Chapter 1

The TARDIS came to a complete halt as Dante looked up from his book. He expected to arrive at to Mois Eisley Spaceport to meet with Han and Lea, who in turn would take him to Luke, but he didn't expect to arrive so soon. By his calculations, he wasn't to arrive for another two days. Dante checked the monitor and frowned when he saw the coordinates he was currently at weren't even close to where he wanted to be. He started going around flipping switches and pressing buttons, but nothing happened. Letting out a heavy breath, he mumbled, "Well, if you won't start, let's see where we are."

He proceeded to press a switch that caused a part of the wall to slide up to reveal a screen. Then an image came to view which showed a vast city. He was impressed to see where he landed here due to the fact that everything looked advanced but only by an estimated five years from his universe. A smile was plastered on his face until the scanner zoomed in on a railway sign that said:

Welcome to Shinto Teito

The smile was replaced with a deep frown. Out of all the multiple universes and galaxies he could've wound up in, she took him to here. He had wounded up in a world which peace and prosperity were to be upsetted by a madman's silly game. The teen sighed and leaned against the console. He knew it was a bad idea to come here, but she wouldn't let him leave in a great time of need. Dante sighed, straightened himself out and said, "Alright. But I'm doing this only because you knew that going back to train with Luke was going to put a strain on me."

With that he opened the door that led to the deeper interior of the ship and started walking. He walked and walked until he found a door labeled: The Armory.

He pushed the door open and looked down a mass corridor which had multiple different armor, battle gear and equipment all on the sides. These spanned from the time of cave men, to wars that raged across the stars. Dante proceeded to walk down until he spotted a suit in which he was very familiar with since it was a gift he received from a friend. After taking the attire off the manikin, he put it inside if a very large duffel bag in which he placed two swords inside as well. He then went to his room where he packed all necessities, from clothing to toiletries, inside as well. Dante hefted the bag and found it was still pretty light. He then went to another room which was labeled: Lab.

Opening to doors, he found himself looking at what seemed to be a workshop. A very messy workshop. There was random tools, wires and equipment scattered across which made it looked like it was ransacked. But it wasn't, it was just the way it looked.

'Note to self: Build or buy service droids to clean lab.' He thought.

He stepped over the stranded items until him came across a vault in which he pressed in the numbers 91939. With a click it opened to reveal...a black and red colored iPhone 5c. But this was no ordinary phone. In fact this was the first project he ever worked on when becoming a resident of the TARDIS. This phone allowed him to hack into any device, even ones with claimed near impossible locks, in less than twenty five seconds. Besides that it had what every touch screen mobile device had. If there was another addition that should be mentioned, is that it's both battery and solar powered. After grabbing the phone and placing it in his pocket, he also spotted a random iPhone charger cord. He was planning on tinkering with, but must've forgotten about till now. Dante grabbed that and a power adapter and placed it in a side pocket in his duffel bag. He then walked to his room and grabbed his AlienWare laptop plus a bunch of discs and stuffed them in the bag. All this he shoved into the duffel and zipped up the bag.

With a grin, he walked back down to the console room and flipped the switch that opened the TARDIS doors. After stepping out of the blue box, he turned around and activated his Ultramatrix and said, "Activate cloak and set all power to reserve."

"Acknowledged." A computerized voice spoke from it.

He turned to see the blue police box which disappeared in shimmer of light and then saw nothing but an alleyway. Or at least that's what anyone else will see. With a nod of satisfaction, he then walked over to a nearby ATM and checked to see if anyone was around. He then pulled out a sonic screwdriver which had a wooden handle. It also included a metallic tip with six prongs that nested a clear diode at the end. Dante pointed it at the camera and activated until the camera shorted out. When that was done, he pointed it at the machine which caused it to spurt out money. The amount was around $20,000 in American currency which would last him for a while. He then placed the money in a side pocket that was on his duffel and pulled out a red yo-yo. Dante walked down the street while playing with it, until he noticed a large screen on one of the tall buildings show an image of a man with white messy hair, glasses and a high-collared cape(?) of some kind sitting in a high backed chair. The man looked like he was trying to pose as some kind of king with the way he was seated; with his hands on the large arm rests on either side and his legs crossed as he sat straight up with an imperious look on his face. He scoffed as he rounded the corner and bumped into another person. It was a young man with black hair and eyes that looked around Dante's physical age who had been mumbling about 'failing twice' and 'entrance exams' or some nonsense.

"You ok?" Dante asked extending his hand out.

The man looked at the offered hand Dante had offered and before taking it and allowing him to be pulled up.

"'s alright. I should've looked were I was going." The teen said straightening himself out.

"I suppose we should both be more careful." The foreigner replied. "Anyway, good luck on your next entrance exams."

"What?! How did you know about my exams?!" The teen asked in shock.

"Um, you were talking about failing your exams twice right before I ran into you."


The kid looked embarrassed, and who can blame him? Dante had this sort of problem way before his adventures in the TARDIS. So in a way he sympathized with him.

"Anyway, take more care to watch your surroundings."


"AH! Get out the way please!"

On instinct, Dante pushed the kid out of the way sending to a safer distance. But before he could react, he looked up to see a girl falling before him was brunette and had extremely large breasts. She smashed into his stomach with enough force to send him crashing into the ground and creating a decently sized crater.

"Ow...the...hell?" Dante blinked as he saw a tight, toned and shapely rear clad in white panties. He was too dazed to be embarrassed but heard a slight groan.

"Ow... I should have known that building was way to high to jump off of..." The girl mumbled as she crawled off of him.

Now that he got a better look at her he saw that she was a well-endowed young woman with short, brown hair and a well developed body figure. She was wearing a short red skirt and upper clothes that resemble the traditional clothing worn by the miko. She was also wearing a pair of red gloves that looked like they were used for battle. The girl turned around and Dante got to see the most cutest innocent face he had ever saw.

"Oh, you're the person who caught me, aren't you? Thank you very much." She said with a warm smile.

Dante gave her a grin. "Pas de problème."

"Huh?" The girl gave him a confused look.

"It's French for 'no problem''. Aside from that, are you alright?"

"Um yes, I think I'm alright."

It was then that Dante's sixth sense kicked into gear.

"Look out!" He shouted as he quickly got up and grabbed the girl to avoid a blast of electricity.

From what he could tell, there wasn't a single cloud in the sky and no power lines broken so what-? Dante looked in the direction the girl was looking in to see two beautiful women – twins from the looks of them – in leather bondage costumes.

He promptly rose an eyebrow.

"You can run all you want, but nothing will come of it." The one of the left said. She was wearing a dark purple leather suit.

"So just fight us and we'll get this over with quickly." The other one said. This one was wearing a red suit of the same make.

"I can't! At least, not right now!" The brunette that had run into him said.

Dante put two and two together to see that they had been chasing her.

Instinctively, he shouted, "Hey!" And rolled up his left sleeve and activated the Ultramatrix. After a moment of scrolling, he found what he was looking for.

'Might as well use it here then not at all.' He thought before slamming the dial which caused a flash of bright red light to appear turning the three girls attention to him. After it cleared, they saw that nothing had changed about him, heck, the twins didn't even notice him at first. Dante looked up at the two with determination and confidence.

"Stay out this human! This isn't your fight!" One of the twins shouted.

"On the contrary," He replied. "Every fight is my fight."

The other twin laughed mockingly. "If you won't get out of our way then you will die!" She then shot another blast of electricity in which Dante just chuckled and held out his right hand. The brunette was about to pull him away, but stopped when he saw that the electricity had stopped dead center of where his right hand was, thrashing in the air wildly. Dante flexed his fingers in which the bolt then traveled down his arms and back before going into his left hand, all without harming him. The twins stood in shock.

"No way! There is no way a human can do that!" One twin said in disbelief.

Dante just shook his head and let out a chuckle. "As a wise man once told me, 'much to learn, you still have'."

With that, Dante pulled back his arm and shot it forwards causing the bolt to shoot back. But the bolt had somewhat had gotten bigger. When the twins tried stopping it, it wouldn't recede back to them as the bolt struck, causing the two to shout in pain due to the alteration of their bolt. Normally this wouldn't hurt them, but whatever Dante did to the lightning, made them feel like their entire being to feel an excruciating amount of pain.

The brunette watched in awe as she then felt a hand grab hers. She turned to see Dante looking right into her eyes as he said, "Run."

And so they ran. They ran and ran and ran until they stopped in an alley way to catch their breaths.

"Well, that was interesting." Dante said getting his breathing under control. "But my life was getting boring anyways, so I suppose I should be thanking you for giving me some form of excitement. By the way, my name's Dante, Dante Price."

"And I'm Musubi." The girl said with a very formal bow, placing her hands in front of her.

"Musubi, huh? What an odd but beautiful name."

"Why thank you! I think Dante is a nice name as well."

He chuckled. "Y'think so? Most people think Dante's an odd name. In fact it was the name of the author who wrote The Divine Comedy. Gave him more details then he expected though." Dante mumbled the last part.

"Well I like it." Musubi said, smiling at him. "Thank you for what you did back there. It was extremely brave of you to help me out."

"It was no problem. I saw a person in need, and I helped. It's what I do."

Dante was about to ask what were the twins chasing her for, but noticed she was toppling down, eyes glazed over. In the blink of an eye, he scooped her up and carried her bridal style. Looking around to if anyone was around, he tensed his legs and disappeared, the only thing left a small cloud of dust.