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Prometheus's Shadowrealm

"WELCOME TO THE SPEC-FAB-ULISTIC IMMORTALS PROM" read Josh Newman out loud, as he and his sister Sophie gaze up at the huge banner hung above the grand doorway.

There was a slight ruffling of fabric as Josh readjusted his green tie. "How I wish we could' have gone to our prom. But I guess this should be interesting, right sis?" He flashed Sophie a quick grin.

Sophie smiled tightly and replied, "Of course, what do you expect? Anything is interesting when you have immortals around." At that, they both laughed.

Josh is neatly dressed in a fancy black tux, and forest green silken tie. Meanwhile, his twin sister Sophie has on a beautiful light purple dress with sparkles and a red sash. On her feet, she is wearing some adorable flats. They're the most stylish twins around!

Both of them were standing outside of Prometheus's new mansion, where an immortal prom is being held, the Witch of Endor's idea. Idle chatter and muffled laughter could be heard from behind the huge hardwood door, along with the sound of music from inside. Both of them had received a grand invitation last week, delivered by giant gargoyles. Unfortunately, Sophie was in math class during that time...long story short, the teacher fainted and the school closed down until further notice.

"Shall we go in then?" Josh offered Sophie his arm.

Sophie gladly took it. "Let's do this."

Once inside the mansion, they were immediately bombarded by Scathach who absorbed both of them into a bear-like hug.

"Scatty...*cough cough*...you are uh...wrinkling my tie!" gasped Josh trying desperately to get some air into his empty lungs.

"Great to see..you Scatty...but can you let us go now?" asked Sophie through gritted teeth. Scatty released them and stepped back a bit, blushing lightly.

"Welcome, golden boy and silver girl, to the first ever immortals prom!" she announced cheerfully. Scatty is dressed casually in a vintage t-shirt, blue jeans with a spunky rip above the right knee, and beaten up cowboy boots.

It took quite a while for the oxygen starved twins to regain their composure. Josh bowed slightly and said with a grin, "Hmm...everything is simply splendid! Give my compliments to the Witch of Endor."

Scatty nodded. "I'll be sure to do that later. My grandmother have always had a flare for the dramatic and exotic." She then took a sip of punch from the cup in her hand.

"Cool hat, Scatty!" noticed Sophie, acknowledging her over-the-top Las Vegas party hat, that seems to glow brighter than a thousand stars. "Where did you get it?"

Scatty's eyes flicked upwards. "Oh, this thing? Yeah...I got it a few years ago when I last visited Las Vegas. Pretty sweet, huh?"


Scatty grinned widely, showing off her deadly vampire canines. "Thanks! So um, you guys should try the punch. It's right over there-" and she pointed the way with her arm.

"Very well", said Josh. "Come on, sis, I'm quite parched."

Sophie rolled her eyes slight annoyance. "Oh, Josh, you and your crazy dry throat."

William Shakespeare was dancing himself over to the refreshments table and singing softly along to the song being played, when Josh and Sophie came over. His shirt was hanging out loosely, while his jacket and matching slacks appeared to have been patched up many times.

"Ah, if it isn't my two most favorite twins in the world!" he cried jubilantly as he handed them both some punch.

Josh graciously thanked him before asking, "So Will, where's Palamedes? It's odd for me to see one of you without the other."

"Yo! Josh and Sophie! You guys are looking fine!"

Josh and Sophie looked over Will's shoulder to see Palamedes rocking the party over at the DJ table. He waved and they waved happily back.

"Palamedes, dude, looking good up there! Whoo!" yelled Josh.

Sophie's mouth was gaping in awe. "Wow! So Palamedes is the DJ? That's so awesome."

The Bard nodded in agreement. "You should have seen him back in the 80's. He had an Afro that was the size of-" he spread his arms as wide as he could. "-Kaboom!"

Josh and Sophie couldn't suppress their laughter for long, but soon burst out in excessive giggles. Will laughed along with them before excusing himself to head back on to the dance floor. There was a HUGE crystal disco ball on the ceiling, animating multiple light beams off it's reflective surface.

After loading their plates up with mini cocktail weenies, crab cake, and jumbo shrimps, Josh and Sophie found a table to sit down at. As they were just about to settle down, there burst in Billy the Kid and Virginia Dare.

"YEEEEEHAW!"trilled Billy at the top of his lungs. "Where's the dance floor? I wanna get my groove on!"

Billy took Virginia's hand and pulled her through the room and rushed on to the dance floor. That scrawny cowboy busted out moves like a real party animal, much to Virginia's delight.

"Check out Billy's moonwalk", said Sophie.

Josh turned in his seat to look. "Oh, Michael Jackson must be very proud indeed", he replied with a whimsical humor. He took a bite of his crab cake, while his sister glanced around the scene, admiring everything.

That is..until Saint Germain walked in through door...wearing a dress. Sophie's mouth instantly dropped.

"Sophie? What's wrong?" asked Josh with mild concern ringing in his voice. Sophie utterly speechless, grabbed hold of his head, and turned it towards the door so he could see, too.

Josh's was strained so hard, that he though they would pop right out of his blonde little head. "Oh God, I think I might become blind!"

"Same here", reassured Sophie.

Joan and Francis caught sight of them and began to make their way over. They were a mind-boggling pair, indeed. Joan, with her natural boyish demeanor, is sharply clad in a pristine white tux, polished leather dress shoes, and a narrow satin tie adorn with the bright colors of the French flag in blue, white and red. The spotless whiteness of her clothes gave her small figure a kind of angelic glow. Perhaps some things just won't fade away.

Francis, however, was dressed in an elegant, flowing white evening dress and wore high heels on his unusually dainty feet. Aren't you just so curious to know why?

"Why Francis, man, I knew you were eccentric and all...but why are you wearing a dress?" exclaimed Josh.

Francis's usually cheery face was now pale in great embarrassment, prompting Joan to answer for him. "He lost a bet."

"Ohhhhhh", chorused Josh and Sophie as matching grins broke upon their faces. "Yeah, that makes sense."

"My instincts told me that Lyon would win, but I just haaad to pick Bordeaux", complained Francis with a scowl. Eventually though, the corner of his mouth twitched to form a grin. "My advice to you two...is to never bet against Joan. She has the angels and Saints to guide her, you know." Joan laughed and swatted his arm jokingly. (Lyon and Bordeaux are French soccer teams)

"Oh, Francis, I haven't heard my voices in centuries, not since Scatty rescued me from being burned." For a moment, an expression of far-seeing flashed in her eyes, but it quickly passed. "After living on the Earth for so long...I began to question my voices sometimes. I still have no idea of what they really were."

"So Joan, why the tux?" asked Sophie.

Joan casually slid her hands into the front pockets of her pants, and shrugged. "From old habits I guess...for old time's sake. I mean, why wear a dress when you have pants to spare?"

"Ah, I see."

She then turns to Francis. "Shall we dance, darling? Remember the bet", Joan chirped.

Francis sighed. "Fine if I have to...and also because I need to you for support." He shook his head and quiet dismay. "I have not a clue on how you women could wear these shoes on your feet! It's highly dysfunctional."

"Have fun you two!" yelled Josh after them.

"Oh, we'll try our best!" was the reply.

"This event is a smashing hit! Well done, Dora, once again", said Prometheus as he and the Witch of Endor dance slowly together.

"Thank you Prometheus", replied the goddess graciously."All of our immortal guests look like they're having a good time", she noticed glancing around the dance floor.

"It certainly seems so", notes Prometheus. They both noticed Joan and Saint Germain waltzing a few feet away from them.

"Oww! Francis, that's like the tenth time that you stepped on my toes!" cried Joan.

"Oops! Sorry! It was the heels."

Billy and Virginia were still dancing their little hearts out. Will and Palamedes were rapping like they're hot. They spotted Scathach and Machiavelli, who were arm wrestling over the last piece of cocktail weenie. Also, they saw Niten, Aoife, Josh and Sophie, all four of them toasting with their punch.

"Well, you can't win them all", shrugged Prometheus smiling smugly. The Witch smiled in return.

"You can't win them all."


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