A/N: (This is a fuzzy bit, but I am convinced that I am James Bond)

Did I really just think that? *facepalm* okay, unless you really want me to write my 'James Bond Experience' I'm just going to go to the main story.

Let's set this up then. I am with my family and our 'friends' at a sort of party that John has convinced Sherlock to attend. Anyway, the little boy who is a friend of my brother has made a sort of bat man cloak that will help him glide. He tries to 'glide from one high point in the room to the other, but gets scared and tucks his arms in causing him to fall.

I see Sherlock freaking out and knowing his fear of falling quickly cover his eyes. He struggles for a few seconds before relaxing. I kind of black out here, but when I am more aware I am dreaming I find myself somewhere else where I am older.

This is where the story really begins so, you ready?