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I made it through the day exhausted, thanking whatever higher power was out there when my lunch period finally arrived. I could see myself getting weird looks from the other students, but right now I couldn't care less. I just needed to find Hunter, give him the tour, and go to bed.

Thankfully, today was a amazing day. Every Friday I had no classes after my lunch. I didn't know why I was one of ten other people whose schedules were like that, but I wasn't complaining. Then I remembered Hunter's schedule.

Make that eleven people.

I finally found Hunter in the food line, looking around, uncomfortable. When he sees me, his face goes from confused to worried, as he leaves the line and makes his way towards me.

When we meet, his hands settle on my forearms, as if he would catch me if I fell.

"Whats wrong with you?! You should be in bed, you look really pale, and you're shaking." Hunter asks me, and I can't make the room stop spinning long enough to make my brain concentrate on making an answer.

"Thats it. I'm taking you back to our room, and making sure you stay in bed. No buts or ifs. Tomorrow the weekend starts, and we have no classes after lunch. Lets go." And thats exactly how Hunter roped me into going back into my own room.

Though it wouldn't take much convincing. I felt as if I would drop dead any second.

And Hunter would be my prince who would save me. What prince would he be? What princess would I be? Wait, when did I become the princess?

And thats how I knew I had a fever, and it was making me delirious.