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The day started like any day in the Briefs household: 6:50am. The kids screaming at each other before rushing off to school, by 7:20 Bulma is complaining about a deadline and disappearing into the lab for hours, and coming just long enough to yell at Vegeta when he come out from the gravity room to eat, and it's mostly for some unknown reason. All of this before 10:00am. He couldn't remember when he got so accustomed to this routine, this life not fit for a prince, but for a human.

He had no clue what he was still doing here. Looking back on the last 15 years he'd spent on this planet, he couldn't tell if he was satisfied, or did he settle? After all the passionate nights spent with his woman who had his heart, and all the arguments that lead to the passion filled nights, to the son that happened so unexpectedly, but he never regretted him, and the daughter he thought he never wanted but treated like a princess, did these thing make him happy, or did they just distract him from his life's true purpose: to be the most powerful and feared being in the universe.

So that night at dinner, things ended a little differently.

"So all I said was, what did I do, and she just stares at me like I'm the crazy the one" Trunks had been going on and on about this fight he had with his girlfriend. "I mean you're a girl mom, tell me she is crazy right?"

"Hmm, I'm sorry what, oh I don't know honey ask your father?" Bulma had stopped paying him any attention twenty minutes ago after constantly telling bulla not to use her cell phone at the table. So that left a very annoyed Vegeta sitting there with a headache trying to block out all of chatter going on in the dining room, and failing miserably. He just wanted them to go away, so he closed his eyes tight hoping that when he opened them again they would be gone, and when he opened his eyes back up they were still there. So he snapped.

Before they knew what was going on, the table was reduced to nothing but ashes, with a stunned Bulma covered in soot.

"What the hell is your problem you jackass, can't we go one day without you blowing some shit up." She said to still silent Vegeta. "Well? Are you just gonna sit there and pout like a child or you gonna say something?!"

And still without a word, Vegeta rose from his seat and began to make his exit, when he felt a hand on his arm. He turned his head slightly, just enough for Bulma to see his clenched jaw, outwardly showing his frustration. Realizing she couldn't stop him if she tried, she released his with a defeated sigh, and he continued on with his exit, but before he crossed the threshold of the door he heard Bulma speak. "This is far from over. We will finish this later".

Knowing good and well he could still hear her. With that being said, she turned to her still shocked children. "Go to your rooms…..now". And Trunks and Bulla were awakened from their stupor and quickly glanced at each other before running straight to their bedrooms, leaving Bulma alone in room with pile of ashes. "send for clean up" she said while pressing a button on a nearby wall. With a deep sigh, she ran her fingers through her short locks before turning and headed towards her bedroom to get cleaned up before retreating to her lab to take her mind off of tonight's events.

(((6 hours later)))

Vegeta enters the room, and after running himself mad for the last 6 hours. While on the way home he had re-evaluated his current situation, and came to the conclusion that, he had to get away from all of this, at least for a while.

So he came back home with the intent on getting one of Bulma's capsule ships from her lab, believing she would be asleep by now, he barely sensed her in time to not be startled by her voice. "Where have you been?" she said, with exhaustion in her voice.

"Out." he said clearly calmer than earlier. Vegeta continued on with looking through the cabinet he knew to be filled with capsules.

"Can I help you find something?" she said, staring at his back.

"I need a ship" he said blankly.

"On the top shelf to your left" she said, while standing and making her way to him, stopping just a few feet away. "Why do you need a ship anyway?"

"I'm leaving." he said, still not turning to face her. Feeling she would question him further, he continued to speak. "I need to get away from all of this." While fidgeting with the capsule between his fingers.

"What do you mean by all of this" she said, with curiosity in her voice. And she went on. "I really hope you not referring to your family Vegeta" clearly fuming by now, she impatiently waited for an answer.

"No, this!" he said, finally turning to look her in the eyes. "This is what I need to get away from. Is this all my life has been reduced to? Everyday it's the same bullshit day in and day out, and I'm sick and tired of it. I used to be someone great, a man known throughout all of the galaxies for his strength." He said while closing the gap between them.

"And you are still a great man, and you are also a better man." She said, staring directly into his dark eyes.

"How does having such an inferior lifestyle make me better?" He said, all while never breaking eye contact.

"Inferior?" She echoed. "Vegeta, I can promise you that this life you have is far better than any life you could have had out there in space!"

"You would think that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, I do! This inferior life you have is the reason you are still a great man today!"

"I used to be a great man, I used to be respected by all. Now I don't even get respect from my own goddamn offspring!" Slightly raising his voice.

"That's not true! You know we all love and respect you. What those people in your past gave you was not respect, it was hate and fear." She said, feeling offended by his words.

"It is better to be feared rather than love." He said much quieter this time, like he meant every word he said, while turning his gaze away her.

"You don't believe that." She said, calling his bluff.

"You don't know what I believe, because you don't know me. He retorted.

"I know that you love your children, and I know love me."

"So what?"

"So! I know if you had the chance to choose, you would choose this!" She gestured arm around the room. "Honestly, if you had the chance to wish for the perfect life-"

"I would do it in a heart beat!" He said quickly before he the chance to think about it. He saw her, and he knew that he didn't convince her, at all. "See, you don't know me as well as you think you do!"

Bulma sighed deeply at him. "So what now?" She shrugged.

"What?" He said confused.

"What now, huh? Would you rather I look at you as your enemies did, with fear in my eyes and hate in my heart?" she said, gently grabbing his face to force him to look at her again. "What do you want Vegeta?"

He looked away from the blue orbs that read him like a book. He couldn't let her the doubt in his eyes. Not after the things he just said.

After not getting a response she sighed again defeat, and let her hand drop from his face. She knew that she was fighting a losing battle, so with one last look she turned on her heels and went back to her desk and sat back down and attempted to go back to work, even though she could no longer think of anything but the words that just came from her husband's mouth.

Vegeta, still without saying a word, grabbed what he needed and turned to make his when he heard Bulma speak one last time. "Vegeta," She said, still not looking up from her desk, afraid he might see the angry tears that threaten to fall. "I love you, I hope you get everything you ever wanted, even if it's not with me."

Despite not looking at each other, Bulma knew Vegeta had heard her, and when the door to her lab finally closed, her tears fell freely down face, and she stayed there and cried herself to sleep.

(((Outside of Capsule Corp)))

Vegeta pressed the top of the capsule and threw it to the ground, and in a puff of smoke a ship appeared. As Vegeta made his way into the ship, stopping to glance over his shoulder at the dome shaped building he called his home. With the intent on not returning, he gathered his things and set course for open space. After leaving the atmosphere, Vegeta released a sad sigh and tried to relax by leaning back in his seat and closing his eyes. Believing he did what he had to had to do to make his dreams his reality. And as he dosed off, in his heart he silently made a wish, for all things he believed he wanted.

As he finally embraced sleep, Vegeta failed to notice the electrical storm approaching, when the ship entered the storm it shook violently awakening Vegeta from his brief slumber. He attempted to take the controls, but as soon as he did the panel surged and the ship was out of his control and before he knew it everything went black.

Several hours later Vegeta awoke a mild headache, and in a bed. He had no idea how came to be here, or did he just dream up the whole thing. Vegeta settled back onto his pillow and ran his hand over the silk sheets and turned to his side to drape his arm over his beloved mate, he moved in closer to her, to hold her tight still thinking about that awful dream. When he brought his hand to her hair and opened his eyes he realized it was longer than usual, and also black as night. Now absolutely sure this is not Bulma, Vegeta quickly shot out of the bed, looking around to take in his surroundings, and he was sure he was not in Capsule Corp. but the saiyans royal bed chambers.

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