Meeting Kelly

At 12pm the gang and Kim's mother were all in the car on their way to blue bay harbor. 30 min. later and a lot of Jerry being Jerry they got to blue bay hotel. After putting their stuff in their hotel rooms. ( hotel rooms: Jack and Jerry, Eddie and Milton, Kim and Kim's mother Hailey) The gang was in the lobby.

Kim: Hey why don't we go and meet my cousins?

Jack: Ok!

Jerry: Swag.

Eddie: cool.

Milton: let's go.

They walk out and head to Storm Chargers. When they get there they walk in.

Jack: Kim why are we at a sports store?

Kim: You'll see.

Kelly then walks out of the back room and spots Kim.

Kelly: Kim what are you doing here?

Kim: Hi aunt Kelly. I'm just here visiting with my friends. Kelly this is Jack, Jerry, Eddie, and Milton. Guys this is my aunt Kelly.

Kelly: Hello.

Jack, Eddie, and Milton: Hi.

Jerry: Yo.

Kim: Where are Susan, Chris, Jane, Tommy, and Lilly?

Kelly: at the track. I was just about to go there would you like a lift?

Kim: Sure.

Kelly: Well then let's go.

They then get into the Storm Chargers van and head to the track.