Hi guys! This is a story idea I've had for a while. This story begins a few weeks before Sectionals in Season 1. I'd say it takes place before 1x12, since the lies about the pregnancies haven't been revealed yet, but Quinn is living at Finn's house. All events from 1x1 to 1x11 are canon. There will be some of the same events from later episodes, but it will be pretty AU from here. Rachel will be switching schools, and Finn will not be happy about that ;) How will they find their way back to each other? And will the truth about the baby ever be revealed?

Chapter 1: Slushie Attacks

Sophomore year was going better for Rachel than freshman year had. Not much better, but better. Glee club was definitely more fun with Mr. Schue leading it and she'd developed a friendship with Finn. When Mr. Ryerson led the Glee club, they didn't even make it to Sectionals and it was poorly run.

She was even beginning to get the feeling some of the other kids in the Glee club didn't dislike her. Maybe they didn't exactly like her, but they didn't seem to actively hate her. Finn of course was always nice to her and they even hung out on the weekends sometimes. Artie, Tina, Brittany, Mike and Matt didn't insult her, and even Kurt and Mercedes had their moments when they agreed with her.

Sectionals were only a few weeks away, and Rachel couldn't wait. She and Finn were the leads of the Glee club, so she was sure Mr. Schue would let them lead a big group number. She loved the looks he gave her when they performed, and she thought their voices sounded perfect together.

Rachel's thoughts were interrupted by a slushie in her face. It was already mid-November and unseasonably cold for this time of year, so now she was even more cold. Her eyes stung, though now that she was used to the slushies, it didn't bother her as much.

"You can't do that!" a voice said. Rachel turned and saw Finn going up to Karofsky.

"Oh yeah?" Karofsky asked as he took another slushie and tossed it on Finn.

Rachel groaned as she headed to the bathroom. Glee was the one bright spot of this year, but other than that, this year wasn't much different from other years. She was still getting slushies thrown on her, several a day.

"Are you okay?" someone in the bathroom asked.

Rachel looked at the other girl in the bathroom. She didn't know her. "Yeah, just a slushie attack."

"Those things have got to hurt," the girl said.

"I get them thrown on me so much, I'm used to it," Rachel admitted.

"Do you need a change of clothes?" the girl asked.

"It's happened so many times, I'm prepared," Rachel sighed.

"Wow," the girl said. "If people threw slushies on me a lot, I'd leave this school. Feel better." She left the room.

Standing in the bathroom, Rachel began to think about what this stranger just said to her. Why was she at McKinley? She only had one real friend, and Quinn did everything in her power to get in the way of that. While the Glee club sounded good in their rehearsals, they were more than likely going to compete against Vocal Adrenaline at Regionals, and they didn't stand a chance against the defending national champions. Her talent wasn't appreciated here. The Glee club was the bottom feeders of the social chain.

"Are you okay?" another voice said as Rachel was leaving the bathroom. She turned again and saw Finn.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Rachel said. "It's just that I already changed clothes once today..." She sighed. She'd done a pretty good job at cleaning up her clothes when she got slushied earlier. They'd have to do.

Finn took off his letterman jacket and handed it to Rachel. "Here. Wear my jacket."

"What are you doing?" Finn and Rachel both turned to see Quinn walking toward them.

"Rachel got slushied," Finn said. "She needs something clean and warm to wear."

"Are you forgetting something?" Quinn asked, giving Finn and Rachel both icy glares."

"That you have something I could wear?" Rachel said, wanting to get the best of Quinn for once.

"That I'm having your baby," Quinn said to Finn. "I'm living at your house because my parents don't want me there anymore." She stepped closer to Rachel. "It's like I told you, you'll never have him."

Rachel felt her heart breaking as she looked up at Finn. He gave her a sympathetic look. As Quinn dragged Finn away, Rachel thought more about what that girl had said to her in the bathroom. As much as she and Finn liked spending time together, as much as she liked him, as much as she was sure he liked her, they couldn't be together. A man just couldn't walk out on the woman carrying his baby.

Finn was really the only thing Rachel didn't want to leave at McKinley. She was sure at another school, her talent would help her be a more appreciated member of the student body and the glee club wouldn't be shunned. Right then and there, she decided she wanted to find a school like that.


"How was school today?" Hiram asked Rachel at dinner.

Rachel took a deep breath. She wasn't sure what her dads would think of the idea of changing schools. Still, it wouldn't hurt to talk to them about it. "I got slushied four times today."

"Four times?" LeRoy asked.

"Four times," Rachel confirmed. She looked at her dads. "I really can't take this anymore."

"Of course you can't," LeRoy said. "I don't know why that school lets kids do that to each other. If someone did that at my high school, they would have been suspended."

"I'm calling the school to complain," Hiram said.

"Don't bother," Rachel said. "The school principal is completely worthless. He doesn't do anything unless Coach Sylvester tells him to, and she hates the glee club." She looked at both her dads. "I want to switch schools. Do you think any of our relatives in other cities would let me use their addresses to go to their schools?"

"Rachel, I'm honestly surprised you didn't ask us about switching schools sooner," Hiram said. "The way kids treat you at McKinley... your dad and I would be willing to pay private school tuition if it means you'd get away from that."

"The only reason I've been staying for so long - " Rachel paused. She wanted to tell her dads about Finn, but she couldn't.

"The glee club?" Hiram asked. "I know McKinley's glee club won Nationals back in the day, but things have changed."

"Yeah," Rachel said. That wasn't a complete lie.

"I'm sure we could find a school that has a good glee club," Hiram said. "It's too bad we don't live in the Carmel zone."

"Yeah," Rachel said again. She knew that going to Carmel would be like the ultimate betrayal to New Directions. But she realized her dad had a point. From looking at the Facebook and Twitter pages of the members of Vocal Adrenaline, it was clear that they were the cheerios of Carmel High. Kids who weren't even in the group commented on their status updates about Vocal Adrenaline. Their lead, Jesse St. James, appeared to have most of the girls at Carmel waiting for him to ask them out.

Before Rachel met Finn, she was hoping that her talent would help her become the girl who all the boys would want to be with. There was only one boy she wanted to be with. While Finn was the only reason she was reluctant to leave McKinley, he was also part of the reason she wanted to leave. It would be very painful to see him and Quinn with their child after he or she was born.

"I'm going to go online and look at some schools," Rachel told her dads as she went upstairs. Before she went to google schools, she logged into myspace. She hadn't posted a new video in a few days (she was falling behind!), but it wasn't as if that mattered. Her only new comments were mean comments from the cheerios.

Searching online, Rachel found some school districts nearby that had open enrollment, but none of them appeared to have strong music programs. She then googled "Ohio high school glee clubs" and found a school called Dalton Academy. The school had a great glee club and a strict no-bullying policy. Unfortunately, it was an all boys school. As Rachel looked around their website, she noticed that they had a sister school, Crawford County Day, which also had a good glee club and a strict no-bullying policy. Looking around the website more, she saw that if she was accepted, she could start next semester.


Rachel nervously knocked on Mr. Schue's office door. She'd filled out her application to Crawford County Day last night and her dads had sent it in this morning. "Mr. Schue, can I talk to you about something?"

Mr. Schue looked up. "Hey, Rachel. Of course you can."

Rachel went into Mr. Schue's office. "Mr. Schue, I think you should know now that I might not be here next semester."

Mr. Schue looked shocked. "Rachel, we can't lose you! You're our best singer!"

"I know, and that's part of the reason why I'm leaving," Rachel said. "I want to be more than the best singer. I want to be liked. I'm tired of people calling me names and leaving mean comments on my videos and throwing slushies at me. And Principal Figgins won't stop people from doing that stuff. Sue Sylvester's really the one with power and she hates the Glee club."

"Will you still be around for Sectionals?" Mr. Schue asked.

Rachel sighed. Mr. Schue seemed more concerned about losing their star singer. "It depends what happens. I want to be somewhere where I'm liked for who I am."

"Everyone in the glee club likes you!" Mr. Schue protested.

"No they don't!" Rachel said. "They like my voice. Mr. Schue, I'm sorry, but I can't stay here. Please don't tell anyone yet, because nothing's definite yet." With that, she got up and went into the hall, where she was hit with a slushie.

"Don't do that!" a voice said. Again, Finn was defending her, but she didn't even know who the boy who'd thrown the slushie at her was. The boy ignored Finn and walked away, and Finn came up to Rachel. "I'm so sorry, Rach."

Rachel almost told Finn she was considering transferring schools, but decided not to. Him defending her reminded her of how much she'd miss him if she got into Crawford County Day, but all he ever would be was a friend. "Thanks," Rachel said. "So, are you excited for Sectionals?" Hopefully Mr. Schue would let them sing together, or he might not give Rachel any songs because he now knew.

"So excited," Finn said. "Last night, I was looking at some songs that I think might be good for you and me."

"Finn, you shouldn't have done that," Rachel said. She was going to miss singing with him so much, but she couldn't take the bullying anymore. "It was wrong of me to throw myself at you. Quinn's having your baby, and you've been with her for a while. I shouldn't get in the way of that." It pained her to say that, but it was true.

"Rachel, don't say that," Finn said. "You're really cool and I love spending time with you."

"I love spending time with you, too," Rachel said. She was beginning to feel guilty for leaving Finn. She could tell he liked her, but she knew at the same time that he wasn't supposed to like her like that.

There was a possibility she wouldn't end up being able to transfer schools. There was a possibility Finn and Quinn would give up the baby and break up. Rachel didn't know what the future held. All she knew was she wanted to be accepted.