Harry Potter and the Rise of Cobra

Harry Potter/G. I. Joe X-Over

Chapter 2

This is a Harry Potter/ G. I. Joe Crossover, though at first it won't seem like one. I will warn you that it is based off of the movie Rise of Cobra. I also warn all Shana/Ripcord fans to leave right now. That pairing will NOT happen. It is a Shana/Snake Eyes pairing. It is also Harry Potter/Lily Potter pairing, although the two are from alternate dimensions, so you've been warned. Any more information and I'd give the story away. I've had at least one person upset with the pairing. Hopefully the way I present this, you'll hardly even know they are son and mom from alternate dimensions. They are not physically related and won't act like they're related. All will be explained in good time. I promise!

Warnings of death, darker natured characters, end-of-world-scenarios, torture, and other similar topics (not necessarily in every chapter, but this is just a general warning).

G.I. Joe and Harry Potter do NOT belong to me. I'm just having fun mashing the two in what will hopefully be a rather unique manner. Also Fairy Tail does not belong. I've used some attacks from the Anime.

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Sergeant Shana O'Hara opened her eyes and then quickly closed them again. It was way too bright for such an ungodly time of day, but here she was at 5:30 a.m. unable to sleep. She rolled over and pulled her covers over her head, trying to fall back asleep, but knew it was futile. THAT day had arrived once again.

Once, a celebrated mini-holiday, now a day to let all of her tears out. The one day where she wasn't Sergeant O'Hara; when she was once again Lily Potter: widow and mother of a child who had died at a young age. And that all happened before she was even twenty-two years old.

Shana still remembered that Halloween night, like it was yesterday. The now twenty-six year old shuddered. That night, October 31, 2021 cost her so much. She had been at her friend, Alice's house at the time . James and Sirius had agreed to take care of Harry so that she could have a break. James had gone out the weekend before with Sirius, so now it was her turn. They were both feeling crammed having to live in their home for safety reasons. The following week was her turn, so she had immediately gone to Longbottom Manor to spend some time with her best friend.

Upon returning home later that night, Shana was shocked and mortified to see the Dark Mark over her home. Distraught, she ran into the house and right into Rubeus Hagrid.

His completely forlorn expression caused the witch to break down, crying as her legs gave out beneath her. It wasn't until later that she learned Voldemort had attacked her home that night. Sirius had tried to hold off the Dark Lord in the foyer as James ran up stairs with Harry.

The assumption was Sirius fell to Voldemort's wand guarding the foot of the stairs. James and Harry's bodies were found upstairs in the partially destroyed Master Bedroom. Harry was on the bed and James on the ground in front of it. There was no sign of Voldemort or any other Death Eater.

Hagrid brought Shana to Hogwarts where she spent the next few days crying. Just so she could get some rest, she was kept in the hospital wing and fed dreamless sleep potions.

It was during this time that the Longbottom's were attacked at home and both Frank and Alice were left practically brain dead. Shana never had the courage to visit them. A fact she regretted years later.

That same week, news of Remus' death hit the newspapers. He was proclaimed a traitor to the Potter's and the killer of Peter Pettigrew and twelve muggles. The arriving Aurors were reported to arrived at the scene just after the explosion. Seeing a known werewolf and suspect of aiding the death of the Potter's, the Aurors killed him.

Upon learning of this, Shana began to despair. Her emotions had lead to her being left bedridden when she felt she could have saved the Longbottom's and even Remus. Her emotions had caused nothing but problems. So she began locking them away. Smiles that once grazed her face on a daily basis were rare to see even on a weekly one. Her laugh, which had once been called melodic and beautiful rarely if ever escaped her lips. And her eyes that had once shone like emeralds were now a deeper, darker green. The light in them had gone out.

She immediately informed Dumbledore that Peter had been the secret keeper. The newspapers put out a notice for Peter's arrest, but did not apologize for trashing Remus. He died leaving a world that thought he was a murderer and traitor.

Shana decided that she had to leave. Even though the magical world had given her so much, it had taken all of it away again. Shana decided she could not and would not live in an environment like that, so one night she packed her stuff and left for America. She had family in Georgia, the O'Hara's who were more than willing to let her live with them.

Her mom's sister had died a few years back, but her Uncle and cousins were still alive. They owned a Dojo, which was run by the three boys in the family: Steven, Stanley "Stan", and Sam. They were 26, 24, and 21 respectively. Lily also had a girl cousin, named Siobhan who was 24 and Stan's twin.

Upon arriving in Georgia and meeting her cousins for the first time, she slowly grew to love the guys in the family. Siobhan on the other hand reminded her of Petunia. Siobhan had hated her almost from the very beginning. Shana was everything that she was not; Shana hated fashion, was practically emotionless, and the worst 'sin' in Siobhan's eyes: Shana joined her cousins in the Dojo five days a week.

Shana never told them much about her past except that her husband and son had been killed and that she had nowhere to turn. They took her into the family without a second thought.

It took a good number of months before she finally started to really open up to her extended family. In that time, Shana found out that she had a real talent for Martial Arts. She grew to love it even more than she had even loved Charms or Potions.

Driven by how unfair Magical Britain had been, she started taking courses in Law at University. Shana also learned everything she could about computers from Sean who was a computer prodigy.

Upon graduating from college only three years after starting, she started working at a local Law firm, but was bored with the menial tasks given to her. Her fellow female employees didn't like her because of her looks. They believed she got her job so soon out of college by sleeping with the heads of the firm. She denied all claims, but her colleagues never believed her.

She quit after only a couple of months.

Joining the military had never been a thought in her mind until one day in August. It had only been a few weeks after she quit. Shana had been walking down the street when a mugger attacked her. She quickly beat him off, sending him running when a voice behind her called out. She quickly turned around.

She still remembered everything about him. He had been an older gentleman, in his 50's. He had been wearing an army camouflage pants and leather jacket with a black beret on his head. He smiled and said, "Nice form, miss. Have you ever thought about using those skills for a greater purpose? Have you ever thought about serving our great country in the Army?"

At the time she had laughed it off. 'Her? In the Army?' she had thanked him and gone on her way. It wasn't until she got home that she had realized there was a card in her purse that had a name, number, and address on it. Upon further inspection, she realized it was the local Army Recruitment Office.

She didn't throw away the card and after a week of thinking about it, she enlisted in the United States Army. Her family had been shocked. Sean and Sam loved the idea, but her Uncle and Steven were scared for her. Siobhan had been less than receptive to the idea, but Shana had long since stopped caring what Siobhan thought.

Three weeks later, she shipped off to Boot. Due to her physical training, she didn't have as hard a time as the some of the other recruits. She instead ran into another problem; being one of three women recruits in the batch, she caught lots of attention from the other recruits. And rarely any of it good.

She never let this affect her though, having sworn off relationships with anyone but her immediate family, and by the end of Boot Camp, she was the class' best marksman, best hand-to-hand fighter, and scored highest on most of the aptitude exams.

Due to her high exam scores, she was shipped off to CIS or Counter Intelligence School right out of Boot. She loved the challenge presented by CI and quickly climbed the ranks among her fellow classmates. A year later at Corporal O'Hara was among the Army's newest Counter Intelligence Agents.

With, at the time, current hostilities in Chile, her Battalion was sent in to provide support for the United Nations forces already there. Chile had become a hotspot two years before hand when the United States' allied leader was assassinated and replaced by a ruthless dictator. The man called himself Cobra Commander and in Shana's completely professional opinion had a huge snake fetish. His soldiers and vehicles were all named after snakes and his logo was of a Cobra's head. Naturally he called his forces "Cobra Command".

Shana shook her head at the thought. It had been a weird mission, and Shana spent the following three months providing intelligence for the Allied forces. While there, she heard stories of an American Special Forces group that was working with them.

Not much was known about this group except that they were a Joint Forces Operation that operated directly for the Pentagon and the President.

She only saw them four times in the whole three months she was there. Each time there had been no more than eleven of them at any time.

The group stood out like a sore thumb; a funny mix of Army Rangers, Navy Seals, Marines, and even one guy who looked like he was pretending to be a ninja. She knew he was mute. She could tell because he never spoke and always used sign language. Not that she could understand it, but she could tell his teammates could understand him.

Of the four times she saw them, she saw him twice. Both times he had been with the same blonde woman. Shana still couldn't help but think the woman should have been a runway model not a soldier. She was beautiful! Even wearing Army fatigues and grease all over her uniform, hands, and face.

A month after Shana's unit had been sent home, Cobra Command was forced out of Chile and its illusive leader vanished from radar. That had been seven months ago and there was still no word about his location.

Not that this was important to Shana. No. What was important right now were the papers in her hands. They were her new orders. She was being reassigned to a based only referred to as the PIT.


Headquarters, 24th Infantry Intelligence

ORDERS 017-34 25 September 2026 th

O'Hara, Shana L. xxx-xx-xxxx (Classified) USJF

You are deployed on an Indeterminate Temporary Change of Station (TCS). Your future assignment will be explained upon arrival. You will submit a reviewed travel voucher for this travel to the finance office within 5 working days after return from this deployment.

Assigned to United States Joint Forces. PIT. Location Classified.

Purpose: Classified

Number of days: Classified

Will proceed date: 31 October 2026

Security clearance: Classified (Will be provided upon arrival)

Accounting classification: (For both active and reserve component Soldiers, contact installation management command comptroller for fund cite)

Customer Identification Code (CIC): (See Chapter 4 of the PPG for CIC information)

Movement designator code: - NA -

Additional instructions: Will be provided upon arrival

Shana had no idea what this was about, but orders were orders. Her Uncle had been even less pleased than when she had first enlisted, but understood that she had to do what she was told.

By this point, Siobhan didn't even talk to her anymore. Her other three cousins though supported her and were sorry to see her leave. They joked that having her presence was almost like their little family was complete again for the first time since their mom died.

Today though was October 31. Today she was getting picked up to be sent to her new base. Shana was pretty excited although to anyone's notice she was as stoic as ever. Balancing out her emotion of excited still was the sorrow of that day. She couldn't help but wish she was shipping out on ANY other day of the year, but orders were orders.

In the distance she saw a helicopter flying towards her location. Since she was the only person there, she assumed it was for her. When she had first arrived, her ex-boss had brought her here. He had left only minutes ago saying he wasn't allowed to be there. She barely heard him complain about spooky secret agencies as he left.

Her thoughts were interrupted when the aircraft landed almost uncomfortably close to her position. Even before the craft had fully landed, the door was yanked open and a man in Army drabs jumped out.

To Shana he looked like a desk jockey. He wore glasses, looked pretty nondescript, and didn't look like he was armed besides his sidearm that was in a holster under his left arm.

He smiled and held out his hand, which she shook. He shouted, "Welcome Sergeant O'Hara. I'm Corporal Breaker. I'll be bringing you to base with good old Chief Warrant Officer Wild Bill here. Just call him Wild Bill and myself Breaker, Ma'am. Welcome to the team."

He then turned and jogged back to the chopper with Shana following behind. Upon entering the chopper, the pilot looked over his shoulder and smiled at her. She was shocked to see he was wearing a cowboy hat that looked like something out of a Civil War Calvary history book. She assumed he was Bill, or Wild Bill as… Breaker had called him.

'Weird. Must be nicknames,' she thought.

As the helicopter took off, Shana looked outside the window and thought, 'what have I gotten myself into this time? Last time I joined a secret society of sorts, I found out I was magical. Please tell me this isn't going to be as strange.'

Seeing Breaker speaking to what looked like a hologram, she realized she had most likely just jumped into a world almost as strange as the last one she left. She let out a sigh and leaned back into her seat.

And that is the end of the Lily Potter introductory chapter. If you haven't guessed, Lily Potter of this new dimension is Shana O'Hara. For non-G.I. Joe people, you can look up who she is or just wait a couple of chapters till she comes back into the story. Most likely around Chapter Five. Four at the earliest.

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