It was a normal day on Berk. Well, normally cold, but it was always that on this frozen, isolated island. A golden haired and green eyed teenager walked through his village, being unnoticed by everyone, as he always was. He was walking to his home after a long day at the Forge. Gobber the Belch was one task master, the boy had to restock the entire armoury, because a certain someone blew up the entire weapon store.

"Are you alright son, didn't see you there." Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Chief of the Hairy Hooligans, heartedly said, slapping the boy's shoulder.

"I bet you didn't." Frostbite Haddock mumbled under his breath, rolling his eyes. "I'm just tired, dad, that's all."

"Uh, ok, why don't you go get some rest, then?" The Chief said awkwardly, not exactly sure how to approach his son's mood.

"I was about to do that." Frostbite grumbled.

The boy loved his father, heck, there couldn't be two people more alike. They both were screw ups in their childhood and were both geniuses with a pencil, metal and leather, but there were several more differences other than their hair colour.

Hiccup was the Dragon Trainer while Frostbite was his son who seemed like didn't get the right gene. Hiccup now had a decent amount of muscles while Frostbite struggled to lift the axes in the Forge. Hiccup was incredibly busy as Chief, for his family or his son's problems, leaving his wife at home to take care of the children. If there is one thing to know about Astrid Hofferson (or Haddock as she was known these days) was that she could never be able to understand the problems of a runt, that was Hiccup's field and he was too busy.

Frostbite sighed as he walked into the house, looking back at his father, who was now commanding a few men.

As he predicted his mother was cooking dinner, his sister was feeding a group of Terrible Terrors, his brother was sharpening his axe. Everything was normal. For them. They had a purpose. They were complete.

Frostbite on the other hand, was not the same. He had no purpose in life. He was alone. Even with amazing parents, two other siblings, so many uncles and aunt, he was alone. No one understood him. His father might have, but the man barely ever entered his own home, and when he did he was either too tired or too hungry to talk.

Without a word, Frostbite dragged himself up the stairs and into his room, which he shared with his brother. He fell onto the bottom part of the bunk bed that belonged to him.

The blonde Viking was too tired for anything. He fell asleep instantly.

"Where's Frostbite?" Astrid Haddock looked around the dining table, where her youngest son and daughter sat around.

"Not my problem." Aster Haddock gorged himself at the food in front of him.

Valhamarra Haddock rolled her eyes at her brother. "I'll go get him." She stood up and went upstairs.

At that moment, the Chief of the village came into the house. "Hello, family." He pecked his wife's lips and took his seat next to her. "How's everyone doing today?"

"He's sleeping like a baby." Val came downstairs. "Oh, hey dad." She greeted her father.

"Frostbite? Sleep through dinner." Astrid cocked her eyebrow.

"He's tired, I would be too if I had to restock an entire armoury." Hiccup said, taking a bite out of his food.

"Something is off about him." Astrid looked to the direction of the stairs.

"Finally, you noticed that Frost is a freak, now I believe there are more pressing matters, such as ... MUM'S COOKING!" Aster stuffed his face.

"Don't call your brother a freak." Hiccup glared at his youngest son. "One day, you'll come to regret that you made fun of him."

"Yeah, what makes you think that?" Aster looked into his empty cup.

"Personal experience." Hiccup said harshly. "He'll mess up, he'll humiliate himself, and he might mentally scars himself forever. But eventually he'll find something to out do you in. And you'll be sorry for every bad word you said about him."

Astrid put a hand on her husband's, feeling a pang of guilt rush through her.

"Ppphhh. He's can't lift an axe, he can't train a dragon and he can't be a proper Viking." Aster defended himself.

"Well, maybe he'll bring a whole new definition to the word 'Viking'." Hiccup smiled victoriously at the brown haired teenager.

"If he ever does become something extra-ordinary, I'll accept him as ... a human." Aster sniggered and left for his bedroom.

"You'll regret this someday, son. And it will be embarrassing, trust me." Hiccup whispered as he watched his son walk up the stairs.