So I felt like writing some Romance/Humor, so here it is. The humor doesn't exactly appear in this chapter, but every good story needs it's foundations, right? Any-who, I promise that chaos is going to ensue. All I can say right now is, poor Jaune. You'll see hehehe. Review's are encouraged.

A loud sigh sounded from the blonde haired boy as he collapsed on his bed, the verbal reflection of inner feeling slightly echoing through the dorm room. The only other noise to be heard was that of Ren fine-tuning his weapon as he paid no attention to his friend's actions. Another sigh, long and exaggerated, sounded from the lungs of the boy. This time his message was received. Ren looked up from his weaponry to the body that lay limp-like across the room.

"What is it this time?" the black-with-a-pink-strip-haired boy asked monotonically, dreading the regular occurrence.

"I just don't get it…" began Jaune in what would more than likely be another failed love-life attempt. The always passive seeming boy cut his leader short mid-sentence in a decision to save himself from hearing the same line of complaints.

"Look, Jaune, I'll cut to the chase. You come here every other day in the same mood, for the same reason. When are you going to learn?" A few moments of silence transpired as the hunter-in-training considered what his only male friend's words. Finally, he spoke up.

"Surely it doesn't happen that often."

"This is the fourteenth time this month." Ren's response was quick, leaving no time for silence to linger; however once it was said, silence fell once more only to be broken by the surprised blonde again.

"But, this month started just over a week ago."

"My point exactly," Ren thought about his words before speaking again, "Actually no, that's not my point. My point is you just don't get it."

"I said that already."

"No, not… ah would you just… that's not what… gah…" Ren closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, calming himself, before he continued. "Jaune, what I mean is you try too hard, and it is off-putting to the female population." Jaune contemplated this, and was about to speak when he was silenced by Ren. "Don't even say it, because I've heard the 'my dad say's women look for confidence' line plenty of time. Confidence does grab a girls attention, but faking confidence doesn't work and for two reasons. One, a woman can see right through the charade, and two, it usually comes across as overconfidence, which is annoying and pitiful." Silence allowed for the words to sink into the boys thoughts.

"So… what do you suggest I do?"

"Honestly, just be yourself. Don't push for a girl's attention by being some 'smooth talker,' but instead let the chips fall where they may." The blonde boy nodded in understanding, and in gratitude. This revelation opened the eyes of team JNPR's leader, and lifted a great weight off his shoulders. "Oh, and if anyone should ask, for whatever reason; I never gave you this love life advice. Or else" Jaune chuckled at Ren's empty threat.

"Well we wouldn't want to ruin your reputation of the quite guy, now would we?" Ren simply shrugged at his teammate's humour, his face harbouring a smile.

"Thank's, Ren."

"Anytime, Jaune," he replied, and with that the two fell into silence once more.

(Later that night, on the roof)

"Excellent work, Jaune, you are getting a lot better," she clasped her hands together in joy as her fiery red hair gently swayed in the wind.

"Thanks Pyrrha, but I wouldn't be if it weren't for you," he replied happily, grateful for his partner's help. He's words causing the blood to run hot around his friend's face.

"Oh... I-I just gave a l-little push is all," she stutters. She looked upon her leader, admiring his features in the moonlight. It shone down on him, making his hair and skin glow as he looked over the horizon, light reflecting of his armour making it shine. Blushing once more as she realised that she had been staring, again. Keep it together Pyrrha, what if he saw you staring. Though what's not to stare at, especially in the moonlight… he looks so… no, stop, you're doing it again. She blushed again.

"You ok, Pyrrha?" Jaune asked, snapping his teammate out of her trance.

"Oh, I'm… fine. Just admiring the view." Immediately, her face heated up and she looked away, realising that her cover up was worse than what she meant it to be, or what the current situation was. Luckily, this seemed to pass the clueless boy.

"Yeah, the moons rather bright tonight, it's… nice." Both looked out to the horizon, enjoying the peaceful view of the chilly night. Something about the scene drove the two unknowingly together, until they stood shoulder to shoulder. In a bold rush of adrenaline, Pyrrha wrapped her arms around Jaune waist, pulling him close and resting her head on his shoulder. She was pleased when she found that the boy she held close didn't make a move to push her away. Instead, they just stood there, looking out on the horizon. However Jaune was lost in thought, not really noticing the arms that held hugged his waist.

Though he hadn't notice how his partner had brought them into a more intimate position, Jaune did feel something deep within him. He felt peace.

A little short, but I can't wait for where this is going to go. Plenty planned, so stay tuned! XD - Quill