Yes, its been WAY too long, but know I know to never do more than two stories at one time, if that. Especially if you have a two-week period of mid-terms and bench-mark tests.

Rated M I guess, for brief mentions of smut and stuff. (Dead puppies. I'm sorry! I was sad too!)

Disclaimer: Don't own Glee or any characters; just the plot.

(Sebastian POV):

We walk, well Hunter walks, I stumble until he finally pities me enough and lets me lean on him (which took only about thirty seconds) and we finally get to my-our room.

I get undressed in the middle of the room, as the only coherent thought in my mind was sleep. I'm pretty sure I saw Hunter blush when I got down to my boxers and promptly jumped into bed.

And then passed out.

It wasn't a bad day.

(Hunter POV)

All throughout the day, I was like a robot.

I took notes and answered questions, but I was really thinking about Sebastian.

I know he only told me his story because he knew I was the only person who probably wouldn't pity him. And I don't. I don't pity him, but he's broken. And the only thing I want to do is fix him.

I knew I was gay, but I thought maybe I was bi because I could look at a girl and tell she was beautiful, but I wouldn't ever get a problem in the nether regions.

Hey, I lived in Ohio, I thought if I could fake being straight until I got out of this hellhole, maybe I'd have a chance.

But I look at Sebastian, and all I think about is kissing him, or you know... more.

And here comes the problem in the nether regions.

Okay, think of puppies. Not helping. Think of dead puppies. Groups of dead puppies. Ok, no, thats just plain sad. Now I want to donate money to a foundation or something.

Back on track, I didn't know why I told him straight up that I was gay.

Yes, he was my roommate, but that didn't mean much. I've had roommates that I've hated. I've had roommates that I didn't even know the last name of!

I was just pulled in by his eyes… And there's the problem again.

And its not my fault if all I want to do is cuddle with him, right?

Yep, I think I'm in love with my roommate I just met a few days ago.

I see this is going to be an… interesting senior year.