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The Keyhole

Varys let her go, with one last shady warning. Libby didn't know what to think about the bald man. Just that she felt she couldn't trust him, so she kept her answers to his questions short and vauge. She had just left the small house when a cocky mans' voice stopped her.

"Do many women dress like that where you come from?" He was tall, with golden hair and a mocking half-smile. He was in armor that matched Aryas' description of the Kingsguard.

"Who wants to know?" Libby replied in a cool voice. The man laughed, and she tried to keep a straight face. 'Whoa, he's hot!' She thought. 'Keep it together girl, he's also not your type.'

The man gave her a once-over, making her think he might have x-ray vision. "I'm Jaime, of the house Lannister. And you are in trouble. Why do you want our good King Robert?" He didn't mince words, she noticed.

"Let's just say I'm not what you should be worried about."

"Oh?" Jaime raised an eyebrow. "Pray, what you here to protect the King from that I and my brothers cannot handle?" As he said this, Libby spotted black antennae behind his legs. Drawing the Keyblade, she shouted,

"THAT!" As she threw it, the Keyblade spun and hit the Heartless. Jaime had his sword drawn as it disappeared in a cloud of black smoke.

"SEVEN HELLS!" He shouted, pointing his weapon first at where the Heartless once stood, then at Libby.

"No time! There's more coming, now where's this tourney gonna be at?" Libby held out her hand as the Keyblade reappeared in it. Jaime lowered his sword and looked around warily.

"Who are you?" He stopped short and took a fighting stance. Libby spun around and barely blocked an attack from a Heartless. This one was shaped like a lion, if lions were as big as young elephants, black as pitch, and had an Emblem on its flank.

"Heartless! Jaime run!" But the knight stood his ground, taking out a giant Heartless that resembled a stag. Libby defeated the lion Heartless just as another, this one resembling a giant wolf, took its place. Behind it, were several more that looked like bears and birds and more lions. "Ugh! There's too many!" She thought about running, but she couldn't leave Jaime, who didn't look like the running type. Then she got an idea. "Jaime! Your sword!"

"What?!" The knight shouted.

"Your sword! Just for a second!" Without waiting for an answer, Libby grabbed it from him. As he tried to take it back, she jumped into his hand. After giving him a signal, he nodded in understanding and used both hands to throw her into the air. Clutching both weapons to her chest, Libby sailed high. She looked down and aimed head first as gravity took over. She opened her arms and began to spin, the Keyblade and Jaimes' sword creating a whirlwind, and as she crashed into the throng of enemies, the knight had to cover his eyes as the dust engulfed everything...


Archimedes was flying above the city, looking for Libby when a huge cloud of dust and dirt assaulted him. It threw him off course, the poor owl went spinning and tumbling and squwaking.

"That girl!" He said as he finally took cover behind a building. "With an attack as powerful as that, every Heartless in this world will be looking for her! I should've stayed with Merlin!"

But after shaking himself off, Archimedes took flight once more to search for his companion. He finally found her, shaking the dust from her clothes and hair. She was standing next to a tall blonde man who was doing the same. "Great, now she's gotten the attention of authorites!"Complained the owl as he took in the knights' armor and sword. "And here I came all this way without bail!"

As he said this, Libby looked up and spotted him. "Hey Bird! Down here!" Grumbling, he flew down to join her. "Archimedes, where you been? We were just attacked, did you see if more were coming? Did you see the tourney from up there? Where is it? This is Jaime by the way-"

"All right, all right! You talk too much Girl!" The knight, Jaime, stared at him with wide eyes and mouth agape. "What?! You never seen an owl before? Anyway, one question at a time! I was at the ship, resting because you wear me out!" Libby rolled her eyes. "As for the Heartless, I didn't see any more but I'll bet my left wing there'll be more thanks to that fiasco before! I did see where the tourney was, and since Sir Stares-A-Lot is busy gawking at me, I'll take you there myself." Archimedes puffed out his chest, waiting for his due thanks.

"Thanks Archimedes. Jaime, stay here. I'll go check-"

"No." The knight said simply. "You do not give me orders, I go where I'm needed, and it seems my place is the tourney. And on the way there you're going to tell me everything I need to know about these...Heartless. Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

Libby and Archimedes stared at him, not sure how they lost command of a situation they were practically experts in. Finally, Libby nodded. "Ok Jaime, welcome to the team! For now, if things get hairy though, you might be more help making sure everyone gets away."

Jaime nodded, though his eyes said 'That is up for debate'

"Who? What what?" Arcimedes puffed in agitation. "Next time, I'm staying home!"


The crowd parted for Jaime, which gave Libby and Archimedes a welcome advantage they didn't have with Arya. As promised, they told the knight everything he wanted to know, though Archimedes wasn't too happy about letting another outsider in the loop.

"So you will rid Westoros of these demons? I'd love to see another demonstration of your power..." Jaime grinned crookedly, and Libby turned away. His smile was proud and bright and she'd hate to admit it, but he was very attractive.

They ended up in a seemingly abandoned alley. Jaime started to say something when Libby put a finger to his lips. "Shhh. We're. Not. Alone."

As if on queue, a dark cloud appeared in front of them. Tall, black horns came into view first, then a beautiful white face with a sinister smile.

"Maleficent." Libby and Archimedes exchanged a 'What the hell is SHE doing here?!' glance as the evil fairy looked at them in disdain. Jaime looked from the girl to the owl, to Maleficent, and back again. And then she spoke.

"Do you really think the lion can protect you? He's barely a cub, trying to show he's grown into his mane." Maleficent said cooly, eyeing Jaime. "Now, I'd love to chat but I must be going!" And she was gone. Though they heard her cackle and say from thin air:

"Before long, the king of this world will be a Heartless, along with Clegane!" After Maleficents' cackle died away, Libby turned to Jaime, who was wearing a grim expression most unlike him.

"Who's Clegane? How bad is it? Jaime? You with me?" The knight looked at her with a small smile that didn't touch his eyes.

"Clegane is a bannerman to house Lannister. Sandor is bodyguard to Prince Joffery, my sisters' eldest son and heir to the Iron Throne."

"And you think this Sandor is Maleficents' Heartless spy" Archimedes raised an eyebrow, if owls had eyebrows.

"Who else? Libby, will you help me?"

She shrugged. "Yeah, that's what we were doing in the first place!" Jaime smiled at that, and this time it was genuine.

"Right then, shall we?" Leading the way, he said out of the blue, "Maybe more ladies should be warriors, there's just something about a strong, beautiful girl and her pet." Libby was rooted to the spot, Archimedes flying ahead after making a 'Pfffft' at Jaimes' jest. After shaking her head vigorously to get her game face back on, she ran to catch up with the long-legged man.

"You wish pretty boy!" She shouted after him. Jaime threw his head back and laughed loudly.


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