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"It's the fourth time her phone has gone to voicemail, can I please see if she's alright?" David pleaded with his wife as they rushed into Granny's, keen to escape the frigid weather.

Mary Margaret could only stare at her husband with a judgmental glare as she extricated herself of her many layers.

"Don't you dare." She chided, taking a seat in one of the booths. "Besides I think you know exactly what she's doing right now." She added.

David winced at the words. The thought that his daughter was doing anything with a certain one handed pirate that was decidedly not kosher he pushed to the furthest recesses of his brain.

"I choose to think they're playing chess." He said sitting down in a booth opposite his wife. She merely chuckled at him, shaking her head.

"Who's playing chess?" Henry voiced, appearing at their table and sliding in beside Mary Margaret, preventing her from responding to her husband.

"You're mom and Hook." Mary Margaret said simply, shooting a knowing look across at David.

"Well I think it's great." Henry said simply as Regina appeared.

"What's great, Henry?" She asked her son, looking from him to the married couple shooting nervous and amused glances at each other.

"Emma and Hook are currently 'playing chess', as David feels the need to put it." Ruby interrupted, placing cups of coffee before the adults at the table, "And they are probably going to be 'playing chess' for some time." She added, specifically to David before disappearing.

Mary Margaret attempted to hold in the giggles at her husband's increasingly puce shaded face.

"Hook and Emma?" Regina asked no one in particular, her eyebrows crinkling and her finger swaying back and forth.

Mary Margaret's giggles erupted momentarily as she dropped her hand, nodding. David moaned and Henry beamed.

"Does Neal know?" Regina asked, sliding into the booth next to David.

The need for gossip dripped from Regina's presence, not that anyone could blame her. The Gossip Mills in this town were going to be in overdrive for the next few days.

"Yeah, didn't take it so well." Henry said simply. "But he'll come round. He just wants Emma to be happy, he knows that."

Regina nodded. "Well good for them." She cheered. "Now there's two people who need a little bit of 'chess playing' happiness."

David placed his hands over his ears and looked up at the ceiling, desperate to escape the conversation before pushing Regina out of the way and disappearing into the back of the diner. Both Mary Margaret and Regina's laughter followed him. Henry also left the booth, a broad smile on his face at his grandfather's retreating back, but it was only to get a cinnamon bun from Granny before he returned to his place at the table, the two women both taking chunks of the bun for themselves.

"I take it that you're more okay about Emma's choice than David is?" Regina asked Mary Margaret.

Mary Margaret looked away for a moment. "When I first found out, I will admit I was, disappointed. But more for Henry than anything else." She glanced at her grandson briefly, who was watching their conversation eagerly. "But at the same time I wasn't surprised. She and Hook have always had a connection deeper than I think either of them realized. Neverland merely brought it to their full attention. She relied on him more than any of us acknowledged." She explained wistfully.

"So they're not 'playing chess' because they're bored?" Regina queried, eager to keep this conversation as 'G' rated as possible for Henry.

He may know more about the birds and the bees than Regina cared to acknowledge, but when the birds and bees were fluttering around your parents, it completely changed everything.

Mary Margaret nodded at the meaning behind Regina's words. "I believe it is. And once David acknowledges that it is True Love, he'll be fully supportive of it." She said wistfully.
"And for the time being, every time it's mentioned, he finds somewhere to hide, or looks like he's either going to be sick or shout blue murder." She shrugged taking a sip of her coffee.

"You really think its True Love?" Henry asked.

Mary Margaret looked to the little boy beside her. This was the moment, the moment where the little boy with single parents who had always dreamed of them being one happy family, this was the moment that that dream ended. She could see the hope in his eyes, and the last thing she wanted to do was hurt him. But she felt she had no choice.

"I do."

Two words. Two tiny little words. The only affect they had on him was a small smile, a nod of the head and he returned to his pastry.

She looked to Regina who quirked an eyebrow and shrugged at her, a look that told her 'you were expecting tears, weren't you. Sorry to disappoint.' Mary Margaret smiled in response, once again surprised by her grandson. Silence covered the table, the three mulling over the news they had exchanged.

When David eventually returned to the table, Regina had a broad grin on her face, eyes tipped up, gazing into the distance. Ruby chose this same moment to return to the table, coffee pot in hand, refilling the two now empty cups.

"You okay Regina?" Ruby asked with a small frown.

"Can you imagine what their children will look like?" She quipped.

Ruby's face gained an identical euphoric state.

Mary Margaret nearly choked on her coffee as she sighted her husband who visibly blanched.

"Oooh I've always wanted a younger brother or sister!" Henry cheered. "Do you think it will be a boy or girl?" He swirled at the three women surrounding him, looking up at his grandfather who made his way to the door, wrapping himself back in his coats before disappearing back outside, followed by the raucous laughter of the three women left at the booth.

"Come on David." Ruby called after him. "It is one of the dangers of 'playing chess' where one member isn't familiar with the rules of this world."

"I should go after him before he does something he'll regret." Mary Margaret laughed, at her husband's disappearing form, motioning for Henry to move so she could slip out of the booth.

"We should get going to." Regina spoke, looking to her son. "Before this storm snows us in." She added.

Henry nodded, finished the last of his pastry and reached for the backpack he had dropped beside the booth. As the two of them were shrugging into their coats, saying their final farewells to Mary Margaret, Henry paused, mouth agape.

"Henry what is it?" Mary Margaret noticed his posture before Regina did.

"I just thought, what will Mr. Gold do when he finds out?" A strange gleeful expression fluttered across his face.

Mary Margaret and Regina could only glance at each other, then to Ruby who was watching the scene play out with a wicked grin on her features.

"Can I please, please be there when that happens?" She begged.

Mary Margaret could only laugh at her friend's enthusiasm, fare welling them one last time before disappearing through the door. Regina could only smile at the younger woman, reaching for her son and leading him out.

The future of this small town and its inhabitants were going to be deeply entertaining.


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