says, wanting this to be over, no matter how hot the gay guy is.

"Room 390." Hunter replies, making Sebastian get pale.

"Um, no, I wasn't notified about getting a roommate!"

Dun dun dun. Yeah, I know, cliffhanger, evil, whatever.

Sorry this took awhile, and I still couldn't get it exactly where I wanted it, but it's still good!